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797 Nightmare Weaved by Everyone

 "No problem." Zhou Tu gave his promise almost without hesitation. From his perspective, students should listen to their teachers. After getting the promise from Zhou Tu, Chen Ge nodded lightly. He did not request for the club to follow many formalities; he merely needed every one of the members to follow his orders.

"You will all feel glad for having made this choice in a while." Chen Ge looked at the busy western campus. "It is not my intention to change all this, but everyone has the right to know. After all, this nightmare is weaved from everyone's collective memory."

The students had no idea what he was talking about. They just felt like this Mr. Bai was different from other teachers.

"Alright, now that we have gotten to know each other, we will begin today's club activity now." Chen Ge signaled for the members to get closer. "Have you heard of any ghost stories regarding our school?"

"Teacher, what do you mean?" Zhou Tu had a bad feeling in his stomach. This teacher appeared like he was going to take them to go and do something dangerous.

"Since our club is supernatural phenomenon observation club, our club activity will be to study these phenomena. What's wrong with that?" Chen Ge said with such severity that the students had to believe him.

"That is not wrong technically, but won't people think that we're ahem... if we go searching for supernatural phenomenon like that?" Zhu Long coughed drily. He blanked on a favorable description. "Furthermore, it's getting late. If we're discovered by other teachers, won't we get into trouble?"

"Don't worry." Chen Ge took out Mr. Bai's identification document. His finger was still expertly blocking the picture. "The school won't fault us. I'll be there to explain everything."

Hearing the promise from Chen Ge, Zhou Tu and Zhu Long visibly relaxed, but Wang Yicheng still looked like there was something bothering him.

"Xiao Wang, what's on your mind? There's no need to hide anything now that you're part of the club."

"Mr. Bai, I was thinking, what if we really run into something that we shouldn't, then what can we do? We are just a few normal students." It was unclear whether Wang Yicheng was really scared by the ghost story told by his senior or there was something in his memory that had not properly been cleaned. In any case, when Chen Ge said that he was going to take them to study supernatural phenomena, this student's reaction had been rather weird.

"Certain things have to be seen to be believed. Also, there's no need to worry about your safety. Even though our club is small, every member is an elite. Furthermore, I'll be there with you. Everything is under control," Chen Ge said confidently and calmly. He gave off a very trustworthy feeling. "So, let's hear it. What kind of ghost stories about this school have you guys heard of?"

The pavilion was not as busy as before. Most of the students had completed their club registration. The surrounding temperature appeared to have dropped as well.

"I heard of a ghost story before. Even though I believe it should have been made up, I've met the person in the story." Zhang Ju was the first to speak. "Yesterday, when I arrived at the university, because of my unique circumstances, the teacher asked me to go to the office for some questions, asking if I need any help. At the time, there was a senior inside the office. He was crying nonstop, mumbling a girl's name on his lips.

"I overheard the conversation between him and the teacher. I found that the name that he kept repeating was the name of one of his admirers. That day was his birthday. The girl had asked to meet him in the small garden to confess her feelings to him, but he had rejected her.

"At the time, he didn't think much of it. He had followed his dormitory mates back to drink and play, forgetting all about it. However, the next day, the school announced that the girl had gone missing. In the end, they found the girl's body inside the garden-she had died a horrible death.

"The scariest thing was that her time of death was before meeting the senior. Even now, no one can tell what really happened. The senior was also preparing to leave school due to overwhelming psychological pressure."

Zhang Ju touched the part of his face that was burned. "That's all. I am not clear about the actual details. If you wish to go to the garden, I can lead the way."

"If the girl was dead before she met up with the senior, then it is possible that senior was lying? Is he the actual the killer and the girl did not like him at all?" Chen Ge thought back to the girl whom he had met in the woods of the eastern campus. The girl had been too caught in resentment to be communicated with.

"I personally think that the killer is someone else, and the girl merely wanted to see the person whom she had a crush on at the last moment of her life, but unfortunately, he was not interested in her." Zhu Long touched the scar on his arm. That was a scar left behind by tattooing.

"That is a person's name, right? I'm surprise that you're such a romantic." Zhou Tu glanced at Zhu Long's arm and then turned to Chen Ge. "Mr. Bai, how about we go to that garden today and end this activity as soon as possible? We have to return to the dormitory soon. Look, there aren't many people around anymore."

"There's no need to hurry. What about the rest of you? What kind stories have you heard?"

"I haven't heard of any ghost stories before, but I read a very interesting story on the internet a while back." Zhu Long touched the scar on his arm habitually. "The content was an innocent boy running into a girl that he likes. He gathered his courage to confess his feelings, but the girl didn't answer him immediately. She didn't agree, but she didn't reject him outright either. She merely said that if they can get into the same university then they will be together forever."

"The male student was not a good student, but for this promise, he worked extra hard. Unfortunately, his fundamental knowledge was too weak. To have such a drastic improvement in mere months and get into this school is very difficult."

At this point, Zhu Long's expression turned very weird. He probably did not notice this change himself. "But out of everyone's expectations, the boy finally managed to get into the same university as the girl."

"As long as one is willing, nothing is impossible. Finally, they got their happy ending." Zhang Ju sighed.

Hearing Zhang Ju's words, Zhu Long's expression became even stranger, and he shook his head. "The girl got into the best medical university in the nation. The boy's score was only 150 marks less than the required mark to apply for that school."

When Chen Ge heard the term medical school, he seemed to understand something, but the other members were still confused.

"Then how did he end up meeting the girl?"

"During one of the autopsy classes."

Zhu Long's fingers were practically digging into his muscles, but he did not seem to mind it. "The boy was pulled out of the chiller and placed on the girl's autopsy table. They finally ended up at the same university. Well, do you think the girl kept her word and stayed with the boy forever?"

His expression became even stranger. Zhu Long did not seem to realize the strange changes that were occurring to him.