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777 Look Down

 Why would there be a red outfit floating inside a blue closet that is supposed to be filled with blue outfits? Unless, of course, it was not clothes but a person wearing red clothes.

When he entered the guardroom, Chen Ge had thought that the closet was very unusual. The first thing that he had done was inspect the closet, but his Yin Yang Vision did not spot anything unusual.

Why can't my eyes see them?

Chen Ge was reminded of the left eye that Chang Wenyu had brought out of the school.

Perhaps only that eye can see the truth of this place, but unfortunately, that eye is currently with Chang Gu, and I have no idea where he is now.

After the door was pushed open, Chang Gu had probably become stranded somewhere in this school, but the school in the man's eyes was probably very different from what Chen Ge was currently seeing.

If I can find Chang Gu, it'll be much easier if we work together. I'll have more choices to work with as well.

Chang Gu was the most suitable partner in the school for Chen Ge. Both of them came from outside the door, shared the same goal, and pursued the same outcome. However, the key issue was that Chen Ge was not sure if Chang Gu had the ability to survive in this world. This school was the lowest layer of hell for a normal person.

He has the left eye and can see things that I can't. If he is careful, he should have a chance of survival.

To find Chang Gu in such a large school compound was very difficult; Chen Ge would not waste his time to purposely do that. This was because he knew perfectly well that after he found Chang Gu, while he might gain Chang Gu's help, Chen Ge would also have to take on the responsibility of looking after Chang Gu.

When they were together, their choices would increase, but at the same time, the risk of getting exposed would also double. After leaving the guardroom, Chen Ge picked up his speed. He realized that he was being a tad too optimistic. Not only was the third floor of this lab building dangerous, the whole building was rife with danger-it was merely that the intensity of despair on the third floor was higher.

I still have underestimated this place's danger level. Now my eyes are probably only seeing what the scenario wishes for me to see. There should be a blood red world behind the door, and this scenario should be no exception!

The danger at this school was like an iceberg because the danger that Chen Ge had seen so far was merely the tip. As for how many things were still hidden in the ice under the surface of the water, Chen Ge had no idea.

Rushing down the corridor, Chen Ge walked past many labs that he had not heard of before. He did not stop to examine them. As long as the room's name had nothing to do with art, he would leave immediately and continue to move forward. He carried on until the other end of the corridor. Just as he was about to reach the end, Chen Ge suddenly saw a room name that caught his attention-Paint Storage Room.

They need a whole room just to store the paint?

Paint could be used in painting, but it could also be used to cover the surfaces of mirrors. When Chen Ge saw those few words, he did not rush into the room immediately.

The notebook said that the first victim that died in Room 413 was an art student, so he probably came here when he was still alive.

As Chen Ge grabbed the doorknob, his arm slowly applied force. However, before he even opened the door, a sharp pain came from his chest!

Gritting his teeth, Chen Ge forced the yelp down his throat. He pulled up his shirt to take a look and realized that a very deep hole had been made by a nail on his chest.

It has started to aim for my heart! I cannot allow this curse to go on any further. If the nail decides to show up when I am running away, it will cause a life-threatening influence.

When he peeled up his shirt, the nail dropped to the ground. There was no blood on it.

It's getting more and more painful.

Chen Ge bent over to pick up the nail. When his head was upside down and he prepared to reach out to grab the nail, his eyes glanced at the corridor behind him. Not far away from him, someone was following him with their head lowered.

Chen Ge jumped up instantly, and he threw the nail right at where the person was standing. However, when he straightened himself and turned back to look, the corridor behind him was empty-there was nothing there.

"What was that?" His body could feel something rush at him, but he could not see anything. There was no staircase leading off the corridor; there was only a dead-end. Chen Ge did not hesitate. He pulled open the door and ran into the paint storage room.

He locked the door. Chen Ge leaned against it to block it from opening. After a long time, there was no sound from outside the door, and only then did Chen Ge's heart slowly return to normal.

Why is it that only when I bend over to pick stuff up will I see someone who also has his head lowered following me? Can he only look downward because he died from jumping off the building? Or is this a sign that the world that he's looking at is upside down from the one that I'm seeing?

Chen Ge wished to lower his head to try to take another look, but he was afraid that once he did that, he would find himself inside a room filled with people, and then he would be in even greater danger.

Not seeing anything will probably make me feel better.

Chen Ge grabbed his bag with one hand and held the nails in another as he slowly walked around the room. All the racks and shelves in the room were covered with white cloth. There were several easels that sat in the corner of the room. One of them had a white sheet of paper fixed on it, and the paper had faded pencil scratches like someone was making the outline of a painting.

This kind of paper is specifically used for oil painting, and the easel for oil painting is much heavier than a normal easel. This should be an incomplete painting.

The sketch was very rough, and the content was rather strange. The theme of the painting was two inverted sickrooms. There was a bed placed in each of the inverted rooms, and in each of them laid a patient. Inside the two inverted sickrooms, there were two identical patients lying above two beds that were inverted, looking at each other. "What is this painting trying to express?"

Chen Ge could not figure it out. He moved the easel away to continue his exploration. He came upon several balls of paper inside the trashcan on the ground. He picked them up and spread them out. Every paper was painting the same scene.

Seeing the sickrooms inside the paintings, the confusion in Chen Ge's heart grew. "Why would they paint a sickroom? I don't think I've encountered a sickroom at this school, much less a patient."

Then, Chen Ge was reminded of a detail. When he first woke up and was returning to the dormitory with Wang Xiaoming, the two of them had walked down the corridor of the education block, and Chen Ge remembered seeing a lot of doctors' portraits lining the wall. Normally, a school would have pictures of their famous alums or great contributors to education showcased on the wall to inspire the students. Yet, this school had doctors' portraits, and none of the doctors were remotely famous.

The education block is filled with doctors' portraits, and now, these pictures mysteriously appear at the paint storage room...

Chen Ge slowly lifted his head, and a possibility crossed his mind.

I entered the door in a mental asylum. Could these things be a kind of hint?

Chen Ge wan unsure of his thought, but he did not dare go verify it. After all, with one mistake, he would die.

Doctors' portraits and paintings of sickrooms appear at the school, but why would the paintings of the sickrooms be inverted? The same patient lying in different beds looking at themselves...

Chen Ge examined the paintings closer. He used his fingers to touch them and realized with a shock that the upper part of the painting had a rough touch to it, and the lower part was much smoother. It felt like someone had painted over the lower part, giving it a much smoother coat. This meant that these paintings could be hiding some kind of hint.

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