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772 Maintenance Room

 At the time, the register that Mr. Bai was holding stated very clearly that there were supposed to be seventeen people in total, combining both students and teacher in the class. However, when I made the calculation myself, I realized that there were already seventeen students in the class! In other words, there was an extra student! The correct student number should be sixteen! It's unclear whether Mr. Bai made a careless mistake or purposely ignored this due to certain reason!

The student's registration file came with pictures. Comparing them with the memory in his mind, Chen Ge soon filtered out five cases from the file, these were the five Chen Ge did not encounter in the class.

Five people are missing from my class‽

Chen Ge instantly related that to another detail. There were exactly five human shadows on the walls in his Bedroom 413.

Is that a coincidence, or were the five who have gone missing all transformed into the shadows on the wall?

Looking through the file again, he soon discovered another problem.

How come there is no record on Xiao Lin?

He had looked through it twice, but Chen Ge could not find the case file on Lin Sisi.

The extra person in the classroom is Lin Sisi? Am I the one unaccounted for?

Chen Ge thought about the content inside Xiao Lin's diary that he had found at Nightmare Academy. Because Xiao Lin liked to prank people, the rest of the classmates had ganged up to play a joke on him.

"I think I get it now." Chen Ge did not utter the rest of his thoughts. He felt like Lin Sisi probably represented not an actual person but an identity. No one there was really his friend, but at the same time, he shared an unknown relationship with the rest of them.

Without any aid, without any clues, and everyone I encounter is my enemy. That is already hard enough, but on top of that, I have to face the 'rules' of this school filled with despair. Is this the difficulty of a four-star mission?

Chen Ge's hand that gripped the file tightened involuntarily, and he subconsciously turned to look at his shadow, but there was no change to it.

The truth was often the cruelest and heaviest. Chen Ge took a slow breath.

It'll be fine. At least, this is not a dead end. I still have a chance at survival.

Everyone at that school was concocting their own plans. Each of them had their own goal to achieve, and this was a chance for Chen Ge!

Memorizing the faces of these five students, Chen Ge shoved the whole file into his bag. He continued searching inside the bedroom. Meanwhile, Wang Xiaoming leaned against the door, eavesdropping on the situation outside with a worried expression on his face.

"Xiao Ling, open the door. I'm worried about you. I'm afraid that some bad guy has entered your room."

"It's just a little pet that my dad got me. It escaped from its cage, and I was running around trying to catch it."

"Your father gifted you a small pet?"

"Yes, Uncle Zhang, please don't tell that to anyone else. I promise it will not affect anyone."

"Ol' Bai definitely has crossed the line this time. The school rules state very clearly that we are not allowed to keep pets. Oh well, I'll pretend to ignore it this time, but you'd better deal with that thing as soon as possible."

"Okay, Uncle Zhang, promise you won't tell anyone about this."

"Don't worry, why would I tell other people about this?"

The sound from the living room disappeared. Then Bai Ling ran over to open the bedroom door. "He's gone."

"Could he still be hiding behind the door?" Chen Ge shifted the bag behind him. He was worried that the girl might notice that his bag had become fuller. In that short period of time, Chen Ge had searched the entire bedroom. Other than the student's registration file, he had found a teacher's ID, a canteen card, and a library card. He carried all of them with him, not knowing whether they would prove useful or not.

"I believe he has gone. Mr. Zhang is a good person; he suffers from paranoia, that's all." Bai Ling led Chen Ge and Wang Xiaoming back to the living room. She had Chen Ge look through the peephole. After confirming that there was no one outside, she opened the door. "Let's go. I'll wait for you outside the maintenance room."

The lights in the corridor were off. It was dim, and the darkness appeared to hide many dangers. Chen Ge made a shushing gesture. He turned off all the lights in Bai Ling's room. After his eyes got used to the darkness, he walked out from the room.

"Be careful." Chen Ge knew how to make use of his advantage. With his Yin Yang Vision, in the dark, his sight and senses were much better than those of others. The three moved to the end of the corridor. Bai Ling took out the ring of keys from her pajamas pocket and tried them one by one.

In the silence, any sound would be amplified. Wang Xiaoming leaned against the door, looking around nervously. Chen Ge kept his eyes on Bai Ling, afraid that she might set a trap against them. On the fourth trial, the key finally stuck into the keyhole, and the lock gave.

A yellow-colored copper key.

Narrowing his eyes, he felt that the key looked very familiar. He reached into his bag to look for the ring of keys that he had found inside Xiao Lin's bag. When he first obtained the ring of keys, Chen Ge had been wondering why Xiao Lin would have so many keys.

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Chen Ge had no idea where Xiao Lin had gotten this key, but this was good news for now. When he encountered a locked door in the future, he could try to open it with the keys in Xiao Lin's bag. Perhaps one might work.

Assuming Xiao Lin is an identity, does the presence of this key point to the fact that Xiao Lin has once been to this maintenance room?

"Why are you spacing out‽ Get your things now, or else some other people might come." Wang Xiaoming pointed at Bai Ling quietly as if reminding Chen Ge that Mr. Bai might come home soon.

Chen Ge stopped wasting time. He entered the maintenance room, but what he saw was something that he did not anticipate. The room was indeed filled with tools but not those used for fixing machines. They were tools related to human anatomy, like the gum separator used by dentists, a scalpel, syringes, medical threads, an artery clamp, and so on.

Am I in the wrong room?

In the middle of a room was a table with a white cloth. There was something protruding from underneath the cloth. The four corners of the room had four mirrors covered in white cloth. The racks were clean, and many tools that Chen Ge could not recognize could be found.

"Is this the maintenance room?"

"Yes," Wang Xiaoming and Bai Ling answered in unison. When they stepped into this room, their faces turned paler.

"This maintenance room... is probably not used to fix electrical appliances or furniture." Chen Ge stopped wasting time. He moved down the racks. Certain things could not be changed, so he could only do his best given the circumstances. "It's fine. The tool used to pull out teeth can be used to pull out the nails."

The maintenance room was small. There was no dirt or blood as if someone cleaned it daily.

After placing all the tools that he could use into the bag, Chen Ge walked to stand before the first mirror.