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770 Mr. Bai

 "Your dad gave you a dog, and he allows you to keep it inside the staff dormitory?" Wang Xiaoming's disbelief was plain on his face. "The school forbids the rearing of pets, and the teachers wouldn't go against the rules, setting a bad example."

"My dad gifted me this large dog because he was afraid that I would be too lonely. I never let it leave this room-that way, no one will discover it." The girl's tone was cute and innocent, but listening to her, chills ran through Chen Ge's body.

"In other words, after you got the dog, it has never left this house?" Chen Ge's brows lifted.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What's wrong? The dog was originally very feral. Me and my dad used a long time and effort to train it, to make it obedient." The corners of the girl's lips curled upward into a bright smile.

"It's just that animals will get sick after being left inside a house for a long time. Occasionally, you have to take it out for a stroll." Chen Ge turned to the bedroom where the strange sound had come from earlier. The bedroom door was closed, so he could not see anything. Even the strange sound had disappeared.

"Xiao Lin, don't listen to her. Our school has strict rules against keeping a pet. Be it the staff or students, if they are discovered to have broken the rules, they receive a severe punishment. A pet like a dog is different from a snake or lizard-it will make noise. Once the neighbors hear that, they will report this to the authority. The secret can't have been kept." Wang Xiaoming did not believe the girl's words at all. "After all, you are not the only person who stays here."

"Me and my dad considered that before, so we gave the dog a special training." The girl had a cute smile. She was so cute that one would have to urge to hug her and pinch her cheeks. "When the dog first arrived, it was very unruly. Whenever someone passed by the door, it would scratch on the door or knock into the furniture. Later, me and my dad came up with a solution. We purposely left home and pretended to be passersby walking down the corridor. Whenever the dog made a sound, we would return to take something away from it. After repeating this about ten times, the dog slowly learned its lesson. Now even if there really is someone who passes by, it will be very obedient."

"You sure are experienced at training dogs."

The girl was very happy to have been given some praise. "There is not much experience to be said. Once you deal with more than enough dogs, you'll eventually come across the solution."

"Have you reared many dogs in the past?" Chen Ge asked in shock.

"Yes, initially, I kept them in secret. After I was discovered by my dad, he was very angry." The girl sounded wounded. "Without asking for my permission, he took care of the dog. I was so mad. I refused to speak to him for a very long time until he later gifted me a large dog."

"How come I feel like none of the dogs you kept survived for long? A dog has quite a long life span. From the looks of it, you are at most twelve years old, and if you took care of them, one dog should have been enough to accompany you until now." Chen Ge squatted down before the girl. His pupils narrowed as he looked into the girl's eyes.

"It's mainly because they are so disobedient. If they were obedient, they wouldn't have been punished." The girl looked at Chen Ge, and her voice slowly dropped. "I don't know why, but they are all very afraid of me. If only they were all as friendly as you are around me, little brother."


A little girl was not only not afraid when two strange men showed up in her room, she was very happy. It was obvious that there was something wrong.

"What are you talking about?" Chen Ge pretended like he did not hear the girl's last sentence. He carried a warm smile on his face and hugged the girl lightly. "This is the first time I've met a girl as cute as you. What is your name?"

Chen Ge sat on the sofa and placed the girl on his lap.

"My name is Bai Ling." Chen Ge was stunned when he heard that name. San Chi Bai Ling, traditionally, represented suicide by hanging.

"Good name, it's classical, pure, and rolls out the tongue." Chen Ge paused before asking, "Bai Ling, your surname is Bai, so is your father Mr. Bai who teaches the night school?"

With a wink, the girl slowly nodded. "Yes."

"You're Mr. Bai's daughter‽" Before Chen Ge said anything, Wang Xiaoming was the first to yelp. It appeared as if he had suddenly been reminded of something scary. His face was white, and he kept making nonverbal hints to Chen Ge.

"Even though we are students from another campus, we've heard of Mr. Bai. He's a hardworking, responsible teacher." Chen Ge maintained the friendly smile. "Bai Ling, we still have something else to do, so we won't stay to disturb you anymore."

"You're leaving already?" The girl's expression changed instantly. The innocence on her face disappeared. Green veins surfaced on her neck, and her large eyes stared fiendishly at Chen Ge.

"It's over now." Wang Xiaoming silently moved to stand behind the girl. He gestured at Chen Ge by placing his palm over his lips. He wanted to detain the girl and then run as fast as they could. Since their faces had been seen, what was the point of running? Chen Ge used his hands to caress Bai Ling's head lovingly. Since there were no escape, he was going to try to get more benefits and information before leaving.

Never give up, never surrender-that was Chen Ge's motto.

"Bai Ling, we're not leaving. We just want to go look for something inside the maintenance room at the end of the corridor. Since you stay here, do you know how to open that door?" Chen Ge said calmly like he did not notice the scary transformation of the girl's face when she was angry. He continued to lovingly touch the girl's head.

"I think my dad has a spare key. It's inside the bedroom drawer. I'll go take a look." The veins around the girl's neck slowly disappeared, and she reverted to her previous state, but her hold on Chen Ge's arm grew stronger. The girl led Chen Ge to the bedroom door. She hesitated when she wanted to push the door open. It was as if she was worried that Chen Ge might see the thing inside the room. "Wait here, I'll be out in a minute. Don't go anywhere!"

She pushed the door open a gap and quickly slipped through it and closed the door.

"Xiao Lin, this is our chance! Quick!" Wang Xiaoming ran over to grab Chen Ge's wrist. "She is Mr. Bai's daughter. Mr. Bai will eventually return! If we're caught by him, then it's really over!"

"The girl has already seen our faces. She will tell on us to her father. The point is we've also tricked her, so she will definitely add more offences when there are none." Chen Ge stood where he was. He realized that the people at this school liked to grab his arm-it felt like they were all fighting to claim him.

"Now is not the time to care about those details!" Seeing Chen Ge still standing at the door, Wang Xiaoming panicked until his forehead was drenched. "Xiao Lin, you heard what she said earlier. Mr. Bai has brought Bai Ling many large dogs!"

"I know."

"In the past, there have been cases of students mysteriously disappearing after they were sent to detention. It was Mr. Bai who sent them to detention!"Three Feet of White Twill