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769 Big Dog

 "This way!" There was a room door that was left ajar. Wang Xiaoming started to panic from the scare. When he saw the reappearance of the light, he dragged Chen Ge into the room in the middle of the corridor. As they did so, the light cut down the corridor.

"That was so close! We were almost caught!" Wang Xiaoming gasped greedily for air as he hid behind the door.

"Even though it is temporarily safe, it might have put us into deeper trouble. After all, the lights in this room were left on. If there is someone inside, we might need to deal with two or more people instead of just the one outside." Chen Ge did not get into an argument with Wang Xiaoming simply because he made a decision without consulting him. This was because he knew that arguing was not going to solve any problem-it would only waste the valuable time that should be spent on escaping.

"We will only wait here for a while. Once the person outside leaves, we will immediately escape."

"First, you cannot confirm whether the teacher outside the door has seen us or not. If they have discovered us, then they will be waiting for us to come out. Secondly, I believe that there is someone with us inside the room. It is truly unknown if we will be able to survive until the teacher outside leaves." Chen Ge would never leave his life in the hands of fate. He carried the bag and headed into the kitchen.

"What are you doing?"

"Looking for a window."

The room was curiously spacious. There were three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one kitchen. It did not look like a normal apartment. After Chen Ge rushed into the kitchen, he made a beeline to the door, but to his disappointment, an anti-burglary net was installed on the window. Without stopping to nurse his disappointment, Chen Ge rushed to the kitchen counter. He pulled out all the drawers but could not find any sharp instruments like a knife. "This feels less like an apartment and more like a prison cell."

"Xiao Lin, someone's coming!" Wang Xiaoming leaned on the ground. He kept his voice to a whisper. His face was scrunched together from intense fear.

"Lock the door to stop them from getting in." Chen Ge could not tell for sure whether the person outside had seen them or not. After all, he and Wang Xiaoming had been moving in the dark.

"Okay." Wang Xiaoming was so scared that he lost his ability to think. He merely did what he was told. "It's now locked."

Even though he knew that the door was locked, Wang Xiaoming was still so nervous. He had his hands over the doorknob, and his forehead was drenched in cold sweat. Chen Ge did not expect Wang Xiaoming to be so afraid of the teachers. He grabbed Wang Xiaoming's hand lightly. "Don't panic. The more you are afraid of it, the more likely the thing will happen."

"Xiao Lin, this is not the issue of panicking! Have you forgotten that, after dark, the teachers..." Wang Xiaoming's words were cut short because footsteps suddenly came from outside the door. Chen Ge and Wang Xiaoming's faces paled immediately. The two of them shared a look and raised their index fingers to their lips simultaneously.

Come here. Chen Ge used his finger to point at the empty space on the opposite side of the door. He gestured to explain his plan. He wanted Wang Xiaoming to hide at the other side so that they could ambush the person who opened the door. Chen Ge's plan was good, but unfortunately, it was hard to put into motion. Wang Xiaoming was not as brave as he was. He did not listen to Chen Ge's order and escaped into the bathroom that was furthest from the door.

"Hey!" Chen Ge refused to stay in the living room alone, so he turned and followed Wang Xiaoming. "What are you doing hiding inside the bathroom? If you only know how to escape, you're eventually going to get cornered! If you do not learn to resist, you will never be able to fight for the right to choose!"

"I know, but I am unable to control myself." Wang Xiaoming pouted with tears in his eyes, and he silently closed the bathroom door. The two held their breath and waited. Ten seconds passed, but there was no sound coming from outside.

"Has the person left?"

"How would I know? He might be hiding just beyond the door, waiting for us to come out." Chen Ge rolled his eyes. "Go out and take a look."

"Okay." Wang Xiaoming gathered his courage and pushed open the bathroom door. It was dark outside, and he went to open the light in the living room. "It's clear."

Realizing that there was no problem, Wang Xiaoming urged Chen Ge to come out, but once he turned back and saw Chen Ge's expression, he was confused. "What's wrong?"

"The lights in the living room were on before, but now the lights are off." Chen Ge lowered his voice. "Do not move! The people inside the room have already discovered us!"

Once Chen Ge said that, a little girl's laughter echoed across the room. A head with tussled black hair floated above the back of the sofa. A girl with a creepy smile turned to look at Chen Ge and Wang Xiaoming.

"We do not mean any harm. We merely happened to slip into this place." Realizing that it was not a teacher inside the room, Wang Xiaoming sighed in relief and came up with a horrible lie.

The girl tilted her head to the side as she studied Wang Xiaoming and Chen Ge. Her gaze was strange. There was a mentally unstable emotion behind it. It was hard to describe, but it felt as if she was not looking at living humans.

"Are you the daughter of one of the teachers at our school?" Chen Ge did not dare get close to this girl who looked positively harmless.

"Yes." The girl nodded. Her eyes were glued to Chen Ge. Compared to Wang Xiaoming, she seemed to be more attracted to Chen Ge. "My dad is a substitute teacher at the night school. His name is Bai."

"You're Mr. Bai's daughter? Then we came to the right place. Please don't be afraid, we are Mr. Bai's students. He told us to come here because he had something to discuss with us, but since he's not here, we're not going to disturb you anymore." Chen Ge signaled for Wang Xiaoming to stay away from this girl.

"My dad told you to come here?" When the girl heard that, her eyes glistened brightly. "Looks like he still remembers his promise to me."

"Promise?" Wang Xiaoming had a bad feeling in his heart. "It's getting late. I think we should come back tomorrow."

Wang Xiaoming was finding an excuse to leave, but the girl ignored him. She kept her eyes on Chen Ge and ran out from behind the sofa.

"Little Brother, what's your name?" She grabbed Chen Ge's arm and spoke with a sweet voice and cute smile, but her eyes made Chen Ge very uncomfortable.

"Lin Sisi."

"That is such a cute name." Whenever the girl smiled, her canine teeth would show, and it made her look very cute.

"My name is not as cute as you, little girl. I still have something to do tonight. How about I come back to play with you tomorrow?" With the girl holding his hand, the hair on the back of Chen Ge's neck was standing.

"Tomorrow?" The girl pouted. Suddenly, she stood on tiptoes to whisper into Chen Ge's ear. "You are following a person who died a long time ago, little brother. I'm afraid you won't live until tomorrow."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The girl used an innocent voice to reveal a scary secret. "Don't leave me. Why don't you stay with me tonight?"

On one side, there was the deskmate who appeared to have died a long time ago, while on the other, there was the teacher's daughter who was definitely not what she appeared. This was the first choice that Chen Ge had to make after he entered the door.


When Chen Ge was hesitating, a loud noise came from inside the bedroom. It sounded like someone was using his head to knock against the door.

"What is that sound?" Chen Ge turned to look at the bedroom.

"It's nothing. My dad gifted me a large dog for my last birthday. It is very naughty, so I collared it." The girl's smile grew bigger like she was reminded of a very happy incident.