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763 Not One Too Many, Not One Too Less

 Other than the books and schedule, Chen Ge found a ring of keys and sharpened scissors inside the bag.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The teeth of the keys are completely different. They should correspond to different doors.

Chen Ge had no idea why Xiao Lin was in possession of those keys, but he had a feeling that they should be related to Xiao Lin's 'homework'.

The bedroom was mentioned in the schedule, so I should fine more clues there. I need to head over there to look. I have a feeling as time moves on, more bad things will happen.

Without his employees and with the black phone missing, Chen Ge's every nerve was shaking. He needed to try his best to survive. He pulled the curtain back. No matter what he was thinking, on the surface, Chen Ge always appeared calm and collected.

After he stretched, he lay back down on the table and studied the rest of his classmates out of the corner of his eyes. With his trained focus, he memorized the faces of all those students in his mind.

This is the first time I've seen these people. There is no sense of familiarity from them-they look just like a normal person.

But how could someone that existed behind the door be a normal person? Chen Ge memorized their faces to prevent himself being backstabbed in the future.

The person from under the bed came in before me. If he was Chang Gu, why isn't he here? Has he moved to another classroom? Or was he not the door-pusher at all?

Initially, Chen Ge had really thought that it was Chang Gu who pushed the door open in Chang Wenyu's room because that door could only be seen by the left eye, and the left eye was in Chang Gu. However, Chang Gu had been missing for some time, taken by the 'parents', so an accident might have happened then.

I should be more careful. There are no real friends in the world behind the door; there is no trust.

Chen Ge was coming up with the next step of his plan. He knew that he could not afford even a chance of making a mistake. Once he made the wrong choice, death itself might become a luxury.

Footsteps came from the front door. Then, the door was pushed open, and a man with hair parted down the middle walked up to the podium. He was wearing a black suit and holding a white file under his armpit. He looked like he had just come from a funeral.

The man's face was strangely pale. With a nervous look, he placed the file on the table. The first thing he did was to count the number of students under his breath. When he was almost done, his expression relaxed greatly. He glanced at the number on the file. "Not one too many, not one too less."

His gaze scanned the room, and a smile appeared on his face. "Alright, class is over. Try not to run around at night. Recently, things have been a bit chaotic around the school."

"Mr. Bai, has the thief still not been caught? Do you need our help?" a muscular boy who sat at the front row said. He was wearing a basketball jersey, most likely the jock type.

"That has nothing to do with any of you. Just don't wander off after class." Mr. Bai left in a hurry, and he accidentally left the white file inside the room.

"Xiao Lin, let's go. We'll return to the bedroom." Chen Ge's deskmate packed up, put his bag on, and prepared to leave. It looked like he was a good friend of Xiao Lin's.

"Wait a minute." Chen Ge packed his bag slowly, and he kept his eyes on the white file on the podium. Using his Yin Yang Vision, he saw that the cover of the file was a form, and it had the student numbers of various classes. Each teacher was responsible for a class, and the overall number inside one classroom seemed to include the teacher as well.

"Class D, seventeen people?" The code of the classroom was written on the door. Chen Ge was in Class D, and from his earlier calculation, there were indeed seventeen people in this class. "Right, there is not one too many or one too less, but that hasn't included the teacher."

Chen Ge had no idea what had happened at this school and could not guess what Mr. Bai was worried about, but he knew that the classroom that he was in was very dangerous.

I can't stay with them. I need to leave first.

After realizing that there was one extra person in the classroom, Chen Ge did not stay. He took his bag and left. The lights in the corridor were sound-controlled, so whenever someone stepped into it, they would light up.

This place doesn't look that different from a normal school, but why is it that I'm so anxious?

Without a map or Xiao Lin's memory, Chen Ge had no idea where the bedroom was. He purposely slowed down. When his deskmate caught up to him, he followed next to him and headed down the corridor.

"Xiao Lin, I'm a bit hungry. How about we take a detour to the canteen first?" Xiao Lin's deskmate scratched his head, looking rather cute. Earlier in the classroom, Chen Ge had seen his name on his textbook. This shy young man's name was Wang Xiaoming. He came from a similar family background to Xiao Lin-they were not particularly wealthy.

"I left something at the bedroom. Let's go back first." Before getting to know Xiao Lin's identity, Chen Ge was not going to wander around the school. Every second was crucial to him, so he needed to find some ways to defend himself before the scenario showed its 'claws'.

"Okay." Wang Xiaoming and Chen Ge walked down the corridor, and there were many pictures of doctors on the walls. Normally, only those who had contributed a lot to the school or the school's famous alums would have their pictures hanging on the wall, but all the pictures there were not-so-famous doctors. Chen Ge could not identify even one of them.

Why are there so many pictures of doctors here?

Chen Ge did not voice his question. He felt weirdly pressured when walking down the corridor, like he was being watched by many eyes. The two soon left the education block; the student dormitory was not far from the education block.

Looking around, Chen Ge realized that there were a few more tall buildings on the western side of the school. Human shadows could be seen moving about; it was much busier there.

Without stopping, Chen Ge and Wang Xiaoming entered the student dormitory.

There were several ads with red lines on them pasted on the bulletin board near the entrance. Before Chen Ge had a chance to examine them, Wang Xiaoming rushed past the entrance. He did not seem to be willing to stay at the entrance for long.

They ran all the way up to the fourth floor. Wang Xiaoming moved very quickly. Chen Ge had to run fast to not get abandoned.

"Every time I come here, I feel strangely worried." Wang Xiaoming sighed in relief when they reached their bedroom door. He smiled at Chen Ge as he took out the keys to open the door. Chen Ge was about to follow him when Wang Xiaoming suddenly blocked his way. "What are you doing?"

"Getting something. Didn't I tell you?"

"But you live over there. Did you leave something here at my place? Have you been into my bedroom‽" Wang Xiaoming looked at Chen Ge with suspicion while stealthily kicking a black trash bag near the door deeper into the room with his left leg.