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750 So Painful…

 The 'blood' that leaked out from the piano keys pooled toward Xu Yin's fingers. His brows were locked, and his pair of sad eyes stared at the inner part of the piano. Following the weeping, a pair of pale hands suddenly reached out from inside the piano to grab at Xu Yin!

The fingers closed, and the pair of hands reached toward the chair, but they failed to grab anything.

They evaded?

The master of the hands did not panic. The 'surprise' so far was merely a test; the real terror would happen later. Reams of black hair curled around the piano strings, and a thin shadow crawled out from inside the piano. Long hair covered her face, and Xu Yin could see her bright red lips and scary expression through the gaps in her hair.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Why don't you stay? Why don't you stay‽" The woman lunged at Xu Yin like crazy. When the hair that blocked her sight part, her eyes that wore a red-colored contact finally got a good look at this unique visitor. What appeared before her eyes was a red shirt drenched in blood, wounds that had not recovered, and black threads that weaved through the flesh and blood!

This scenario was completely different from what she had expected; it was the first time that she had encountered something like that in her five years of working there!

Suffocation made her lightheaded, and the nerves in the woman's body were pulled taut. When she was almost touching the special visitor, she realized that time was slowing down, and her body became lighter as if her soul had been sucked out. She could see her body slowly approaching the visitor like in an out-of-body experience.

Chen Ge avoided Xu Yin 'narrowly' and ran out as fast as he could!

"Hey, Sister Ling is still in there!" The small man waved his arms wildly.

"Then, why don't you go back to save her?"

"Er... Sister Ling's sacrifice has brought us valuable time; we shouldn't waste her kindness."

When the man said that, Chen Ge turned back to look. Honestly, he was quite worried, too. I hope Xu Yin won't act too rashly and traumatize the poor woman.

Inside the music classroom, the black and white keys were dyed red. The piano had gone out of control, and it played a maddening aria. Actually, when Chen Ge entered the classroom, he had immediately noticed that there was someone hiding inside the piano. The piano in the classroom was so much bigger than a normal one. It seemed to have been modified by Nightmare Academy to include a small space inside where a person could hide.

Chen Ge madly ran, and the small actor screamed, attracting lots of attention. The actors inside the Haunted House were used to screams and cries, but as they paid it more attention, they realized that something was wrong. How come it sounded so familiar? It sounded like the cries of their colleagues!

Chen Ge led Xu Yin through the music classroom, the clinic, and sports equipment room. He used less than three minutes to race through these scenarios.

By the time the workers received the notice from their bosses and left their scenarios to gather, Chen Ge had already led the small actor to the second floor.

"Why is the elevator stuck at the basement? Your Haunted House is built on top of a ghost's liar, is it?" Chen Ge's casual observation caused the man to burst out in cold sweat. There had been a rumor about that before. He had not believed it then, but with reality placed before his eyes, he could not retort. Just the thought of the elevator that they used daily had been taken by countless spirits and ghosts; he could not stop his body from shaking. Who would dare take the elevator in the future?

"Where should we go next? Where are your people? I can't run anymore!" Chen Ge was really tired. To make it look more authentic, he had been running like crazy, and everyone who saw it would think that he was an unlucky fella.

"I don't know, the elevator is the only exit. How about we go to the other scenario first, please don't stop! You have many other scenarios you haven't visited, right?"

"Have you encountered a visitor that goes on the tour while carrying an actor? Stop wasting time! Tell me where your boss is! I'm sure he can deal with this!" Chen Ge was not going to harm the workers too much. Previously, when the actors from Nightmare Academy and futuristic theme park went to his own Haunted House to make trouble, the Nightmare Academy's boss must have known about it. After all, without permission from the boss, the employees would not have left the haunted house on a working day.

Chen Ge's tour at Nightmare Academy had been heavily scrutinized by the boss as well. He wanted to scare Chen Ge as revenge, but he could not have anticipated that he would be roped into his own plot.

We're both Haunted House owners, so there should be plenty of conversation topics for us.

With that in mind, Chen Ge sped up, and with the direction given by the small actor, he arrived at the fourth floor.

"The boss is inside the headmaster's office. There is a hidden door behind the bookshelf, and behind it is the main control panel and surveillance office." Since it was an emergency, the small actor had to share that information.

"Understood." Kicking open the safety door, Chen Ge saw a group of people gathered outside one of the doors. There were males and females in different outfits, but they were all Nightmare Academy's workers. "Is everyone gathered here?"

The workers at Nightmare Academy realized that something was wrong, so they had exited their scenarios and gathered before their boss' office. Before they realized what was happening, they saw Chen Ge appear while carrying the small actor.

Hearing Chen Ge's urgent footsteps, a few of them turned to Chen Ge. They did not have a good impression of Chen Ge, so when they saw Chen Ge was carrying a Haunted House worker, their expression turned uglier. "What are you doing‽ Let him down! Or else..."

Before the person who spoke finished, Chen Ge rushed to their side. He put down the small actor and banged against the headmaster's office door madly. "Look at what you've done! Let me out!"

Chen Ge yelled crazily. The people wanted to stop him when they suddenly heard the change to the background music. An unknown static started to appear. This sound came from all the speakers, and even if they blocked their ears, they could still hear it.

"What's going on?" The main control room was inside the headmaster's office. The office door was locked, and the boss of Nightmare Academy was not showing himself. "Is the boss trying new thing?"

"No! Look down the stairs! What is that?"

The red blood vessels crawled down the corridor and rushed at them like a blood wave, trying to pull them down into hell.

An indescribable chill spread down the corridor. All the lights flickered, and then a red shadow appeared at the end of the corridor. He had his head lowered, touching the ugly wounds on his arms, his mouth mumbling, "So painful..."