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731 Senior Was Taken by a Monster

 When the visitors left the room, the senior immediately closed the door to the photography club and kept mumbling. "How can this be? She has returned!"

Incessant banging came from behind the door. The whole door shook like it could be knocked down at any moment. The senior was quite a good actor. Under his influence, the already panicking visitors became even more flustered.

"There's a problem here. Please go on ahead to the physical check-up for the new students. It's inside the room at the front there. The doctor has already arrived." The senior forced a smile. The door shook violently. In the dark corridor, the visitors would not have been so afraid when there was a guide leading them, but exploring the scenario on their own was quite a tall task.

"What are you all doing here? Go!" The senior's voice turned urgent. He leaned his back against the door of the photography club. Even so, the door was still shaking very greatly.

"We should listen to him, let's go." Chui Ming and Lee Yuan led the group away. Before they got too far, the senior holding back the door suddenly added, "Right, I'll give you another piece of advice! There is a problem with the elevator, and it is temporarily out of order. Try not to wander off to another floor because in the staircase..."

He was halfway through when a pale arm reached out from the middle of the door and pulled the hapless man into the room.

"Save me! Save me!" The senior's blood-curdling scream echoed down the hall. His pale face squeezed between the door. His cheeks were filled with blood, and he waved his arms madly around for help. "Save me! Pull me out!"

Blood red paint squirted out from behind his head, and it landed everywhere. Under such circumstances, people were not going to get any closer. The visitors stood there and watched the senior being dragged slowly into the door, and the blood trickled along the floor.

"Save me!" The senior screamed loudly. Right then, Chen Ge, who was at the back of the group, moved forward. His shoes stepped on the red paint. The 'blood' was not as sticky as actual blood; it was red paint diluted with water. Without much hesitation, Chen Ge reached the door and grabbed the senior's hand.

"Save..." Before the senior could finish, Chen Ge pushed him behind the door and locked it. The corridor became quiet immediately. Even the ghost inside the room was at a loss.

The visitors looked at Chen Ge with widened eyes. The latter only said with some embarrassment, "Sorry, I guess my hands slipped."

After Chen Ge walked for three meters away from the room, the door started to shake again, and the senior's scream and a female ghost's wicked cackle came from inside the photograph club's room.

"These workers at least know how to adapt to a situation." Chen Ge returned to the back of the group, and he noticed the other visitors were still looking at him. "Don't just stand there-we need to hurry to find the doctor. Just now, the student said that it's not safe to use the staircase, and we are too close to the stairs now. Perhaps there might be things that crawl out from there later. After all, you saw the movie earlier; the ghost first appeared at the staircase."

With a calm tone and sharp analysis, after pushing the senior to his death, Chen Ge's ability to remain so collected left a deep impression on the other visitors.

"You are right; we are too close to the staircase now." Lee Yuan was slightly afraid. He looked at the stairs behind him and the dark corridor ahead of him. He did not dare move forward-no one knew what kind of monster they would run into. He nudged forward a few steps before stopping. He turned back to ask Chen Ge for help. "Big brother, how about you lead the way for us?"

"Would you like to take up the rear? Actually, that is more dangerous than walking ahead. The end of the group is closest to the stairs, and who knows, you might just find an extra person walking behind you?"

"That's enough! I'll lead at the front then!" Lee Yuan grabbed Lee Xue's hand, and Lee Xue hugged Lee Yuan's waist tightly. This couple appeared like they had entered a mine zone and walked very slowly. Seeing this, Chen Ge shook his head slightly.

These visitors were all normal visitors. If they were visiting his Haunted House, they would not have survived a one-star scenario, so it was normal for them to be afraid of everything.

Lights were installed on the wall at every interval of ten meters. The lights flickered, but there did not seem to be a rhythm behind it, which added to the creepy atmosphere. Nightmare Academy created a good atmosphere, but it was still leagues behind Chen Ge's Haunted House. Removing his backpack, Chen Ge glanced at the time and decided not to waste time anymore. "If I wrap this up early, I might be able to catch the afternoon train back."

Taking out the ballpoint pen wrapped in cellophane tape, Chen Ge placed it inside his shirt pocket. For this kind of small scenario, the Pen Spirit was more than enough.

"Come, I will lead the way." Turning on the red flashlight, Chen Ge walked alone at the front. The visitors at the back needed to start running to keep up with him.

"There are two cameras installed on either side of the corridor. In the middle of the corridor, there is a camera that can turn a hundred and eighty degrees. These are the only three that I've discovered so far. If there are no other cameras, the blind spot should be these few places," Chen Ge mumbled to himself as he walked down the corridor. The visitors did not understand his action at all. They could not figure why someone would pay attention to security cameras' locations inside a Haunted House. Perhaps this was how a true expert attempt a Haunted House.

Chen Ge walked for a long time but did not come across any rooms that resembled a clinic or health center. He could only turn around and knocked on the doors one by one.

"Is anyone in? We're here for a physical examination." When he knocked on the third door, footsteps came, and once the wooden door was open, a thick stench of disinfectant leaked out. A doctor in a white coat stood at the door. He looked at the visitors and asked with surprise, "Why are there so few of you? Where is the senior that is supposed to be leading you?"

The visitors all turned to look at Chen Ge, but none of them dared to say that it was this person who had pushed the senior into the haunted room.

"The senior was captured by ghost, and he told us to find you on our own," Chen Ge explained calmly.

"Is that so?" The doctor was confused. "Why don't you all come in first. For the sake of privacy, please occupy one cubicle each. You can come out after filling out the form provided."

The door opened, and the visitors were given the view of a bed inside the clinic. It was covered up with a blanket, but a slender arm dangled from one end of the bed. The cupboard at the back of the room had a saw, a syringe about ten times its normal size, a black awl, and a scary-looking hammer that was only slightly smaller than Doctor Skull-cracker's hammer.

"Doctor, what are these things for?" Chen Ge walked toward the cupboard but was quickly held back by the doctor. "Those are for the physical examination."

The doctor chuckled darkly and turned to study the few visitors with dark intentions. "Please enter the cubicles to fill up the form first. After the examination is done, you'll officially start your student life here."

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"Okay." Chen Ge studied the hammer inside the cupboard and involuntarily rubbed his hands together. He was the first to enter the cubicle.