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724 A Person as Gentle as You

 The appearance of a Red Specter at a two-star mission was something that Chen Ge did not anticipate. Regardless, he was given no choice-all the employees that he could rely on were with him. Bai Qiulin and the water ghost were both Half Red Specters, and with the aid from the other employees, holding back the Red Specter from the movie should present no problem.

Chen Ge merely needed to hold the Red Specter off for a while. His body leaned toward the blind man next to him, and he already had a plan in his heart.

The employees were highly excited to encounter something like this-this kind of excitement was not something that a normal 3D movie could replicate. The scent of blood spread within the enclosed private screening theater, and the low murmuring soon turned into wails and shrieks.

Blood slid down the screen, and the woman in red walked out. The sound of blood dripping did not stop. She turned the head, which was losing one eye, and the remaining eye zeroed in on the young woman sitting on the front row who was slowly lifting up her head. Water and blood stains surfaced on her clothes, and her wet hair stuck to her pale skin. Through the hair, one could catch a glimpse of the eyes that were bloated from being soaked in water for too long!

The seat was drenched, and the pool of water on the ground was expanding. One of them was on stage, the other off stage.

For one, this was her first time at the movies, and her simple mind was trying to process what kind of artistic style this was; the other was confused because this was her first time encountering an audience member like this. She looked back with a lost expression, as if suspecting that she was actually still inside the movie.

The woman in red's eyes finally moved away from the water ghost, but when she saw the rest of the audience in theater, her confusion only grew. Behind the water ghost was a row of doctors. Their white coats fluttered underneath the seats, and other than aloofness, there was no other discernible expression on their faces.

Next to the doctors was a man wearing an old pair of jeans. One of his hands was stuck inside his pocket while the other shielded Chen Ge. Yet, confusingly enough, there was another hand laid leisurely on the man's shoulder.

Most of the wailing came from the students in the room. They made a huge commotion, but that was merely for show. As loud as they were being, they also scurried away from the screen.

The last row of the audience stood up, and they looked even stranger. In the left-hand corner, there appeared to be a couple. The man's face was white, and the female looked like she could collapse at any moment. On the other end, a two-meter-tall fatty was squeezed in the corner, and he was trying his best to hold his stench in. Next to the fatty was a lanky man, and there was a rope around his neck. This time, the audience members were so different that the woman in red was briefly stunned after exiting the screen.

Of 'everyone' there, Chen Ge was the most collected. Ever since the woman appeared, he had been following her with his Yin Yang Vision. His focus paid off. He soon discovered that once the woman exited the screen, the red on her outfit lightened quite a bit. This was most obvious at the spot around the heart-the blood there was almost dry and non-existent.

This Red Specter seems like she can only unleash her full power inside the movie. Once she is out of it, her power drastically decreases.

With that understanding, Chen Ge became more confident. After all, this was merely a two-star Trial Mission.

The water ghost and Bai Qiulin faced the woman directly while the other ghosts helped to protect the movie screen. As the battle was about to erupt, Chen Ge lifted the hammer with one hand and turned to the blind man who was seated next to him.

"Chang Gu, the old movies relating to the Eye Oculus are still here. Looks like you and Qiumei have failed to find the real Wenyu." Chen Ge's every word landed on Chang Gu's heart like sharp nails. His eyelids twitched, and he stooped even further.

"We can talk this out like friends. Honestly, I am also looking for that phantom school, and I have a lead." Chen Ge was an open person. With the situation still undecided, he shared information pertinent to the School of Afterlife and showed that he was willing to cooperate.

"Chang Gu, after watching the movies you've directed, I know you are a clever and very talented person, but just take a look at yourself now.

"Have you already given up? Are you willing to hide for the rest of your life in this abandoned holiday villa? Until you die, you won't find Wenyu? Have you given up on your promise to Qiumei?

"You poured your life into works, and the movies are an extension of your life. I am affected by your movies, and I feel sorry for what happened to you. I understand your pain, and I can see why you are wasting your life away now.

"I understand you, and because of that, I wish to collaborate with you. Now is still not the time to give up!"

Through watching the movies, Chen Ge gained a brief understanding of the whole process. He aimed for the gap in Chang Gu's heart and tried to weave through the man's cold exterior.

"Wenyu's soul has still not been found. Perhaps she is still trapped inside the abandoned school. I'm sure her physical body is worsening by the day. What is a person without her soul? I don't know what happened to both of you later, but there is one thing that I am certain about, it is never too late. Everything can still be saved!"

Chang Gu's emotions were fraying. Chen Ge saw this opportunity and added, "Do you know why I am looking for that school?"

He bent over to look Chang Gu in the eye. "I am the boss for the Haunted House at Western Jiujiang New Century Park. About six months ago, my parents disappeared, and many signs point to the fact that they have been to that school!"

Chang Gu's eyelids twitched even harder. His chest rose unevenly, and he finally returned with a question. "Have your parents really been to that school?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yes, and to find them, I've been to Mu Yang High School, Western Jiujiang Private Academy, Jiujiang Medical University, and so on. I have already gathered some clues." Chen Ge shared his experience. If Chang Gu's experience was a tale, then Chen Ge's experience was the stuff of legends.

Without a single lie, Chen Ge shared everything like an honest child with Chang Gu. After hearing Chen Ge's story, Chang Gu had the impression that all the things that had happened to him were not even worth mentioning, and there was no reason for him to have given up.

"We can cooperate, and that is a win-win solution. Think about it."

Standing up, Chen Ge dragged the hammer and walked out from the seat to the stage. Before the woman, he tossed the hammer aside, raised his arms, and uttered with gentleness in his eyes, "All the souls that have hosted the Left Eye have lost themselves and turned into monsters, but you are the only exception. For all these years, you have suffered silently.

"You are a victim, but you are also a hero.

"When bad luck befalls a person, those with darkness in their heart will curse this world. What they need is not pity but partners.

"However, for those with kindness, they will choose to suffer everything silently, to help cover up the wounds of this imperfect world and repay its bad fortune with kindness and warmth."

Chen Ge walked up to the stage and stopped not far away from the woman.

"Whether you admit it or not, you are one such gentle person, Qiumei."