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721 Lies

 Hearing that answer, Chen Ge trained his focus to study the man further. The director's name is also Chang Gu. Looks like these movies are recordings of events that he's experienced.

Studying the man's face in the movie, Chen Ge scratched his chin. In the movie, he portrayed himself as aloof and handsome, which gives me a new understanding of the man.

After studying the man's face for so long, Chen Ge felt like he looked strangely familiar. He suddenly turned to look at the blind man sitting next to him. Their size and frame could not have been more different, but the gloom around the eyes was startlingly similar, and there were some similarities in the facial features as well.

Are they the same person?

On the screen, Chang Gu was tall, handsome, and collected, but the blind man next to Chen Ge was old, ugly, and malnourished like he suffered from a serious illness.

According to the internet legend, Chang Gu might have perished in a fire or been trapped inside his movies...

Chen Ge thought back to the information that he had found online, and his eyes fell on the blind man's eyes, which were screwed shut.

Is it possible that it was the man himself who started these rumors? He wanted to disappear from the public eye?

Hugging the white cat, Chen Ge considered everything calmly. Whether the blind man was Chang Gu or not, it did not matter. After all, he had booked the entire private showing theater. In the movie, Chang Gu was tall and handsome, a completely different person from the blind man next to him. If not for Chen Ge's attention to detail, he would not have made the connection.

The movie was still going. Wenyu followed Chang Gu. Perhaps it was a woman's instinct or something else, but she had a feeling that Chang Gu was someone very important to her. However, Chang Gu obviously intended to stay away from Wenyu. From the man's various reactions, it was not because he hated her.

The expression that he had when looking at Wenyu was very strange. Most of time, it was the detachment of a stranger, but occasionally, there would be a rare show of gentleness. The two stood at the hospital backdoor and spoke. They barely shared a few words when footsteps came, and a slightly fat middle-aged man ran out.

Seeing the man, Chang Gu shrugged off his coat, tossed it aside, and then rushed down the nearby alley. No matter how much Wenyu called after him, he did not turn around.

"Did you see a tall, thin man run this way?" After the middle-aged man came out from the backdoor, his eyes zeroed in on the white coat on the ground.

"What's wrong?"

"That man is a thief, a repeat offender at that! He always sneaks into our hospital!" the middle-aged man hissed through his teeth.

"Thief? He... he's not a doctor?" Wenyu studied the coat the man was holding, and she was shocked.

"Don't trust a word out of his lips. The man is a common thief, a liar, and somewhat crazy. To be safe, you'd better stay away from him." The middle-aged gave the warning and planned to leave.

"Wait a moment." Wenyu held the doctor back. "I'm here to register for the university. Have you heard of Jiujiang Private University? The online address I got pointed me to this place."

"There was a university here in the past, but it has been abandoned already. The flyer you saw is from probably from a few years back." The middle-aged was quite a friendly person. He stopped to answer Wenyu's questions.

"Abandoned? Then, do you know why it was abandoned?" Wenyu finally found a reliable person, so she continued with her questioning.

"I'm not so sure, but you can find out more by going to Yong Ling Mountain. Back then, Jiujiang Private University was split into two campuses, the normal campus and the night school campus." The doctor did not hide any information and shared everything that he knew. "The normal campus for the graduate students and our hospital was a repurposed of part of the original campus. It was no different from a normal university.

"Opening the night school was a desperate move. Jiujiang was only so big, and thus, there was a limited number of available students. Students from outside the region would rarely go over the state line to enroll at a private university that was not so popular. With the low number of students, a large piece of land remained unused, so the admin decided to turn it into a night school.

"The night school campus was just adjacent to the normal campus, but it was closer to Yong Ling Mountain. Jiujiang Private University's night school mainly recruited adults who wished to further their studies and young adults who wished to come back to school after dropping out."

After the doctor gave the explanation, he walked into the shadow that the sunlight could not pierce. "I can't remember the further details, but you should be able to read them in the hospital's filing room. We don't have many people around now, so I can bring you there to read."

"You want to bring me to the filing room?" Wenyu looked at the empty hospital. The interior was very clean and very quiet like there was not even one person around. "Okay..."

Before she finished, Wenyu reached out to cover her left eye. At that moment, it felt like a needle prick her eye, which had not happened for a long time.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling so well. I'll come back next time, but I thank you so much for your help." Wenyu held her left eye and thanked the doctor.

"You're welcome." The middle-aged man smiled and turned back to the hospital.

"There are still many good people in the world." Wenyu glanced at the narrow alley. Something did not feel right. It was noon, but there was no one around; it was as if the people that stayed there knew to give this place a wide berth.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The night school is just ahead, but since the doctor didn't give me the exact location, I'll have to keep moving forward." With some suspicion, Wenyu walked down the alley. After she took a few steps, someone called her name from the corner.

"There's no need for you to go any further-you won't be able to find that school." Chang Gu was leaning on the wall. The middle-aged doctor had just told Wenyu that Chang Gu was a liar and madman. So, when she saw Chang Gu appear, she had trepidation of getting too close to him.

After all, this man did not appear to be more trustworthy than the middle-aged doctor, and what Chang Gu had done so far was indeed suspicious.

Seeing Wenyu's change of attitude, Chang Gu narrowed his eyes as he walked toward her. "The thing that came out of the hospital earlier, what did it tell you?"

"That thing?" As Chang Gu approached her, Wenyu took a step back. "He said you are a thief."

"Are you going to believe a ghost or a living human?" Chang Gu stood before Wenyu, and he looked kind of similar to Wenyu.


"Yes, a ghost that can move in daylight." Chang Gu forced Wenyu into a corner. "Did it tell you, I'm a thief, a liar, and a madman?"

Wenyu thought that Chang Gu was being very creepy, but she still nodded.

"Did it invite you into the hospital?" Wenyu thought about it. The doctor had indeed offered to bring her into the filing room.

"Thankfully, you didn't follow. If you had, you probably wouldn't have been able to escape with life." Chang Gu passed a medical record to Wenyu. On it was the middle-aged doctor's black and white picture.