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718 Non-Existent Man

 The difference between Name and Deskmate was obvious from the first shot; this movie was shot from the normal third person view. The difference between the two movies was so drastic that they did not appear like they came from the same director.

The start of Deskmate focused on a dim sky, a home that resembled a cage, and a monster that might show up anytime. The start of Name was very warm. A cup of coffee was placed on the table, and next to it was a notebook and a bunch of study material.

The camera slowly panned forward, and it finally landed on the notebook, which was a diary. On the cover was a name written with red pen-Qiumei.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This time, the main character is Qiumei?

Chen Ge knew that the few horror movies were interconnected somehow. His previous speculation was that each movie recorded the story of the left oculus' victims, but the reality seemed to be different from what he had imagined.

"Wenyu! Wenyu!" There was incessant knocking on the door. A middle-aged woman was calling Wenyu's name, and the woman's voice was conspicuously different from the voice of Wenyu's mother in Deskmate.

"It is not Wenyu's mother who is outside the door, so why is she calling Wenyu's name?"

The camera turned. The girl, who was playing on her phone in bed, jumped up from bed. She ran to the table, shoved the diary into the drawer, and locked it up. After dealing with all that, she went to open the door.

"What are you doing hiding yourself in the room? You respond so slowly whenever I call you." The camera moved to the lady outside the door. She was very large, probably bigger than two of Wenyu combined. She had a thick layer of make-up, and the smell of smoke seemed to follow her. "I heard from the boss that you have quit the job?"

"Yes, Sister Fang, I have something else to attend to." The young woman raised her head to the camera. The actor was very pretty, and she looked somewhat similar to Wenyu in Deskmate. She was like an untainted flower, but after staring at her for a long period of time, there was something that did not feel right.

"Is this thing you mentioned returning to school? Going to night school?" Sister Fang squeezed into the room without asking for permission. "Do you know how hard it is to find work these days? You were given such a good chance, why didn't you appreciate it?"

"Sister Fang, thank you for your help. One day, I'll treat you to a meal." Wenyu disliked people entering her room.

"Why wait?" Sister Fang placed her hand lightly but firmly on Wenyu's wrist. "Last time, I introduced my nephew to you, right? What do you think? The child really fancies you a lot. I guess you can call it love at first sight... Don't push me! Hey! Open the door!" The door slammed shut, and Sister Fang grumbled for a while outside the door before giving up and leaving.

"So noisy." Wenyu subconsciously touched her left eye, and she returned to the table. She put down her phone. Then moved all the materials and books on the table into a bag. When she was arranging the stuff, the camera captured her phone, and the screen showed what that she had been looking at earlier.

"What are the reliable night schools at Jiujiang? How about Jiujiang Private University at Western Jiujiang?"

There were a few answers underneath her question.

My Old Home Is Here: "Thanks for the invite. I'm from the Philippines, just landed at the airport. I'm a graduate from the International Navigation and Aviation University. I do not suggest attending Jiujiang school any night. There are too many problems, and it won't be of much use. You might as well spend a little bit more and attend a more official private university in Xin Hai."

Cheng De Tertiary Education: "If OP wants to know more about tertiary education, please click on my profile. Cheng De Education is the most professional university in Jiujiang. We are able to help you enter the elite circle. We provide traditional system management education and help our students explore their maximum potential..."

Non-Existent Man: "There are so many night schools in Jiujiang, and you are interested in the one that is most unreliable. I will give you some free advice-register at any night school that you want, but avoid Jiujiang Private University."

Under these three comments, there was a follow-up conversation between Wenyu and the Non-Existent Man.

Original Poster (OP): "Why can't I go to Jiujiang Private University? Is this place a scam?"

Non-Existent Man: "This place is not a scam; you'll get your graduation certificate as long as you manage to survive until graduation. Where did you manage to find information on this school? Based on my knowledge, this school should be closing down soon."

OP: "I have a student pass from this school, and my name is written on it, so I should be a former student at this school."

Non-Existent Man: "Impossible."

OP: "It's real. I'm not lying to you. I cannot remember what I saw at the school, but ever since I left the school, my left eye has managed to see things that I will never forget."

Non-Existent Man: "I don't have the time to listen to your stories, gtg."

OP: "I'm not making up stories!"

OP: "Hello? Are you still there?"

OP: "Fine, looks like you've really gone already. I am telling you the truth. Ever since I left the school, my life has completely changed. The school initiated the change to my life, and now I wish to return to that school to find out the truth."

Non-Existent Man: "Is the truth that important?"

OP: "Oh, you're still here."

Non-Existent Man: "If you are not lying, then there is more reason for you to not go to that school."

OP: "Why?"

Non-Existent Man: "Do you know the school has an alternative name?"

OP: "What name?"

Non-Existent Man: "It is also called School of the Afterlife."

Seeing this, Chen Ge jumped up from his seat. His pupils narrowed as he focused on the screen.

School of the Afterlife!

The term on the phone reflected in his eyes. Chen Ge did not expect to encounter a clue about the School of the Afterlife during the Left Oculus mission. He understood what this term represented. School of the Afterlife was a four-star scenario-it represented a Greater Red Specter at least!

Chang Wenyu brought the left eye out of the School of the Afterlife? Why would she possess the student pass at this school?

The left eye lived in Chang Wenyu's body, but the soul that took control of the body had changed again and again. The real Chang Wenyu had already disappeared-perhaps her soul had already dissipated.

Based on the introduction in the movie, School of the Afterlife was a private university. When Wenyu first obtained the left eye, she was obviously still underage, so how did she end up at a university? If her presence there was a total accident, then how did she manage to escape?

Initially, Chen Ge had been watching the movie because the black phone told him to do so, but after the mention of the School of the Afterlife, his attitude changed.

This shouldn't be just a coincidence-just the change to the left eye caused the formation of a two-star scenario, so how scary will the entire School of the Afterlife be?

Chen Ge thought back to the introduction for the School of the Afterlife on the black phone. There were nine pre-missions, including the one for Zhang Ya.

The time limit for this mission is almost up. Perhaps this movie will provide me with some information that I need.

Chen Ge continued watching the movie. On the screen, the phone left on the table suddenly vibrated. There was an incoming call, and the caller ID was very strange indeed-Non-Existent Man.