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703 Scared Until My Illness Has Recovered

 Taking pictures, livestreaming inside the Haunted House, Chen Ge had forgiven all that; those were within an acceptable range. After all, they were in a way promoting his Haunted House.

However, to put on a disguise to scare his own people, that was pushing it a bit too far.

To Chen Ge, this was a malicious activity and should be punished accordingly. The Haunted House was everything that Chen Ge had, and as the number of visitors increased so did the people who came to cause trouble. If he showed weakness once, it would only invite more trouble in the future.

Li Wan City was a 3.5-star scenario, situated between three-star and four-star scenarios. Chen Ge had just unlocked the scenario, and he had not explored it seriously yet, so the difficulty did not appear not that high. Actually, Li Wan City's scenario still had many hidden treasures waiting for Chen Ge to explore, like the fog that seemed to appear out of thin air and the hidden missions attached to the scenario.

He needed plenty of time to fully understand this scenario, and that was exactly what Chen Ge was currently lacking.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When there's enough free time, I'll work on completing the scenario, but for now, I should deal with the imminent problem first.

Chen Ge wore Doctor Skull-cracker's apparel and stood at the junction-that was a path that one had to take to leave the scenario.

The bloodied doctor's outfit materialized out of the fog. Accompanying the scratching sound of the chains dragging on the floor, Chen Ge walked out from the fog. Under the mask made from human skin, a pair of cold eyes were staring at Lee Changyin quietly. It was not a gaze that should belong to living human-it was filled with an indescribable chilliness.

For the many years that he had worked at Nightmare Academy, Lee Changyin had met many professional actors, and he could confirm that the gaze that he was seeing could not be perfected from acting. That pair of eyes must have seen plenty of supernatural phenomena and nightmares.

The make-up on his face was ruined. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Lee Changyin knew that he was cornered. Running was pointless, and it would only provoke the man, so the best solution was to give up the struggle. That way, he might survive with his last shred of pride intact.

"You are the Haunted House's workers, right?" Lee Changyin forced a smile on his face. "I've given up, can you please lead me outside?"

"You're one of the visitors?" Chen Ge's voice came out from the mask. He sounded hoarse like he was chewing something hard in his mouth.

"Yes, I signed the disclaimer before I entered. My name is..."

Before Lee Changyin finished, Chen Ge cut him off. "There is no pregnant woman among the visitors today. Our surveillance captured everything clearly. We wouldn't allow a pregnant woman to enter the Haunted House, so you definitely aren't one of the visitors," Chen Ge said firmly like he had dictated the last word on this fact.

"Pregnant woman? Who's pregnant? I am a visitor. I have surrendered, so please lead me out now." Lee Changyin started to panic. The man did not seem like he was going to let him go so easily; he kept insisting that he was a pregnant woman, and that was the pretext that he needed to force him to stay.

"Aren't you a pregnant woman? I can see that clearly with my own two eyes. You are wearing a pregnancy outfit and have a high voice and a pretty face. None of the visitors that we welcomed into the scenario looked like you." Chen Ge walked slowly toward Lee Changyin, dragging the hammer. "Speak, what is your real identity?"

"I am Lee Changyin! I signed the disclaimer, and yes, I did pretend to be a pregnant woman earlier!" Lee Changyin sensed that things had gotten out of hand. He quickly voiced the truth, afraid that the man might assault him if he explained himself too late.

Chen Ge paused and then continued with a sigh. "Looks like you're unwilling to tell the truth. In that case, some persuasion is in order."

Hearing Chen Ge's words, Lee Changyin's mind was fraying. "But I am telling you the truth! I am a visitor! Let me out!"

"I am not an unreasonable person, if you tell me the truth, I won't trouble you too much, but if you insist on lying to me, then I will have to deal with you like how I deal with other petty thieves." Chen Ge suddenly picked up speed. He raised the hammer and charged at Lee Changyin. "Speak! Who are you!"

The hammer that was covered in spikes enlarged in Lee Changyin's eyes. He was not going to stand there and answer Chen Ge's question. However, a question did surface in his mind-why was the iron hammer covered with so much spikes and blood grooves?

The hammer landed on the window just next to Lee Changyin. The cement shattered. Lee Changyin slithered away. Compared to the 'doctor' that blocked his way, he now realized how cute the strange man in the trench coat behind him was.

Lee Changyin's brain was wired differently from a normal person's. Even at that moment, he could maintain a clear mind. He turned back, and before Scissors could catch him, he crashed through the door next to him. He intended to escape through the back window.

Chen Ge naturally would not let him escape. He had already ordered the shadows to block the window and had Scissors guard the backdoor. He summoned all the free workers and stepped into the building together.


"Where are they? Why isn't the phone working?" A creep who liked to expose himself walked out from the corner of the room. He held his phone and grumbled angrily. "What kind of horrible Haunted House is this? There isn't even one worker. I can't believe I held such anticipation before I arrived here."

Pushing open the door, he stepped out into the street. The town was shrouded in fog.

"When did it fog up?" The man glanced at the time. "The tour is going to end in about one or two minutes; I am not going to waste the entrance fee of fifty RMB."

With his head lowered, the man started to search for his target. He sneaked up to the flickering shadows in the fog, but he only paid attention to those who had a feminine shape.

"Lights are installed inside this building, so there should be someone inside." The man soon locked onto his target. When he passed one of the rooms, he caught a person in a pregnancy outfit sitting on the sofa.

"A pregnant ghost? That's certainly a novelty." The man chuckled salaciously. He leaped in through the window and started to undo the buttons on his coat. Peeling the coat back, he waited for the actor to scream, but several seconds passed, and the room was still so quiet.

"What's going on?" He lowered his head to look and saw Lee Changyin in a pregnancy outfit slowly sliding down the sofa. He was foaming at the mouth, and his body kept spasming; he looked like he was about to say goodbye to the world.

"Lee Changyin?" The man's face paled, but before he realized what happened, twisted shadows with missing limbs started to appear from the corner of the room. "What are these? What the f*ck! Stop! Don't come any closer!"

When everything became quiet again, Chen Ge stopped the recording on his phone and walked out from the bedroom.

"The Haunted House workers charged forward to help when the creep was about to attack a visitor." After saving the 'evidence', Chen Ge walked out from the room. He exited the scenario to find a few trolleys.

"With the new scenario, it feels like these few trolleys aren't going to be enough." Chen Ge had Tong Tong inform the other workers to send all the visiting customers to the scenario entrance.