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683 Not a Normal Adversary

 There were more and more visitors coming to ask Chen Ge about the new scenario, and Chen Ge was willing to share some unimportant information with them. He knew what the visitors were hungry for, and the information that he tossed out was like delicious bait, luring them into taking the challenge.

"Boss Chen, we meet again. How come I feel like you've gotten much younger?" The woman who stood before Chen Ge had her hair cropped short, and her tomboyish apparel made her look even more stylish than the guys. However, her voluptuous figure did not diminish her feminine charm either.

"That might work on middle-aged uncles-do I look that old to you?" The woman could be counted as Chen Ge's friend. Her name was Ye Xiaoxin, a blogger that specialized in reviewing Haunted Houses. She had more than a million followers. When the people from Tian Teng Medical Hospital came to visit, she had joined their group, and after she exited, she had practically closed in on herself on the spot.

"I would never waste time on ingratiating words; I really do think you look much younger." Ye Xiaoxin took out her phone. "Give me a ticket to the underground morgue. I plan to review that scenario today."

"The underground morgue?" Chen Ge did not hide the disappointment on his face. "Aren't you going to consider challenging my new scenario? It's fun."

"No thanks, I'll wait for the guide to show up online first." Ye Xiaoxin tossed her hair back handsome. Then, as if reminded of something, she added, "By the way, there is a group online purposely gathering and sharing the pictures of the scenarios inside your Haunted House. Are you sure that you don't want to do something about that? I have a feeling this a concerted attack against you."

"It'll be fine. I see it as free advertisement." Chen Ge had Tong Tong's help, but since there were too many scenarios, Tong Tong could not handle too many things, and of course, this also had something to do with Chen Ge purposely going easy on the visitors.

The Haunted House was rapidly expanding, and there would be a horrible match with the futuristic theme park in the future. Before the results were out, popularity was crucial to Chen Ge. After all, if he wanted to stop these activities, it would not be too difficult on the account of his employees being different from others.

"Just be careful. If people can't take you down from the front, they might do something from the back." Ye Xiaoxin lowered her voice. "When I was queuing up earlier, I saw this man at the resting hall, be careful of him."

Ye Xiaoxin searched through her phone and showed Chen Ge a picture. The picture showed a man wearing a large coat. Even though the sun was blazing, he did not seem to feel the heat. He was talking on the phone with a smile on his face.

"He looks so educated and polite, nothing like a bad guy."

"Don't be tricked by his appearance. If you visit the Haunted House-related forums, you'll realize that the man is on many Haunted House's blacklists." Ye Xiaoxin stood to the side so that she would not block the line. "He's not a normal visitor-there's something wrong with his mind. He's a creeper, and the strangest thing is that he prefers to expose himself to others inside a Haunted House. He has made a few female actors inside the Haunted House weep from his actions already."

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"Yes, he was even detained several times for his actions, but he doesn't seem to change." Ye Xiaoxin sighed. "He understood the rules placed on the Haunted House actors. He knew they could not hit him. He also would not interact physically with them; he would only flash his parts at them to satisfy his perverted desire. The man is clever in a way; he only did his deed in corners hidden away from surveillance. The time that he was detained was because he went so much over the time that the other visitors on the same tour couldn't resist beating him up."

"Such people need education, a deep and serious education." Employees could not do anything, but other visitors could. In any case, Chen Ge saw many solutions to this problem.

"That's all, I suppose. Be careful, I'll be going in now." Ye Xiaoxin followed the rest into the Haunted House. Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision to glance toward the resting hall. The man was still on the phone, but Chen Ge noticed that when he was talking, the man's eyes kept darting about like he was searching for something.

With him as the center, Chen Ge looked around, and he noticed that in the blind spot of the man's gaze, there was another man on the phone. This man had on a large hat, and his skin was white. He appeared rather soft and feminine.

"He has a partner?" Just as Chen Ge turned to look at that man, the man in the coat hung up and walked out from the hall. Coincidentally enough, so did the other man, accompanied by another three individuals.

The five started to queue. One stood at the front of the line, one at the back and the others at the middle; for all appearances, they did not seem like they knew each other.

"Are they from the futuristic theme park?" However, Chen Ge felt like he had left a deep enough emotional scar on the people from the other theme park that they would not return so soon. Chen Ge paid them special attention. After the three barged into the queue, there was sudden chaos. Three people started to move and gather together. "They came prepared!"

Chaos erupted, and this caused annoyance among the other visitors. One of them yelled directly and angrily, "Why are you cutting the line? Get back!"

He was being very loud and attracted everyone's attention immediately. The one who spoke was a middle-aged man around 1.5 meters tall. His appearance did not match his temper at all.

"Mr. Shinozaki, please calm down. We're here to seek inspiration-there's no need to get into an argument with others." A woman in her twenties stood next to the middle-aged man; she appeared to be his assistant. The woman seemed used to the man's explosion, and she apologized to the neighboring visitors.

"Shinozaki? A foreigner?" Before Chen Ge could say anything, the man called Shinozaki started to get into a fight while speaking fluent Chinese. Handing the ticket-selling job over to Uncle Xu, Chen Ge quickly ran over to break up the fight. "Please stop fighting. Who cut in the line earlier?"

Seeing the operator walk over, both parties stopped arguing.

"It was him! He was the line-cutter. I'm telling you, if we're not in a lawful society, I would have punched him in the face already, such lawlessness." The middle-aged man was quite a firecracker.

"Understood." Chen Ge turned to the line-cutter. He stood next to the man with the large cap. Obviously, they were partners. "If you wish to visit my Haunted House, I will need all of you to get to the back of the line and follow the rules accordingly."

Chen Ge left no room for negotiation. The man was obviously not satisfied with this arrangement, but with the persuasion from his friends, he obediently moved to the back of the line.

"Okay, everything's fine now." Chen Ge stayed at the back of the line. For some reason, the middle-aged man felt like he had been ignored and felt a certain way about it. He yelled at Chen Ge, "There's such a long line on such a hot day. Don't you have a VIP lane or something? I'll pay extra!"

"I'm sorry, but I treat all my visitors the same."

"Great! A principled man! Then I shall leave! Everyone's working against me!" For a reason that eluded Chen Ge, the man was angered and turned to leave.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Shinozaki! This haunted House is really unique! We're already here, so we should at least go in for a visit!" The young female assistant tried to stop the man, and then she ran to beg Chen Ge. "Boss, can you make an exception for us?"

The woman looked at Chen Ge with her pleading eyes. "Mr. Shinozaki is a comic artist. He has been lacking inspiration for the past few months, and his temper has worsened because of that. He isn't normally like this."

"A comic artist? Is he famous? How come I haven't heard of his name before?" Chen Ge was instantly reminded of Yan Danian. Perhaps he could use this chance to fulfil Yan Danian's wishes.

The assistant's face flushed. "Mr. Shinozaki bases himself overseas, and he is famed in the industry, but over the past few years, he has started to change his style! In any case, he's a very powerful man!"

Chen Ge nodded and purposely said in a raised voice, "If you don't want to line up, there's only one choice. I just opened a new scenario, and those who wish to visit it can skip the line and join me now."

"A new scenario?" The woman did not dare to make the decision, so she turned to look at the man.

"I just praised you for your principles earlier, but you changed your mind once you heard my name. Fine, I'll give you a chance to impress me today." The middle-aged walked over leisurely. "The new scenario it is!"

Seeing the middle-aged man jumping the queue, a man stood out from the back of the line. "I wish to visit this new scenario as well."

The man was wearing a coat. The temperature was high, and there was no air-conditioning. His head was pouring with sweat like he was burning. Hearing his voice, the other people in his group wanted to stop him, but it was already too late.

"Okay, come in with me then. Is there anyone else?" Chen Ge accepted his volunteer quickly and took his money, so they had no chance to regret his decision.

The others in the group slowly shuffled out. Chen Ge had Uncle Xu give them the tickets while he used his phone to search for Shinozaki's info online.

The man was not a foreigner-he merely had a foreign-sounding name. However, it was true that he was based overseas. His fans called him the Walking Mosaic and the Father of Saint Light.This is referring to how mosaic is often used to censor sensitive parts in erotic comics.Holy Light or Saint Light is more common in erotic animations. When an animated character undresses or is naked, instead of mosaic, light or smoke is used to block key parts. Therefore, animation fans call it the Saint Light.