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674 Scary Doctor Gao

 Doctor Gao opened both of his arms. Under the blood moon, he appeared even more deranged. Chains crawled out from underneath his coat. They were his means of attack, but at the same time, they were his tool of binding.

No one knew what had happened to Doctor Gao. He seemed to have bound the chains around himself when he was still conscious. These chains represented despair and negative emotions, and they also represented the human beings and Specters that had died at his hand. The chains bound everyone that he killed, but they also bound the man himself.

As more chains oozed out of his body, Doctor Gao seemed to have unlocked layers of a seal. An extremely dangerous aura radiated out from the man. The black blood dripped to the ground, mixed with the curse, and transformed into trails of blood vessels.

One end was curled around Doctor Gao's feet, and the other end connected to this world behind the door. The blood-dyed coat fluttered in the wind, and a strange voice echoed from inside Doctor Gao's body.

"Such a delicious smile, I wish to shove him inside my body! Eat him! Eat him! Eat him!" It sounded like the voice of a woman. A different face grew on Doctor Gao's body. Her facial features were not where they supposed to be, but her eyes were filled with gluttony.

"Shut up!" Hearing the woman's voice, Doctor Gao poked his hands harshly into his body. Blood burst, and it flowed down the chains.

"Food that I've not tasted before, this is something I've not tasted before!"

"It's not you, it's me!"

"Eat him!"

Many distinct voices came out from Doctor Gao's body. Chen Ge now saw that many faces grew on Doctor Gao's body, and they seemed to have grown into his body.

"Shut up! I'll have all of you shut up!" Blood flowed. Starting from the inside, Doctor Gao's white coat was dyed red once more. His body also started to collapse due to his self-mutilating attacks.

Doctor Gao, who had calmed down slightly after meeting Chen Ge, ran into a berserk again. The chains on his body seemed to have the purpose of binding the faces. As the chains fell away, the faces used his body to voice their own desires.

Even with the wound, the woman ignored the scar and continued to laugh madly. Actually, Chen Ge had seen this face before. He had once seen her face in the room filled with the pictures of the ghost stories society's victims. She was one of the people killed by the society.

Under the influence of negative emotions, she had become a part of something that Doctor Gao had to bear. Different voices came out from underneath Doctor Gao's blood coat. Chen Ge could not imagine how Doctor Gao would have looked under his coat. He watched from afar as Doctor Gao mutilated his own body with his bare hands, but it did not seem to amount to anything.

Instigated, scolded, and cursed by the different voices, Doctor Gao slowly stopped. The expression on his face gradually shifted to match the faces on his body. His lips tore open widely. One of his eyes was leaking tears, the other was leaking blood, and he laughed madly as he charged toward the shadow!

He attacked indiscriminately. If Zhang Ya's black hair blocked his way, he would also tear it down.

"Confinement, transmutation, and suppression, a Specter with three special properties." The shadow used his own body as nutrients to feed the ghost fetus. The baby would continue to grow until he reached the breaking point where the shadow's body would crumble. "Li Wan City and the ghost apartment are shielding the ghost fetus' secret. If I can't reclaim this place, I'll have to ruin this place."

Without hiding or retreating, the shadow bent his legs and shot at Doctor Gao. The shadow's face was blurring while the baby's face was becoming clearer. Chen Ge, who stood afar, used his Yin Yang Vision and imprinted the child's face in his mind. Without any preamble, as Doctor Gao came into contact with the shadow, the battle reached its height.

The word horrifying was not enough to describe the battle. Neither of them seemed to know the meaning of defense. They attacked endlessly. The curse morphed into a spear to pierce into Doctor Gao's body. The human faces were poked through as wails and laughter echoed out from Doctor Gao's body.

The chains rattled, resisting the curse. Doctor Gao, who held nothing back, had blood burst out of his body like liquid fireworks. He attacked like he was going to die, and with a determination toward death, he grabbed hold of the shadow.

The blood around him materialized into a chain and bound the shadow's body.

The floor of the roof was a pool of blood. Chains crawled out from the pool, and they lunged at the shadow like hungry pythons. Hundreds of chains surged into the shadow's body. They punctured him through, immobilizing him on the roof.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I wonder, what does a Specter more powerful than a Red Specter tastes like?"

With a creepy smile on his face, Doctor Gao took a bite out of the shadow!

His mouth was dripping with curses. Doctor Gao had lost his mind; this Red Specter wished to consume the curse bite by bite.

"The chains represent confinement, the body carries the power of suppression, and you have the ability to transmute; you are indeed very powerful." The baby's lips were moving. The chains burned with the curse. The shadow's body was dissolving, and he slipped away from Doctor Gao's trap.

Doctor Gao had not unleashed all of his chains. His true power caused the shadow caution, and he would forever remember the term 'ghost stories society'.

"His weakness is the baby inside his chest! All the curses are protecting that baby!" Those at the side saw things more clearly. Chen Ge was the one who retained his rationality the most, and he saw through the shadow's weakness instantly.

"You again?" When they were battling, the shadow had already moved closer to Chen Ge. His hatred toward Chen Ge was immeasurable. The chains wrapped around the shadow, but the same trick would not work twice.

He used the layers of curse to protect the baby in his chest, abandoning most of his defense as he moved toward Chen Ge. He wanted to get close to Chen Ge, to kill this human that he hated the most in the world. He did not want to have Chen Ge in his sight again. He hated everything about the man, and the desire to destroy clouded his mind.

"I've never harmed you, and I don't know what happened to you. If there's a chance, I hope we can sit down and talk calmly, but unfortunately, both of us know how dangerous the other is." Chen Ge stood where he was. Bai Qiulin and the woman from the tunnel guarded beside him as Chen Ge carefully stood the shadow's moving pattern.

This kind of quick advance while at the same time avoiding the lethal attacks was worth studying by Chen Ge. They had the same physiology, but the shadow's mastery of his physique was much better than Chen Ge.

Chen Ge had been relying on the hammer and brute force, but after this learning experience, he realized the limitation to pure force. He needed to learn more techniques so that he could escape easier in the future to not create a burden for others.

With the shadow posing such a big threat, Chen Ge still had the ease to learn the shadow's technique; it was not because Chen Ge had gained an enlightened view on life but because Zhang Ya was by his side.

"It is still Zhang Ya who is more reliable. They are all Red Specters, but compared to Doctor Gao and the shadow, Zhang Ya is likely the most normal of them all."

Her fingers tightened, and black stripes slowly surfaced on Zhang Ya's arm. The deathly white skin, the blood red dress, and the strange black stripes... Zhang Ya, who always wore an expressionless face, turned to the shadow and suddenly smiled.

This was a particularly meaningful day for her. As a witness to the glorious declaration that Chen Ge had made, Zhang Ya wished to turn the shadow into a doll as a keepsake.

She imagined doing the same during their wedding. She would turn all the guests into dolls, and that way, the happiness of that day would be forever preserved.