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672 This Is the Ghost Stories Society

 After one died, one's lingering spirit would only be preserved by attaching oneself to an object, and the object that Zhang Ya possessed was her cursed love letter. Chen Ge burnt the love letter on the roof because he intended to completely abolish Zhang Ya's painful past; he had found a new vessel for Zhang Ya.

Like shadow and light, one impossible without the other, from the moment he burned that love letter, he would be Zhang Ya's object of obsession!

The black hair rushed forward like a black ocean, ravaging and consuming, swallowing everything inside the building.

The shadow, who clutched Xu Yin's neck, was stunned. His legs that were joined to Chen Ge were roughly torn away. The pieces of curses wilted in the bloody night like dark snow.

"You'll have the Specter be your shadow?" A bottled-up anger in the shadow's heart exploded, and his body kept changing and shifting. "This should not have happened; this is different from what I planned!"

Throughout Ming Yang Residence, the four buildings were bombarded with the ear-splitting cries of children. Many short little figures crawled out from the windows, all moving toward a particular room inside the building that Chen Ge and the shadow were standing on.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Soon, inside the building situated on the western side, a slender shadow moved out from the room, dragging a snow-white arm with him. That arm belonged to Xiao Bu. It stood by the edge of the building and bit into the arm with its mouth, and something that caused Chen Ge's hair to rise happened. Endless black shadows started to tear down the arm. With each bite, a dark bite mark would appear on the arm, and with each bite mark, the shadow grew that much stronger. "You are my shadow; I will make you my shadow!"

Ming Yang Residence was placed outside of Li Wan City, but the blood fog from Li Wan City had been moved there. It rushed toward Ming Yang Residence like a palpable wave.

"Not enough, this is not enough!"

The shadow turned to look at other buildings, but what he saw once again brought him disappointment.

On top of the southern building, a strange man with a strange smile fixed on his face carried Xiao Bu's broken body to the roof. His body was cracked, and the open gashes were like mouths that were open up in smiles.

Inside the northern building, it seemed to be raining blood. A mad woman wearing a red raincoat, whose lips were sewn shut, was cutting down all the shadows while protecting Xiao Bu's body part.

"Boss!" Underneath them came Ol' Zhou's voice. The shadow and Chen Ge both turned to look at the same time. Underneath their building, Men Nan who was only the height of Ol' Zhou's knees, carried the latter who was disintegrating, Xiao Bu's head and the last remaining limb as they made a mad dash towards Li Wan City.

Xiao Bu's limbs and head were the key for the shadow to control Li Wan City. To control the door that had gone out of control, to make Xiao Bu into a puppet that he could easily control, he had poured a lot of effort onto Xiao Bu, but now, everything was being ruined by Chen Ge.

The shadow only had access to one of Xiao Bu's arms. His control of Li Wan City was far weaker than Xiao Bu's control over it.

"Why do you want to help this person? He lives under the sun, bathes in hope, surrounded by laughter, but I am the one who inherits all of his hatred and curses!"

Unable to move the blood fog from Li Wan City any further, the small shadows surged back into the shadow's body. He glared at Chen Ge, his eyes filled with venom. Chen Ge did not answer the shadow's interrogation. His fingers caressed the black hair that flowed through him. "I've never bathed in hope and lived under the sun, much less being surrounded by laughter. I am merely lucky to have found a group of kind-hearted people."

The black hair blocked Chen Ge's sight. The brightest red walked past Chen Ge. The slender fingers reached out to pick out the black snow that almost fell on his body. The fingers tightened, and the curse of the shadow turned into ash before it could even wail in mercy. Zhang Ya stood before Chen Ge and titled her head to look at Xu Yin, whose neck was in the shadow's grasp.

"You wish to save him?" The shadow grabbed Xu Yin's head with one hand. Before he could say the second sentence, his head was grabbed by a pale arm. Without any hesitation, the black hair rushed forward like a wave. Zhang Ya gripped the shadow's head and slammed it into the ground.


A hole opened up in the ground, and they fell through a whole floor, but that was just the beginning!

Unable to control the blood fog from Li Wan City, unable to use the power behind the door, and having just fought a heavy battle with Doctor Gao, the shadow was the weakest that he had ever been. He did not expect Zhang Ya to suddenly make her move, and he did not expect that in several days, this Red Specter had become even scarier!

When Zhang Ya fought the shadow, Chen Ge found Xu Yin whose body was almost torn apart at the edge of the roof.

"You..." As if knowing that he had placed his boss' life in good hands, the static that came from the recorder gradually weakened. His hand that placed over his chest slowly slid away, revealing the heart that had completely dyed red.

The grimace on the man's face slowly smoothed out. Xu Yin looked at Chen Ge, and the corner of his lips twitched like he wanted to make an expression that he had not made before. However, he failed even after multiple attempts and reverted to his usual expression.

"It's fine now." Chen Ge picked Xu Yin up from the floor. The static disappeared, and the blood red tape stopped moving. The heavily-injured Xu Yin had returned to the recorder.

"Was he trying to make a smile earlier?" Chen Ge stood up and accepted the backpack from Bai Qiulin. The comic, recorder, ballpoint pen, and doll were all inside. "Everyone is still with us; I suppose that is already lucky enough."

The building under his feet was shaking. Other than Zhang Ya's black hair and the snow that was formed from the shadow's curse, there were shackles carved with human faces that snaked through the building. Echoes of screams boomed in his ears. Chen Ge looked over the side of the roof. Doctor Gao, who was on all fours, climbed up the side of the building like a beast. His bloody red eyes stared directly at Chen Ge.

"I've found you, Chen Ge..."

As Doctor Gao approached, a pale hand appeared to stand before Chen Ge. Compared to the shadow, Doctor Gao posed a bigger threat to Zhang Ya. The red fluttered in the moon-Zhang Ya at her prime was like a blood red sun while Doctor Gao, who carried all the curses in Li Wan City, looked more like an 'abyss'. Endless negative emotions and curses coursed through his body; he alone represented the endless abyss of despair.

"Mad doctor, why don't you work with me? I know you wish to get something from that man. I can gift him to you and even tell you all the secrets about him." The shadow's life was much hardier than they had expected. He was like an unkillable monster who would only weaken but never really disappear.

Doctor Gao did not answer the shadow. His status was very strange. He looked like he was merely operating based on the little memory that remained in his mind. Chen Ge did not know what he wanted to do, but he knew that if he did not do anything, Zhang Ya might be attacked by both Doctor Gao and the shadow.

A chaotic battle was about to ensue. Chen Ge summoned Xu Yin to have him return the ghost stories society's flyer. On that familiar flyer, the door that represented ghost stories society had been pushed open, and a pale hand was reaching out from within.

Having met in person, Chen Ge recognized the arm as Doctor Gao's. He had laid some kind of trap on all the flyers, but his plan was misdirected somehow. Apparently, a link in his plan had fallen through.

Holding the flyer, Chen Ge stood behind Zhang Ya and told Doctor Gao, "You have forgotten too many things. I will help you remember them! You were once the chairperson of the ghost stories society, and I am the member that you handpicked to join; this flyer is the best evidence of that!"

The mention of ghost stories society caused a flicker through Doctor Gao's bloodshot eyes.

"Don't listen to him! Follow your heart!" the shadow yelled in panic. He did not dare to imagine being attacked by both Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao.

"Yes, you have to follow your heart!" Chen Ge raised the flyer up high. "Before you passed away, you handed the ghost stories society to me. I am your most trusted friend, and that is why you remember my name! Yes, I am Chen Ge! I am the current chairperson of the ghost stories society, Chen Ge! And behind me, these Specters and Red Specters that stood at my side, they are now everything that the ghost stories society represents!"