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663 When a Ghost Story Encounters Another Ghost Story

 Eastern Jiujiang was so big, but the shadow had chosen Li Wan City-there had to be a reason for that. The human-shaped stains on the way had no pattern that he could discern, and Chen Ge had no idea why these imprints had been left on the wall. It felt like the patients had used this strange method to record the pain that they had been through.

"Are these lingering spirits?" Chen Ge stood next to the stain and used the red high heels to touch one. The heels, which had remained relatively passive, suddenly leaked out a blackish-red blood. It felt like someone who cried tears of blood after being humiliated. Seeing the response from the red high heels, Chen Ge immediately pulled them back. "The stains on the wall are more than they seem. Even the red high heels refuses to get close to them, so these must be more than normal lingering spirits."

Chen Ge looked through all the room, but he still could not find the rest of his group. "The apartment is only so big, where can they be hiding? Or have they been pulled into the wall and made into these stains?"

The small group reached the top floor where the stains on the wall became more numerous, and their color darkened as well. It felt like they were going to escape from the wall anytime soon.

"The bodies of all the stains were heavily contorted. Just what kind of pain must they have been in before they perished?" Li Wan City's history had been forgotten. Even on the internet, there was not much information on the small town. In fact, it felt like someone had purposely removed them from the record.

"If they're not inside the building, then they have to have been sent out through some hidden channel." The tattooed man was feeling unsettled. "We should leave this place first. As long as our lives are intact, there are options open to us. If something happens to us as well, then no one will be able to save them."

"When one of the passengers was dragged away, I noticed that the hands grabbing him were similar to the stains on these walls, contorted and pockmarked."

"What are you trying to say?" The tattooed man could not figure out Chen Ge's train of thought.

"You've lived here for so long, but haven't you seen these stains before?" Chen Ge tossed the question back.

"No! To be honest, I've only been here once before, but when I came, these stains weren't inside the building."

"Meaning they have just appeared here." Chen Ge could not afford to lower his guard. He knew that these human stains that even the red high heels refused to approach were one of the shadow's trump cards. Before Chen Ge showed his, the shadow had already been forced to reveal one of his.

"Something must have happened in Li Wan City, or else the shadow wouldn't have done this." Chen Ge ignored the stains on the wall and opened the door that led to the roof. He walked through it.

The wind howled and carried the feeling of suffocation away with it. Chen Ge looked at the sky behind the blood fog and slowly moved his gaze around. The blood fog at Li Wan City seemed to have been attracted by something, and it moved like a wave toward the eastern side of Li Wan City. It felt like it was forming a wall to stop something from entering.

"The fog has conspicuously thinned." This was the second time that Chen Ge had gained a bird's eye view of Li Wan City. Compared to last time, his sight was better because with the aid of Yin Yang Vision, he could look further.

"Do you have other helpers?" It was the smiling man who spoke. The situation had cleared. Like Chen Ge mentioned earlier, a third party had arrived at Li Wan City, and this party had managed to attract most of the shadow's attention. Chen Ge's prediction caused the smiling man to be alert. He was afraid that this new force was related to Chen Ge, and in that case, it would shatter the already fragile scale of balance between them.

"It shouldn't be my helper, and if I'm not mistaken, this new party is also my nemesis. His desire to kill me shouldn't be lower than the shadow." Chen Ge very honestly voiced out his opinion.

"You sure have plenty of enemies. Even at a time like this, you'd be pursued by an enemy. I don't even know whether I should say you're lucky or unlucky." The smiling man continued to smile. Chen Ge was able to attract the ire of so many scary characters, which showed that this man was not a simple character.

"That's merely my speculation..." Chen Ge wanted to continue when a loud boom came from the eastern side of Li Wan City. Even though they were far away from the point of impact, Chen Ge's group could feel the building that they were standing on shake slightly.

"Just what kind of battle is this?" The tattooed man reminded Chen Ge. "The shadow is now being distracted by your nemesis; this is the perfect time for us to go look for the door's missing pieces. When we have them, we can leave at any moment; that should be the objective that we focus on."

The blood fog rushed toward the eastern side of Li Wan City to enshroud the entire part of the small town. Even with Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge could not peer through the fog. He could only tell that there was something attracting him inside the blood fog. Standing at the edge of the building, narrowing his eyes, Chen Ge saw chains lashing inside the fog. The thing that gave Chen Ge the sense of familiarity was inside the chains and fog.

"He seems to know that I'm here and is moving toward me." Chen Ge was suddenly reminded of something and opened his backpack. With the smiling man and the tattooed man watching, Chen Ge pulled out a patient's list, a love letter, a bunch of documents, and finally a flyer mentioning the ghost stories story.

"It is because of this!"

The original flyer had a dark red color scheme, and a half open blood red door was printed on it. However, that door that represented horror and despair was now not only pushed open, there was an arm twisted in chains stretching out from the gap.

The arm reached out of the door, gripping the door like it was trying to shove the door fully open!

"Why has this changed? Is it a sign that he's returning?" Chen Ge had just produced the flyer, and his brain was still turning to figure out a solution, when the arm on the flyer reached out from the two-dimension without warning!


Chen Ge was knocked back by a mysterious force. When he recovered, he saw that the arm was gripping Xu Yin's arm. Without much hesitation, Xu Yin dissolved his entire arm, surrendering it easily, and used his remaining arm to fold the flyer up.

The scent of blood caressed Chen Ge's nostril. Blood vessels crawled out from Xu Yin's body to manufacture a new arm. Yet, to his surprise, on this new arm, there was a red handprint around Xu Yin's wrist.

Xu Yin glanced at the handprint on his wrist, showing zero concern for it, before disappearing. A static appeared in Chen Ge's ears, a sign that the recorder was working fine. It seemed like Xu Yin was using this method to inform Chen Ge that he was fine.

"You didn't even stay for one moment longer. Is it because you have no idea how to accept my appreciation?" After Xu Yin put the flyer away, another few loud echoes came from the eastern side of town. It was clear that the fog was being pushed back, and the monster was slowly moving toward Chen Ge.

"A trap has been made in the flyer, and the door at my Haunted House has been marked. Looks like Doctor Gao did many things before he died-this old fox, just what was in his mind?"

Chen Ge confirmed that it was Doctor Gao who was in the battle with the shadow at the eastern side of Li Wan City. After all, the ghost stories society's remaining members were Chen Ge and Doctor Gao. Chen Ge would not set the trap himself, so the only person who would do that was Doctor Gao.

When Chen Ge was contemplating, the blood fog was again forced back. The old and new chairpersons of the ghost stories society crossed paths at Li Wan City, and the first unlucky casualty was the shadow who was pressed in the middle.