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660 Its Not That Complicated

 Chen Ge knew that Fan Chong's residential area was old, but he did not realize it had once been the family apartment for hospital staff, and the bigger surprise was that there had once been a hospital specializing in infectious disease treatment located in Li Wan City.

"I heard that from the locals that stayed here," the tattooed quickly explained, afraid that Chen Ge might get the wrong idea. "Before the door in Li Wan City was opened, this was already a strange place. If any of you have stayed in Eastern Jiujiang, you should know that the older generation refuse to live near Li Wan City, on the account of how 'dirty' this place is. Actually, their 'dirty' has two meanings-one was because a serious infectious disease has swept this small town before, and the other was that there have been many inexplicable events happening here."

"Can you still find that hospital now?" Chen Ge stood before the first building.

"You're one with strange interests. How come it feels like the more dangerous a place is, the more interested you are?" The tattooed man thought about it before shaking his head. "I don't know its exact location. According to rumors, the hospital has been flattened to the point that even the foundation has been uprooted. They dug a hole around the building and basically allowed the whole hospital to sink into the ground."

"They buried the entire building? Is it because not even a brick of the old hospital is allowed to escape?" Chen Ge turned around to look at the tattooed man. "But how come I have not heard of such a big story before? Do you know what the disease that ravaged Li Wan City so many years ago was?"

"I'm sorry, I'm not clear about that. Some said it was leprosy; others said it was a mutated strain of smallpox. There are all kinds of rumors, and there are only two that I can confirm. This disease is not only airborne, but it can be contracted through water as well, and the chance of contraction through water was several times higher than airborne infection. The second fact is that patient zero was a child, but it is unclear whether it was a boy or a girl."

"It is a waterborne disease, and the first patient was a child, huh?" Chen Ge was suddenly reminded of Eastern Jiujiang's dam and the large hole at its bottom as well as the Eastern Jiujiang's Fresh Water Plant that was strategically built next to the dam. That was the location where Chen Ge first crossed paths with the shadow.

Is the shadow intending to use the water plant somehow?

The lead in Chen Ge's mind was getting clearer and clearer.

There's monster hiding inside the underground hole at Eastern Jiujiang's Dam, and that dam provides the water for the water plant to be cleansed. If the shadow mixes some kind of substance into the plant, then all the citizens in Eastern Jiujiang will be affected without even knowing it themselves.

Chen Ge did not voice his latter postulation, but he had a rough idea of the shadow's plan. The shadow was made up from an impossibly large amount of despair and negative emotions. It was impossible for him to give birth as a man, and no mother was resilient enough to carry a fetus like that, so the shadow turned his focus to the method of Bury Seed.

He planned to plant himself into another child and use the whole of Eastern Jiujiang as his source of nutrients. Chen Ge still had not understood the actual steps of the shadow's plan, but he understood that the scale of the shadow's plan was much bigger than he had previously anticipated.

Ghost fetus is a four-star mission, but just what does a four-star mission looks like? Will it involve all of Eastern Jiujiang?

Chen Ge had not conducted a four-star mission before. The only connection that he had was the several missions that he had completed to unlock the mission School of the Afterlife.

Ghost Fetus was a four-star mission, and the Cursed Hospital was a four-star mission. Coincidentally, Chen Ge had just confirmed from the tattooed man that after the hospital in Li Wan City was levelled, part of the staff had joined a hospital situated in Xin Hai, and the name that he mentioned was similar to the name of the hospital that he had seen sewn on the boy's patient garb.

The two new four-star scenarios provided by the black phone seemed to be connected, and this gave Chen Ge a headache. All the clues that he had found out so far crowded his mind, forming a death knot.

Four-star scenarios are too dangerous. Even with Zhang Ya, it might not be insurance enough. I have to squeeze every last drop out of this 3.5-star mission! As long as I can capture the shadow, I can force out the truth from his mouth!

To see through the levels of complicated connections to get to the core of the truth was an ability that Chen Ge did not possess, so he planned to use his own method to discover the truth.

Nothing is that complicated-everything can be made simpler!

It had not been that long since Chen Ge obtained the black phone, but he had grown at an impossible speed. However, the direction of his growth seemed to be against what the black phone anticipated. Chen Ge was barreling down a path that no one could really tell, but for now, it was smooth sailing for the man.

The shadow's earlier proclamation suggests that he is hiding among us, then I'll pay close attention to everyone here. If they're alive, I'll watch over their moves, but even if they die, I'll carry their bodies with me. If all else fails, I'll turn Li Wan City around from its foundation. I refuse to believe I am unable to find him!

If the shadow was a master at psychological combat, then Chen Ge was the other extreme. They possessed similar appearances and had commonalities in their personalities, but the way that they dealt with a problem was vastly different.

"There's not time to waste, follow me!" Chen Ge removed the hammer from his backpack and activated the recorder. He was very calm. Li Wan City was merely a 3.5-star scenario, and most of the isolated scenarios had been taken down already. With the guide that he had obtained from Xiao Bu's game, the difficulty of this mission had been lowered to its minimum, and he decided to abandon his previous disguise.

He called Zhang Ya's name, and the shadow behind him rippled-it felt like a woman putting on make-up, trying back to smile at him.

"Today, you appear to be more unusual than before."

Chen Ge dragged the hammer and entered the building. There was firmness behind his every step, and with his every step came a strange sound from his surroundings like there were many people crowded around him.

"Be careful!" The tattooed man stopped at the entrance. The five skulls on his arm were wailing like they were trying to escape from his body. This had never happened before. "None of these women killed by the ghost fetus are willing to come near this place-there has to be something very dangerous hidden here, but the door leading out of this place is situated inside this building as well..."

"Stop hesitating. Since you have made the choice to believe him, have faith in the man." Scissors licked the wound on the corner of his lips. He had learned from the tattooed man how to put on a better disguise as a deranged murderer.

"He might not look like it, but he's quite trustworthy at the most crucial moment." The drunkard carried the doctor and also entered the building.

Seeing them enter, the tattooed man gritted his teeth, used his arms to cover the five tattoos, and strode into the building.

"Do you think we should follow them?" Jia Ming did not dare look at Lee Zheng. He thought that he had disguised it well, but even he did not realize that he had started to follow Lee Zheng's opinion, and that was very different from when they first entered Li Wan City.

"Let's follow him, I have some questions to ask Chen Ge anyway." Lee Zheng and Jia Ming entered the building. The blood fog thickened. A man with a smiling face stood outside the building for a long time before joining the rest.