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650 Its Time for Dinner!

 "Such a big monster?" The first impression that the Red Specter inside the fridge left Chen Ge was her size. Her head looked relatively normal, just slightly bigger than a normal person's, but her body was large enough to fill an entire room.

Chen Ge had seen many Red Specters before, but this was the first time that he had seen a Red Specter so large in size.

"That is also the ugliest thing of all the Red Specters I've encountered." Working at the Haunted House, Chen Ge was used to painting some purposely-horrendous make-up, so he had a high threshold for the unsightly and ugly, but even so, when he saw the Red Specter inside the kitchen, he still moved his eyes away after a brief glance.

Pure terror and ugliness felt insufficient to describe this woman. A deranged expression hung on the basketball-sized head, and a blood haze leaked out from the gigantic body. Even though he was faraway, he could smell the stench that the haze carried. Chen Ge did not dare turn back again. The extremely ugly Red Specter gave him a very powerful sense of danger. The woman should be at the same level as the well ghost in Coffin Village. In other words, this Red Specter was powerful enough to carry an entire three-star scenario on her own.

"Li Wan City itself is a 3.5-star scenario. Not considering the influence caused by the uncontrollable door, this monster should be the strongest Red Specter in Li Wan City. No wonder the hotel is placed in the middle of the town." His brain was moving fast. Chen Ge's feet did not slow down, and soon, he reached the door to Room 1.

He grabbed the doorknob, but before he could do anything else, a skull dangling from endless blood vessels flew at him from afar. The eyes were shining with red fury-the headless woman swore to kill Chen Ge!

Calling Xu Yin in his heart, Chen Ge had done all the preparation to retreat, but at that moment, the door to the kitchen slowly creaked open, and the wall around it seemed to come alive. Many thick blood veins surfaced on the walls, and they pulsed dangerously like there was blood running inside them.

The wooden door creaked noisily. The headless woman stopped her attack toward Chen Ge. The blood vessels dragged the head back into her protective arms.

"How come it feels like she's playing with her head like a kite?" Chen Ge made use of this opportunity to escape. The two Red Specters had crossed paths-his goal was successful, so he only had one last thing to do. Training his focus, Chen Ge looked into his heart.

"Zhang Ya? Are you feeling better?"

"Zhang Ya? Can you hear me?"

"Zhang Ya? I've found you many delicious treats!"

"Sis! It's time to wake up! It's time for dinner!"

Chen Ge, who did not have a shift to his expression when he faced off against the Red Specter, started to shiver in cold sweat. If ninety-nine percent of the combat power of the four passengers resided within Chen Ge, then ninety-nine percent of Chen Ge's confidence came from Zhang Ya.

A Red Specter that could carry a three-star scenario single-handedly was far beyond the strength of Xu Yin. Even with Men Nan's help, it would only drag the struggle out for another few seconds. As he called Zhang Ya's name, Chen Ge rummaged through his backpack.

Chen Ge had many trump cards, he had the weakest of all Red Specters, Men Nan, and the strongest of Lesser Red Specters, Yan Danian. He had many friends, but none of them were powerful enough to help him stop the glutton ghost. When he was making up the plan, Chen Ge had considered many factors. He had made sure to not miss out on any details, but the only thing that he had forgotten was the contingency where Zhang Ya was unable to awaken.

"Once a Red Specter consumes too much, they will fall into a slumber. With Zhang Ya's current power level, even if she consumed an entire normal Red Specter, she wouldn't have fallen asleep. Does this mean that the few droplets of blood dripped out from Doctor Gao when we were inside the door contained more hatred than a normal Red Specter?" When Chen Ge was chasing after the water spirit, he had accidentally entered a burnt building. Behind one of the doors there, he had accidentally run into the missing Doctor Gao.

Even though it was just one glance, he confirmed that the 'monster' was Doctor Gao. To interrupt the shadow's plan, Chen Ge had even left a message for Doctor Gao to trick him to come to Eastern Jiujiang's Li Wan City. Now that he thought about it, if the worlds behind the door were interconnected, a large nightmare made up from endless nightmares, then there was a very high chance that Doctor Gao would come to Li Wan City.

Jiujiang's map appeared in Chen Ge's mind. Doctor Gao had destroyed the door in the underground morgue at Jiujiang Medical University. He had disappeared behind the door at that location, and the second time he appeared, it was at the residential area next to the rehabilitative school. After connecting Jiujiang Medical University, rehabilitative school, and Li Wan City, these three locations happened to form a straight line on the map of Jiujiang.

"Doctor Gao has been moving in the world behind the door, so the thing he's looking for should be in Eastern Jiujiang as well." After realizing that, Chen Ge did not feel relaxed but got even more nervous.

The glutton ghost was very powerful that she could support a three-star scenario alone. But when Doctor Gao was still alive, he could already make use of the many rules of the world behind the door to create a three-star scenario. Now, after his death, he would turn into something more powerful than a Red Specter. They were not even on the same level.

The door in Li Wan City had gone out of control, and because of that, the scenario was deemed a 3.5-star mission by the black phone.

At the underground morgue, Doctor Gao used his living body to suffer all the despair within the scenario and consumed an entire door. The door was destroyed with an unimaginable method, but as the door-pusher, Doctor Gao had gotten out of control. Chen Ge had the impression that Doctor Gao himself could be seen as a mobile 3.5-star scenario.

"Doctor Gao might appear in Li Wan City, and the shadow is serving the ghost fetus which forms a four-star scenario has to be cautious of his trump cards. That is not accounting for the door-pusher at Li Wan City-Xiao Bu. Even though I have Zhang Ya and my employees to accompany me for this mission, I might not run away with any advantage. Currently, there is no way of telling how this might end up."

Chen Ge could not influence the perspective of Doctor Gao and Xiao Bu. All he could do was try to get stronger when the chance allowed him to. The two Red Specters did not hold the stalemate for long. As Chen Ge expected, when the glutton ghost saw the two bodies at the door, she went on a rampage.

The more powerful a Red Specter, the crueler and more savage they would be. The ugly Red Specter that came out from the kitchen had her obscenely large body connected to the entire hotel. The blood haze that carried with it a horrible stench permeated through the walls, ceiling, and ground. The pulsing blood veins started to appear everywhere.

The scene before his eyes reminded Chen Ge of the world behind the door at the underground morgue. It gave him the feeling that he had been swallowed into the stomach of a monster.

"This is not looking good..." Chen Ge tried to call Zhang Ya again, but she did not give him any response. It appeared like she would only show up once he was in serious life-threatening danger.

"The fight between two tigresses will lead to many injuries-this is a perfect chance! But as a living human, it's too difficult for me to attempt to take advantage of a Red Specter." Chen Ge held his breath as he retreated to the stairs. However, he was unwilling to just leave like that, so he decided to wait for a while.