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645 Mad Rush

 The Red Specter in Xiao Bu's neighbor's home was far more powerful than he remembered. Actually, this was partly his fault as well. He had put his guard down after spending too much time with Specters, forgetting the terror that gripped him when he first came across a Red Specter.

That extreme crimson represented danger and horror. When the female ghost showed up, the survival instinct within Chen Ge's bones kicked in. Before the murderer even realized what was happening, Chen Ge was already miles away.

When Xiao Bu first pushed open the door, she should just have been a normal child. How did she manage to survive behind the door for so long?

Murderers, ghosts, and gray-skinned monsters-in this city, that was no different from a nightmare. Even an adult would have problem surviving, so how did a little girl managed that? That confused Chen Ge.

Dragging the hammer, Chen Ge ran for his life. He did not dare look back. The knocking sound and sound of washing water that came from behind him was enough motivation to keep him running. He knew that the Red Specter was just behind him.

The few passengers originally stood in the middle of the residential area. They looked at the small town shrouded in blood fog and squeezed close together, afraid that in the blink of an eye, they would be dragged into the fog by some monsters. After separating from Chen Ge, they were like unmoored cargo, missing stability, and security.

"Run!" Chen Ge's voice came out from the apartment, and this was the first time that the passengers had heard Chen Ge use such an urgent voice. In their mind, no matter what happened, this man would be serenely calm like terror was something beyond him. Reality proved that they were wrong. The man was not immune to fear-it was just that, so far, he had not run into something that could terrorize him!

After hearing Chen Ge's voice, the passengers slowly turned their heads to Chen Ge's direction. His left arm holding the travel bag and backpack, right hand dragging a 'prop hammer', his shoulder gripped tightly by a nervous white cat, Chen Ge arrived with his expression twisted into a grimace. His legs moved like the wind as he raced toward them. "Run to the left! Go to the hotel! The hotel!"

Initially, the passengers had no idea what had come over Chen Ge. One second later, their eyes looked past Chen Ge. A headless female carcass walked out from the dark corridor. Countless blood vessels crawled out from the stump where her neck should have been to weave into a large blood red net. At the end of the net was an incredibly scary-looking human head!

"What the f*ck!"

"What have you done this time‽"


The Red Specter's presence was far more intimidating than a normal Specter. When the passengers saw her, their reactions were similar to that of Chen Ge. They started to run. They could barely imagine what would happen should they are captured. Their brain was blank, and only one command remained-Run! Run as fast as you can!

The female ghost's speed was much faster than in-game. Chen Ge was on a death rush, but even so, the distance between them still closed.

Thankfully, I sent the murderer in to scout the place for me first. If it was me who opened the door, without the few seconds to act as a buffer, I would have been dragged into the room already.

Unable to summon Zhang Ya, Chen Ge only had Xu Yin who might be able to stop the headless woman.

After completing the mission here, no matter what, I need to help Xu Yin find his heart!

Running through the streets, the scene from Xiao Bu's game was replicated perfectly. In the hazy street, the few people screamed wildly as they ran down the street toward an unknown destination.

"I can't run anymore! My legs aren't moving!" The drunkard gripped his heart. "It feels like my heart is giving up!"

"If you stop, that thing will personally yank your heart out of your chest! Do not stop!" Chen Ge screamed in warning. Perhaps his encouragement proved useful, as the drunkard gritted his teeth and continued charging forward.

"Now I know why you told us to wait for you at the entrance! If you'd told us something like this would happen, we would have waited for you at the hotel!" Scissors yelped. Even the scariest murderer would be scared when running into a Red Specter, much less a fake one.

Chen Ge's attitude was kinder around Scissors. After all, he planned to cultivate this young man into his employee. "It's fine, there isn't a big problem! As long as you can run fast enough, the ghost will not able to catch up to you! Just listen to me! We'll be safe once we arrive at the hotel!"

When one was caught in a supernatural event, the worst thing was to get oneself trapped inside an enclosed building. As long as he could run, then there was hope. This was the conclusion that Chen Ge had arrived at after his many experience dealing with ghosts. Since the ghost was already on their heel, it was too late to say anything now. The only thing to do was run.

The buildings on both sides of the street elicited strange noises. It felt like things might reach out at any moment from the half-open windows.

"Stay in the middle of the road! Do not get too close to the buildings!" Chen Ge still remembered the scene from Xiao Bu's game. Danger lurked everywhere in Li Wan City after dark. The monsters and ghosts hiding in the building would often use the cover of the night to assault the 'lambs' that crossed the street.

"Most monsters and ghosts do not leave their own building, but this rule doesn't apply to Red Specters." Chen Ge turned slightly around to look behind him. He had no idea what he had done to provoke the woman thusly. The woman refused to let him go. "Looks like in Li Wan City, Red Specters at the top of the food chain. This is probably the perfect reflection of the state behind the door as well."

Chen Ge was a kind person because he ran alone at the back and took on the biggest risk. After running down the streets for several minutes, the doctor and Scissors, who ran ahead, finally saw the hotel that Chen Ge had mentioned. This was a building that combined both a restaurant and hotel. It was situated in the middle of the city and looked old, probably built decades ago.

"There it is! Get in there" Chen Ge was dangerously close to the ghost. The most direct effect from this was that the white cat that originally dangled from his shoulder had now moved to hide in his chest. Its claws gripped Chen Ge's clothes tightly, and it kept making this hissing sound.

As the passengers charged into the hotel, Chen Ge sighed in relief. He raised his hammer and aimed it at the door. With a swing he tossed the hammer away, then he picked up speed and narrowly escaped through the door.

"Close the door!" The door slammed shut, and then came a loud bang. The passengers hurried to help by moving furniture to block the entrance. Several minutes later, the door stopped vibrating, and only a constant knocking sound came from outside the door.

"It's fine now. We can rest for a while." Chen Ge picked up the hammer and shoved it back into his back. He picked up the already drained white cat. The cat seemed to have its bones leak out from its body, and it leaned against the bag weakly.

"Brother, are you sure it's safe now? The woman outside is using her head to knock against the door!" The drunkard looked through the gap. "She's really using her head as some kind of object to knock against the door!"