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638 Ghost Stories Scarier Than Mine? 2 in 1

 Hiding inside the fully-quarantined hospital room, reading the horror-filled diary that was left behind by the victim, and having the terror described in the dairy appeared right before his eyes the moment he closed the diary, Scissors could not keep up his pretension anymore. He believed that anyone would have lost their mind in a situation like that.

The small window on the door was crowded with multiple pale faces, and even through the door, Scissors could clearly see the expression that these human faces were wearing.

"They're all looking at me!" Scissors had trouble breathing, it was as if a pair of cold hands had reached into his chest and squeezed on his windpipe. Energy left his body, and he realized that it was very difficult to make the smallest movement.

"Found you." That creepy voice echoed in his ears once more. Scissors' legs were quivering. His entire focus was distracted by the faces outside the door, to the extent that it took him a long time to realize that the voice that he heard earlier did not seem to come from outside the door. Fear seared his every nerve like a flash of lighting. Scissors' eyes bulged out of their sockets, and he almost instinctively turned to look behind him.

Squatting inside the dresser that he had been hiding in earlier was a man in a patient's garb. The man was not tall, and he had casts on both of his legs. His left eye had been poked through by a pencil, his nose was broken, and his ten fingers were hidden inside his sleeves. Scissors' footprints and the blood that dripped from his scissors could be found on his patient's garb. Obviously, the man had been 'hiding' inside the dresser.

"Found you." The tone was robotic and detached, sounding more like a puppet than a person. The expression on his face was very unnatural; he was happy with some measure of excitement like a child who had been given a new toy to play with.

The ghost had been staying inside the dresser. Thinking back to the time that he had been spent inside the dresser, Scissors' body was covered in goosebumps. The 'patient' who wrote the diary appeared before his eyes, but the man should have died long ago.

Scissors stood between the owner of the diary and the sickroom's door. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Calm down, do not panic. You've watched more than ten horror films and played more than ten horror games before coming here. You've done all the preparation you could, so there has to be a solution to this problem." His brain turned quickly, but he could not find any inspiration from either horror movies or games. This was because there was not a scene in those films where the main character was forced to choose between a ghost and a group of ghosts.

The cold sweat on his forehead kept falling, and his heart could not stop racing. "There's a ghost behind me, and a bunch of ghosts in front of me. Normally, it should be safer by staying inside the room, but if I don't escape from this room, it'll be a slow death, slowly losing my autonomy until I'm unable to seek death even if that is your wish. At least, that was the destiny of the diary's owner. His eyes were poked blind, his legs were irreparably broken, and in the end, he could only stay behind to play with the rest of the ghosts here forever."

Considering the possibility that the fate described in the diary could befall him, Scissors shivered involuntarily. "Since I still have my mobility, I need to try my best to escape."

His rising chest slowly returned to normal. He held his breath and turned to look at the window on the door. "There's no choice! I'll have to fight them! I'll cut my way to the third floor and jump out of this place from the window!"

Scissors felt like he had chosen the best solution considering the despairing options that he was given. He gripped the scissors, and with the 'patients' watching, he suddenly roared and charged toward the door. Just as he made his move, something else happened coincidentally; footsteps came from the other side of the corridor. The footsteps seemed to come from the safety corridor on the second floor, and it sounded disorderly like there was more than one person running down the corridor.

His sudden scream spooked the other party that was rushing his way. When he reached the door of the sickroom, Scissors happened to hear the voice of a middle-aged man coming down the corridor from about six to seven meters away. "F*ck! The ghost is here! Go back! Go back!"

The human faces on the window dispersed immediately. Scissors abandoned his caution. He charged out of the room, waving his scissors wildly as he made a beeline toward the third floor. On his arms, legs, and shoulders, he felt like there were several hands reaching out to grab him at the same time!

"Let me go!" He aimed the scissors in his hand at the bag that he was holding. He poked through it, and something inside the bag was pierced. A large amount of reddish-black liquid burst out from within. Like a maddened patient, he waved the blood inside the bag around, splashing all over his body and the space around him.

As he showered the liquid around him, he laughed madly. He might not have lost his mind for real, but in terms of presence, Scissors had managed to hold the 'patients' who wanted to play hide-and-seek back.

After pouring out the blood, Scissors did not spot for a second and charged toward the third floor. However, when he reached the third floor, something even more despairing was waiting for him. The windows on the third floor were not fitted with anti-theft webbing but were all sealed by wooden boards.

It would take plenty of time to remove the wooden boards, time that the monsters in the hospital would not have given Scissors. "Once I stop, the monsters will definitely come to harm me. They will come up with all sorts of method to have me stay and play the game with them. If I resist, I will end up in the same situation as the patient whose eyes were blinded and whose legs were broken."

Scissors forced himself to calm down. He looked behind him at the floor that was splattered with blood. The hospital looked a lot creepier than when he arrived, but most of the new decoration had been done by his own hands.

"I wonder if the blood of a black dog has its uses or not? Some time ago, I saw someone on the forum asking for help after being haunted by a ghost. He stood inside the toilet, summoning a spirit through a mirror, and some expert in the comments said that a black dog's blood has the effect of hampering evil spirits..."


The sound coming from downstairs caused Scissors' heart to freeze. He turned to the stairs and saw footprints appearing on the pool of black dog's blood that had not congealed. There were only footprints and no people attached to them, so it was clear who these footprints belonged to.

"Thankfully, I still have other trump cards." Scissors tried to console himself. He dragged his bag and ran down the corridor, deeper into the hospital. "The windows in all the sickrooms have been sealed up, but I wonder if that is the case for the storeroom and toilet. They might have forgotten about places like that."

Harboring one last shred of hope in his heart, Scissors crawled into the toilet that was at the end of the corridor. Once he walked into the toilet though, he was greeted with a strange scene. Five of the cubicle doors were closed, but four of them showed that they were occupied!

Stop toying with me! Scissors screamed inside his heart. He raised his head to look at the window inside the toilet, and a new flame of hope ignited in his heart. The window in the toilet was not fully sealed. Someone else had probably tried to escape from this place before, and they had already peeled down two of the wooden boards. "After removing another wooden board, the space should be large enough for me to squeeze through!"

Running toward the window, he planned to use the large scissors in his hand to yank the wooden board out, but the ghosts inside the hospital appeared like they were purposely toying with him. Suddenly, the echoes of running footsteps came from the corridor-they were quickly approaching.

"I need to move fast!" Every single second mattered. Scissors put every ounce of his strength into his deconstruction. He paid his full focus on the window, so he did not expect the toilet's door to be knocked down in just a few seconds. The loud bang caused his heart and his entire body to shake. Weak in his fingers, the large scissors that were sitting between the wooden board and the window slipped through his grasp and slid through the window!

"What the f*ck!" His only weapon had fallen outside of the hospital. The stunned Scissors stood where he was for almost a full second. Then, he grabbed his bag and slithered into the only cubicle that was not locked. He felt the immense urge to pound his chest, but considering that the sound it made might attract the attention of the ghosts, he resisted it.

"It's over now! The scissors have left this place, but I'm still inside! If I'd known this would happen, I never would have given myself this nickname!"

Gritting his teeth, the muscles of his body was tense. Scissors covered his mouth and nose, afraid to breathe too loudly.

He chanted inside his mind madly, Please don't discover me, please don't discover me!

However, when he looked down, the despair in his heart only grew. Earlier, when he was showering the corridor with a black dog's blood, it had landed on his body as well. Therefore, he left a bloody footprint with every step. His trail had been completely exposed. As long as the ghosts were not blind, they would definitely find him.

"This is completely different from my expectation! What did I do wrong?" His face was blanched. Scissors had completely given up; he was now just waiting for death to arrive. "Unfortunately, I failed to locate my elder brother..."

He hid inside the toilet cubicle for several minutes, but even so, no one came to get him.

"They failed to discover me? But that's impossible. The footprints that I inadvertently left pointed to the fact that I'm hiding inside this cubicle. Even an idiot would know that I'm hiding here." Scissors nudged his body slightly forward. He wanted to open the door, but once his fingers landed on the cubicle door, he immediately bounced back. "No wait, they are probably just outside the door! Once I open the door, several faces will squeeze inside the cubicle. They're just waiting for me to surrender and open the door.

"Yes, that has to be it. I cannot leave; I'll just wait here. If that can earn me another second, then so be it!" Scissors maintained his posture to the best of his ability, not even daring to move his head. "As long as I cannot see them, they are not real."

Black dog's blood stained his body, but Scissors, holding the old bag with both of his hands, did not feel dirty or disgusted. "The toilet is a common set inside any horror film. It is a very dangerous place, but let me think, have there been any characters that managed to escape from a toilet before?"

He scanned through the films in his mind for a long time, but the longer he thought, the more afraid he became. The toilet in horror films was definitely a death location. He failed to come up with the way to escape, but instead, he was reminded of the few scary scenes inside the toilet from several famous horror films.

"All the doors of the cubicles next to mine are locked, which means that there are definitely people inside them! Damn, that is exactly the plot for one of the ghost stories I've seen. In the bathroom at night, a hand reaches into my cubicle, asking me whether I need blue toilet paper or red toilet paper."

Cold sweat slid down his face. He was living the scene inside the horror movie, and the plot that he imagined could happen at any moment!

"What should I do if a hand reaches inside my cubicle asking me which type of toilet paper I want? Tell him I'm actually a girl wearing a boy's clothes so I'm sitting because I need to? I don't need any toilet paper? But will the ghost fall for a stupid reason like that‽"


The toilet's door was knocked open again, and the sound was much louder than the one before. It sounded like something scarier had entered the room. Scissors immediately stopped his wandering mind. He held his mouth shut, and he was shaking in nervousness.


The door of the first cubicle was knocked down by brute force, and Scissors' heart tightened with that thud. It's inspecting the cubicles one by one. Please don't come here, please don't come here!

Naturally, things did not go the way that he had hoped. All the doors of the previous cubicles were consecutively taken down. In the end, the footstep stopped right outside his own cubicle. God, it is really over this time.


A scream floated up from downstairs, and the doctor stopped moving. He told Chen Ge, who was in front of him, "This place is not right. Why don't we go back down? It'll be safer if we stick together."

"Being together with them is how tragedy will happen. Don't forget that the smiling man is still downstairs. Perhaps it was him who reached out to harm the other passengers." Chen Ge came to the highest floor, and under the doctor's quivering gaze, he removed the hammer from his backpack and broke down the door that led to the roof.

"You... look like you are very familiar with this place. Have you been here before?" the doctor asked carefully.

"I have an employee that lives in Li Wan City, so I've actually been here before. Even though the blood fog has covered up the city, the general structure of the buildings hasn't changed." Chen Ge climbed onto the roof.

"Your employee?"

"Yes, I'm a prop maker at a theme park. This hammer here is one of my creations. It looks scary, but it's more style than substance." Chen Ge walked directly toward the water tank. He opened all of them and failed to discover the phone spirit's body. "We should still be residing in the real world."

The 'door' had gone out of control, and the blood fog from behind the door floated out to slowly consume this small town. Probably after some time, Li Wan City would be completely taken over and transformed by this blood fog, becoming a link between the real world and the world behind the door.

"What are you looking at?" The doctor walked forward to join him.

"I wanted to check if there's any obvious sign of danger around us, but the fog is too thick for me to see anything." Chen Ge came up with a random excuse. "Let's go back down."

Returning to the ground floor, the bus was still where it had been, but none of the passengers could be seen.

"There should be something inside the building, but we were lucky enough to have not run into it." The doctor's heart was shaking. He stood next to Chen Ge, and after a moment's hesitation, he opened his lips to say, "Actually, I've come to this place before. The blood fog..."

"We'll continue this conversation later. I think I heard screaming coming from that way." With his heightened senses, Chen Ge grabbed his backpack and travel bag before running down the street.

"Hey, be careful!" The doctor's advice fell on deaf ears. Unable to do anything else, the doctor chose to continue trailing behind Chen Ge. Running down the street, Chen Ge came across a vague shape waving at him from a junction, but the shape was facing away from him.

"Finally found a local." He jogged faster, but the waving silhouette slowly disappeared into the fog. Chen Ge was unwilling to let the 'person' go so easily. He chased after it for a distance before finally stopping when he passed a hospital.

"Why is this man lying here?" Chen Ge came across the drunkard shaking spastically outside the hospital with white foam on his lips. It looked like he was about to leave the world soon.

"It appears like he was given a great shock." The doctor shook his head. "I'm a physician, and this is not my field of expertise. I'll try my best, but it'll depend on his luck whether he'll wake up or not."

"Hold this." Chen Ge passed the backpack to the doctor. "I have more experience with this."

He unbuttoned the drunkard's collar and loosened his belt. He leaned the drunkard's head back so that he was lying flat on the ground. Then he massaged the man's temples in a steady rhythm, and that was followed by a steady press on his chest. There was no flaw to his resuscitation technique; it was as standardized as if it was copied directly from the textbook.

3 minutes later, the drunkard slowly recovered. He did not scream when Chen Ge's face came into his eyes, but after realizing where he was, he started to get nervous. He pointed in a direction and said, "Don't go into that house. There's a smiling human-faced dog in there-it's a bloody curse."

"Don't worry, let me send you back to the bus."

Chen Ge wanted to support the drunkard, but the man reached out to grip Chen Ge instead. "We cannot go back! There's a mop ghost in that building and a hanging ghost in the staircase! We cannot go back!"

"There are so many ghosts here?"

"Yes! I'm not lying to you! Now I suspect there is at least one ghost story hiding inside each building. In other words, there is at least a ghost inside each of the buildings here!" The drunkard's body was shivering.

"A ghost inside each building? Doesn't that mean each of the buildings can be turned into an isolated horror set?" Flash crossed Chen Ge's eyes. He scanned the buildings around him, and the expression was different from when he first arrived.

"I guess you can see it that way." The drunkard had no idea what Chen Ge was thinking. "Oh, and this hospital next to us. Do not enter it. I heard several screams coming out of it earlier!"