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624 The Difficulty of a 3.5-Star Scenario

 "Where did this pair of high heels come from?" Chen Ge picked up the shoes like this was the first time that he had noticed it. Hearing that, the driver, Tang Jun, glanced at the rear-view mirror. His cold sweat kept falling-his new boss was indeed different from a normal person.

A person with no mental defects would not actively approach a ghost under any circumstances, but his boss was completely different. He willingly headed toward the mountain even though he knew that was the tiger's prowling ground. Hell, he would gladly enter the tiger's cave if he could get something out of it-this was the type of person who had no concern for consequences.

He thought about persuading his boss, but he did not know where to start, so he kept his mouth shut and focused on driving. No one in the car would dare answer Chen Ge's question-they all stared at him like he was dumb.

"What is the man up to now?" The doctor wrapped his face tighter with his scarf, showing only his two eyes. Considering the fact that he might not be able to save himself, he naturally would not step forward to help Chen Ge.

For the family of three, the wife and son kept their heads lowered, and neither of them spoke. However, the husband smiled wickedly like he was glad that something bad was about to happen to Chen Ge.

The drunkard had been the first passenger to get onto the bus. Then, he had collapsed at his seat and fainted, and ever since, he had remained unconscious.

The smiling face placed his eyes on Chen Ge, and coincidentally, Chen Ge was also staring back at him.

"You are closest to this seat. Do you have any idea who left this pair of heels behind?" Holding the pair of red high heels in his hand, there was a strange feeling that came from his palm-it felt like he was touching bloodied human skin. Chen Ge held the shoes with one hand and slowly walked toward the smiling man.

"Has this man lost his mind? Riling one up is not enough, so he's going for two at the same time‽ Does he not believe there are actual ghosts in this world? Does he think I was lying to him last time we were on this bus?" The doctor was worried for Chen Ge. He was certain that he had told Chen Ge earlier that the smiling man had killed a whole vehicle of people, but Chen Ge still proactively went to provoke the man. This action baffled the doctor.

Holding the pair of heels, Chen Ge stopped next to the smiling face. He waved the shoes before the man's eyes.

"You look so pressed." Chen Ge very naturally placed the heels right next to the smiling man's leg. "The owner of this pair of heels must be very beautiful, because her good taste is exemplified by how gorgeous the heels are, what do you think?"

The smiling man slowly raised his head. With the smile still on his face, he forced out the words from his lips. "Take them away."

One could read into a person's personality to a certain degree based on their voice. There was not a trace of laughter in the smiling man's voice, and he would pause longer than necessary between every word like it had been so long since he last spoke.

"Do you hate this pair of shoes that much? Why? This is such a pretty pair of red high heels." Chen Ge's legs were tense. He was ready to retreat should the situation ask for it.

For other people, it might look like Chen Ge was playing with fire, or to be more precise, playing with death. They had no idea where Chen Ge got the courage to do something like this and could not figure out why Chen Ge was doing all that. The bus had almost reached Li Wan City already, and there was not much time left for Chen Ge. If he could make use of the passengers on the bus, they could become a great asset; however, if he failed to wrangle them to his cause, he would enter the battlefield already suffering from an injury. He did not want to have to be cautious about these passengers when he was dealing with the shadow, so he decided to try out their reaction first.

To use the red high heels to test out the smiling man, this was something that Chen Ge decided on the spot. The red high heels first showed up on the middle of an empty bus stop. Chen Ge had no idea how they got on the bus-he only noticed only that they showed up and that they took the seat at the first row.

Initially, Chen Ge did not think much of this, but the strange action by the smiling man caught his attention. The doctor told him that the smiling man had once massacre a whole bus of people, so he should be a very dangerous character, but after he got on the bus, he actively avoided the pair of red high heels and took the seat at the second row without much hesitation.

The smiling man gave the pair of heels a wide berth, what was he cautious of?

Chen Ge would never underestimate his enemy, thinking that the more physically powerful they were, the dumber they would be. In reality, the more powerful the spirits, the sharper they were. They knew how to hide and cover themselves. They waited until their prey put their guard down and then snapped their neck with one swift move.

The smiling man ignored the pair of red high heels to avoid conflict, but he did not anticipate Chen Ge, a character who would do the things that one least expected.

Chen Ge did not have that much concern for his personal safety because he followed a higher philosophy, and that was to make what the enemy did not want to materialize in real life a reality.

Looking at the red high heels beside his leg, the smiling man's face was dark, but even under such circumstances, he kept the edges of his lips curled up. Perhaps the monster had gone through some trauma when he was young, or maybe he suffered from some kind of illness where this was the only facial expression that he could make.

The smile did not change, but the white in the smiling man's eyes started to take on a gray hue, and twisting dark lines started to leak out from his pupils. It honestly looked quite disgusting. The change to his body was beyond that. The neck that was already longer than normal started to grow, and the folds on his neck were torn open to reveal a deeply-gray skin. This monster was different from the Red Specters that Chen Ge had met in the past. He did not possess any quality that made him a ghost; in fact, Chen Ge was sure that this was a quintessential living human being. However, the presence that radiated from the smiling man was way beyond that of a normal individual. And yet, Chen Ge could not find any sign of a ghost on the man.

"Take them away!" The chilling echo of a voice forced out from the man's mouth. The man's mushroom head swayed lightly, and the smile on his face grew bigger. The monster's teeth appeared sanded smooth. They were different from normal human teeth. As a matter of fact, they looked more like the jaws of an animal.

The sound of static appeared in Chen Ge's ears. Only when Chen Ge was in mortal danger would Xu Yin come up with such reminder. The last time this happen, it was when Chen Ge was facing the shadow at the fresh water plant.

This man is that scary? Xu Yin was only one step away from becoming a complete Red Specter, and he was the kind who would only fight stronger when he was injured. He never showed any sign of fear, but when facing the smiling man, he was quick to give Chen Ge the warning.

This man is far more dangerous than I imagined.

Xu Yin was solidly the second-best fighter that Chen Ge had. If he gave the warning, then things were definitely quite dangerous.

Such a monster already appeared on the bus before I arrived at Li Wan City. It is really hard to imagine what kind of monsters Li Wan City has collected over the years.

In the end, Chen Ge did not take the heels away; he left them next to the smiling man and strode toward the driver. This was his vehicle, so he made the rules. He was going to have Tang Jun drive the bus to the residential area where Fan Chong stayed. No matter what kind of trap was waiting for him, he could charge through it with smiling man and the red high heels in tow.

Am I acting a bit too rashly? Oh, f*ck it, there's no time to slowly ponder about this anymore!