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623 Words of a Child

 The residential area that Fan Chong stayed at could be very dangerous. If Chen Ge went there, he might fall into the trap set up by the shadow, so he turned his focus onto the other passengers. Sending others to fight his enemy, Chen Ge had done something similar when he was playing Xiao Bu's game.

These people aren't idiots, and it is not going to be easy to influence their perception and get them to willingly scout on ahead for me. I'll need to plan this carefully.

From how Chen Ge saw it, whether it was the smiling man or the red high heels, they could become an asset to him. He did not care about whether they wanted to harm him or not; he only cared about their power level. If they were too weak, Chen Ge feared they might not even be able to fulfill the simple task of scouting ahead. Chen Ge did not share his thoughts with others. If the doctor knew what he was thinking, he would definitely believe that Chen Ge had lost his mind.

Things are getting more and more interesting.

So many accidents had happened before he even arrived at Li Wan City. Things had gone out of Chen Ge's control, and no one knew what would happen the next second.

I can't possibly go back to New Century Park now. Lee Zheng is packing a gun, and if he is really under the influence of the shadow, then I'll be in serious danger if I return to the park.

If the shadow could take control of Lee Zheng, then he could very well possess any other police officer. Hell, even the kind and gentle senior guard at the park could be used against Chen Ge. This was the hardest opponent that Chen Ge had ever faced thus far. Ever since the game started, he could no longer trust anyone around him.

To take down the shadow, the best solution was to rely on his own two hands. Instead of waiting to fall into its trap, Chen Ge should cut his way into the shadow's lair, find its original body, and kill it.

Dealing with such a high intelligence and extremely cunning enemy, Chen Ge had already come up with a complete plan. Focus on his advantage and avoid the disadvantages-under the premise that his own safety was guaranteed, try to mow down the enemy as soon as possible. No matter how deep the shadow's plot spun, if Chen Ge did not give the shadow the time to plan, his great IQ would be wasted.

I have no idea where the shadow is hiding currently. He might be laying in ambush at New Century Park, or hiding behind the door of Fan Chong's home, or even be on this bus. I have to maintain a high alert. He will only show his real self when he is one hundred percent confident that he'll be able to kill me.

Chen Ge had an accurate assessment of the situation; Eastern Jiujiang was the shadow's territory, and Li Wan City was the shadow's lair that it had managed for years already. It was never a fair battle between him and the shadow since the beginning.

"The bus is entering the next stop, please remain seated!"

Just as Chen Ge was sorting through his thoughts, the bus reached the next stop. The bus door opened, and the howling wind carried the heavy rain into the bus. The bus windows creaked noisily, ravaged by the rain, and it sounded like they would break at any moment.

"Daddy, I'm scared..." A juvenile voice came from outside the bus.

"It'll be fine, we'll reach our destination soon, and daddy and mummy will be going with you." A middle-aged man with blanched face hauled a young boy about five into the bus. Following behind the father and son was a woman whose hair needed more than a little combing.

Different types of strange passengers could be found on the eerie public bus. The boy stood helplessly in the aisle, unsure where to place his hands. From the expression on his face, it appeared like he was going to cry soon.

"It'll be fine. We'll reach our destination soon." The man sounded like a broken record. He placed his hand on the boy's head, forcing him to turn away from meeting the eyes of the other passengers. The wife who trailed behind did not utter a word. Just like that, this strange family of three ascended the bus, and they took the fourth row in the middle of the bus.

A family outing to Li Wan City? Chen Ge studied the family of three for a while. To his knowledge, Li Wan City was the location where many children would go missing. To help the ghost fetus, the shadow had been on the lookout for children, and with that danger in mind, the family dared to bring their boy to Li Wan City. Strange did not even start to describe the situation.

More and more passengers are getting on the bus; it is possible for the shadow to be masquerading as one of them.

The addition of a child on the bus meant that the quiet from before was shattered.

"Daddy, let's go home." The little boy kept pleading, and tears could be heard in his voice. "That uncle over there has been staring at me, and he looks very scary."

The boy used his finger to point at the smiling man. When his father saw that, he quickly grabbed and put the child's finger away and scolded him sternly. "Don't use your finger to point at other people. That is very rude."

"But he kept staring at me." The boy wanted to say more to his father, but the man applied greater force on his grab until the boy's arm was red from the pressure. Sensing the acute pain that came from his arm, the boy finally lost control of his emotions and beadlike tears slid out from his eyes.

"Stop making a scene. If you continue to act like this, I'll send you off the bus, and your mother and I will do this alone." The father's threat was effective. The boy forced the tears back, kept his head lowered as he sat at the corner of the seat.

"That's my boy. You are the man of the family; how can you weep at the smallest thing?" The middle-aged man let go of his grasp. A deep red welt could be seen on the spot where the father had grabbed the boy. "Haven't you been wishing to see your big sister? When we reach our destination, we'll be able to meet with your big sister."

"Big sister? Really?" The boy raised his eyes to reveal a pair of blinking eyes; they were like the most beautiful pearls in the world, clear and shiny. It was as if the boy's eyes had captured the glistening stars in the sky.

"Of course, when have I ever lied to you?" The middle-aged man forced a smile, and he tussled the boy's hair.

"But..." The boy continued hesitantly, and his eyes spoke of the same innocence. "Big sister told me that she was killed by Mommy, and Mommy came to tell me that big sister went missing. And now Daddy is telling me we're going to find big sister. I have no idea who to believe any..." Before the boy could finish, he was roughly cut off because his father yanked his hair harshly, practically lifting his boy off the seat by his head.

"Ouch! Sorry, Father, I will not speak of this anymore! Forgive me, Father!"

"Shut the f*ck up!" Still gripping the boy's hair, the middle-aged man shoved him back against the seat. The man's face was as dark as the far side of the moon.

Children rarely filtered their words before they spoke, so sometimes, they would say something incredibly inappropriate.

The doctor and Chen Ge, who sat at the back of the bus, overheard what the boy said, but neither of them decided to do anything about it. Silence returned, but it was occasionally punctured by the silent sniffling of the boy.

The rain continued to pour, and the bus moved away from the stop. By now, they were extremely close to Li Wan City. In fact, there were only three or four stops left between them.

"This should be the last of the passengers, right?" Chen Ge stood up, deciding to put his plan into action. Activating the recorder, Chen Ge walked to the front of the bus, and with the smiling man and the doctor watching him, he bent over to pick up the pair of red high heels.