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616 Heavy Rain! Heavy Rain!

 At 8 am, Chen Ge, who had only lain down for two hours of sleep, walked out from the Haunted House. The sky was cloudy, a portent of lousy weather ahead, but that did not dampen the visitors' spirit. The theme park was still not yet officially open, but there was already a crowd waiting.

"No matter how good the attraction is, after many repetitions, the visitors will eventually lose interest. I have to keep unlocking new scenarios or come up with new playstyle to spice up the experience." The Haunted House was Chen Ge's base. He decided to give it a good upgrade once he dealt with the shadow.

"Boss, what are you thinking about?" Xiao Gu jogged through the gate in a pair of exercise slacks. "We probably won't have that many visitors today on the account of impending rain."

"That might not be true. Once it starts to rain, the visitors will be forced to queue for indoor attractions since the outdoor attractions won't operate normally. Perhaps many visitors who normally wouldn't give the Haunted House a chance might attempt it." Chen Ge led Xiao Gu to the dressing room. "In other words, don't think about slacking on the job. Get to work."

"Yes, boss." Xiao Gu was a very qualified worker. He was loyal and worked without complaint. Chen Ge planned to raise his salary for the coming month. The Haunted House could not have met its success with the workers, so naturally, Chen Ge felt like he should share the earnings with them.

"After the new scenarios are unlocked, two employees is no longer enough. I should try to recruit more employees during this mission."

The park opened at 9 am, and a new busy day began. This time, Chen Ge did not hide inside the staff breakroom to sleep. He summoned Bai Qiulin, Ol' Zhou, and Duan Yue and had them change into outfits that would not show their faces. Chen Ge led them through all the scenarios before his guests.

He explained the purpose of all the rooms in the Haunted House and the official responsibility of a Haunted House worker to the three of them. He even gave them some lessons on running and operating the business.

"In the future, I'll need the three of you to help me manage the underground scenarios. I will have Xu Yin and Yan Danian help you."

The underground scenario was getting bigger and bigger, so Chen Ge definitely could not handle everything alone. To prevent accidents, he needed to improve the safety awareness of his 'employees'.

"In a bit, I need you to pass on the knowledge that I've taught you today to the students in the mannequins and the professors and lecturers in the morgue. Especially remind the professors to not purposely go after the students from the medical university."

Chen Ge had no idea what the source of the professors' conflict with the Jiujiang Medical University students was. They were normally so reserved and professional, rarely showing up before the visitors, but once the students from the university arrived, they would turn into the scariest visage.

To Chen Ge's bafflement, the headmaster from the university seemed to have taken this on as a challenge. He even encouraged his students to come to the Haunted House's morgue to train their courage when they were free. Chen Ge did not want to intervene too much, but whenever he saw the students who were scared mindless by their 'teachers', he would feel sorry for them.

"When I go around Li Wan City tonight, I should bring the professors with me. I have a feeling their full potential hasn't been unlocked yet, and it's not a long-term solution to have them spend their time just scaring students in the underground morgue."

After briefing Ol' Zhou and the rest, Chen Ge had them enter the scenario.

The visitors that visited the Haunted House that day would come across this strange scene. There would be this strangely-dressed fellow, and no one knew whether they were a visitor or worker. As they stood on the podium in the classroom explaining lessons on management to the room of mannequins, words would appear on the blackboard, notes about how to find people to talk to inside a group and how to increase efficiency at work. It felt like a scene right out of a multi-level marketing meeting.

Chen Ge, who hid in the corner, kept watch over Ol' Zhou's group, and reality proved that they were indeed quite excellent and would become the spiritual center of the Haunted House in the future.

"The three of them, and Yan Danian, are the perfect team. They know each other well, and each has their own assigned role. The only weakness is their lack of power. However, once Bai Qiulin advances to become a Red Specter, that weakness will be obsolete. This team of four can help me manage many scenarios."

Chen Ge was very satisfied, but he still had a regret in his heart because the most suitable candidate to be the Haunted House's manager should be Mu Yang High School's old headmaster.

"Perhaps I should return to that place to look around if there's time." Chen Ge walked out from the underground parking lot. He entered the staff breakroom, removed the cat from its perch, opened the locked drawer, and fished out the notes that he had made earlier. He went through all the supernatural events that he had encountered in Eastern Jiujiang.

After finishing his revision, Chen Ge used his lighter to burn the papers. The man and the cat saw the ash that floated up into the air, but they were thinking about different things.

"The sky is dark. There should be a heavy rain tonight."


The clouds were still hanging low in the sky at 3 pm. Due to safety concerns, most of the outdoor attractions had been shut down, and more visitors rushed into the Haunted House. At 5 pm, a shower fell from the sky, and it continued to grow. As a kind and considerate gesture, Uncle Xu and the park workers gave out free umbrellas to the visitors who needed them. Seeing as the rain might turn heavier, the park decided to close its door at 5:30 pm.

"It's raining, so why don't the two of you go home?" After sending the last batch of visitors away, Chen Ge let Xu Wan and Xiao Gu off work while he stayed behind to finish the cleaning.

At 7 pm, the sky became darker. Chen Ge stared at the dim sky outside the Haunted House, and he was silently contemplating.

"This is such a wonderful weather." Changing into a set of clean clothes, Chen Ge grabbed his backpack and ran into the underground parking lot. He placed all the ghosts that he could carry into the comic, including the senior doctor Wei Jiuqin.

"Sir, you don't need to come out, just stay inside the pages. I'm bringing you with me because you're a good doctor, and I hope your good karma will be able to bring me luck tonight."

Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom and found another bag. He poured some cat food inside it.

"I'm going out to do something big tonight, you coming?" Chen Ge knelt down next to the white bag. The confused cat titled its head at the bag of cat food, and it felt this scene was strangely familiar. Before it could resist, Chen Ge shoved it and Xiaoxiao into the travel bag.

"After all, it's a cat that has consumed the society's blood vial. It's quite spirited." Chen Ge pulled up the zipper half-way and rubbed the cat that poked its head out.

Chen Ge left the room and exited the Haunted House via the backdoor. He stopped next to the bus. Ever since he obtained the vehicle, it had been parked near the Haunted House's backdoor.

Uncle Xu had asked him about it before, and Chen Ge had said that he dragged this from the flea market and was planning to turn it into a new scenario. Summoning the driver, Tang Jun, from the comic, Chen Ge passed him the key. "Tonight, we're going for a spin."