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612 Dream Weaver?

 The woman waved for the drivers to stop to get people to help save her son. If the drivers would stop to aid her, she would get into the car and follow them until they arrived at her son's death spot. While those who refused to stop and left just like that, the woman would leave something special in their car. Compared to the boy who had turned into a monster, the woman could be considered relatively kind.

With his body stuck, and his eyes watching the slow approach of death, the small body had been consumed by fire bit by bit, and the pain had forever been seared in the boy's heart, making it something that he would never forget. His clear eyes were dominated by hatred and resentment. The flames danced on his skin, filling every inch of his body, slowly turning him into something else.

Hatred blinded him, causing him to destroy everything in sight, using their body to fill up his own misgiving. If one came across the woman in the tunnel, if one was kind enough, one would at most get into a car accident. The vehicle would be ruined, but most of the time, one would escape with one's life intact. However, if one ran into the child, the only destination was death.

Specters were ultimately Specters; resentment had already laid a curtain over their eyes, silencing their conscience while becoming the reason for their existence. Chen Ge listened to the woman and her child's story patiently. This was undeniably a tragedy; human nature was gray, alternating between a sinner and a saint. As a bystander, he had no right to judge others, so he could only lend them an ear.

Without anyone stopping to help and her son stuck in the car, the mother had chosen to return to accompany her child, to actively wait for death. From Chen Ge's perspective, the child had turned into a true monster-his resentment being far beyond that of his mother was due to guilt and self-blame. Perhaps he thought subconsciously that it was him who caused his mother's death; his mother would not have died if not for him. He wanted to find a channel to vent that emotion, and that turned him deeper toward the abyss.

With a giant shadow of a spider hanging above him, it would be a lie to say that Chen Ge did not feel a shred of fear. However, after understanding the whole story, at the very least, he was able to understand the woman in the tunnel and her son that took on the shape of a giant spider better.

"So, you have been suffering a pain like this." Chen Ge's tone was even. There was no conspicuous pity-at most, there was only a light trace of melancholy.

"Pain? I wouldn't say so. Initially, there might be some discomfort, but eventually, I fell in love with this sensation. Every nerve was grinded sharp by knives. Seeing blood pour out from the many holes and then sharing this joy with more people, I like to admire their expression because I know they are admiring me as well." The boy's upper body grew on the ginormous spider body, and he had an 'innocent' smile on his face.

"I can understand that, and in fact, I do admire you." Chen Ge's expression returned to normal, and the last trace of discomfort on his face disappeared. In terms of being calm while facing a great deal of pressure, no one could do better than Chen Ge in Jiujiang.

"You admire me? I'm sorry, but that only made the scalp of my head go numb, so please watch your actions and words. Don't come too close to me, you make me uncomfortable." The child denied Chen Ge's kind intention. He wanted to leave immediately. "Go back to where you came from. We don't welcome you here. Mommy will only stay with me, and she won't be going anywhere."

The monster spoke in the petulance of a child, but contrasting that with his scary body, it was definitely a strange experience.

"Since you insist on your mother staying with you, I'm not going to force anything otherwise. But in return, can you help me answer a few simple questions?" Without waiting for a confirmation, Chen Ge continued. "Why are there suddenly splits in White Dragon Cave Tunnel? The tunnel that I saw when my eyes open and the tunnel that I felt with my eyes closed are completely different, why is that? After closing my eyes, I can hear people and car honks, and my hands even found the frame of a car, but how come all these things disappear after I open my eyes?"

"You sure have plenty of questions." The boy was impatient. His thick appendages crawled on the wall, and each move created this grating sound of shuffling.

"I'm just curious."

"There is only one tunnel here. Earlier, I drew you into my dream."

The boy's answer surprised Chen Ge. "In your dream?"

"It's very hard to explain. No one has asked me this question before, so for now, let's just use dreams to explain it. It is the term closest to the truth anyway." The boy started at Chen Ge, and he was quite annoyed. If not for the fact that Chen Ge had done everything right in his test, he would have come after Chen Ge already.

"A dream only exists in one's mind, and the body is still, but what I experienced earlier is completely different from a dream. I couldn't see it, but everything else was real. My fingers could touch it, and my ears can hear them." Chen Ge did not believe the boy could weave dreams and, more than that, drag someone into that weaved dream.

"Why do you have so many endless questions?" The boy's murderous intent continued to rise seeing how stubborn Chen Ge was, but he was able to suppress it. "I've already told you, dream is just an appellation. If you want, you can also see it as a type of power. As long as we're in this tunnel, I can drag everything into my dream."

"It's geographically limited? The power is only usable inside this tunnel?" Chen Ge noted the boy's weakness before the boy's face. He started to lower his head to think ignoring the boy's face, which had turned ashen.

The boy was different from a normal Red Specter. Compared to a Specter, he was more like a monster. The big difference between his upper body and lower body attracted Chen Ge's attention. Thinking back to earlier, the world that he had felt, the boy was stuck inside the car with his upper body exposed outside and his lower body trapped inside. After he transformed into a ghost, his upper body remained, but his lower body disappeared.

Where's his lower body? Chen Ge's mind turned, and then he was suddenly reminded of something else. Of all the three-star scenarios introduced by the black phone, there was one common feature-there would be a door! So, where was the door at White Dragon Cave Tunnel?

This is a tunnel, and the builder wouldn't have built a door in the middle of the street for no reason, right?

Only when one is at the deepest depths of despair can they push open the 'door'. The child spent his last moment trapped inside a car window. His body was crushed by the warped window.

A flash crossed Chen Ge's eyes. The 'door' in White Dragon Cave Tunnel was most likely the car door!

But then that led to another problem. The abandoned car had already been towed away by the police a long time ago, so how was the 'door' inside the tunnel being maintained?

With a curious gaze, Chen Ge turned to study the boy's incredibly disproportionate body.

Could the door be growing on him?

Chen Ge was shocked by the thought that appeared in his mind. If that was the case, then the Red Specter before him was really something extraordinary.

A moveable blood door...

Being stared at by Chen Ge, the boy's pretty brows scrunched together. For some reason, he felt like in Chen Ge's eyes, he was not a scary monster but instead some kind of rare piece of art.