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595 Hes Already Dead

 Huang Ling's husband was found fainted at the entrance to White Dragon Cave tunnel, which was something that Chen Ge did not anticipate.

The shadow is extremely cunning. He probably sensed something beforehand and made an early escape. But why would he go to the tunnel? Is this a hint that there is something he needs inside the tunnel? Huang Ling's husband is fainted outside the tunnel, does that mean he's already been abandoned by the shadow? Or is there a spare body to possess inside the tunnel?

Several questions popped up in his mind. Chen Ge could not get it. He glanced at the time and told Lee Zheng, "Inspector Lee, can I go there and ask him a few questions?"

"We're now at the hospital. The doctors are inspecting Jia Ming's body. He is slipping in and out of consciousness, and his mind is a jumbled mess. I'm afraid you won't be getting any answers even if you try."

"Then, can I just take a look at him?" Chen Ge wanted to personally confirm whether the shadow was still attached to Jia Ming. After getting Lee Zheng's permission, Chen Ge changed and rushed to the People's Hospital.

Chen Ge flitted in and out of the theme park multiple times in one night. Initially, the senior guard still greeted him, but later, even the guard got tired of watching him coming and going.

When Chen Ge arrived at the hospital, it was around 6 am. Police officers stood guarding the door, and when he tried to approach, he was immediately blocked.

"I'm here for Inspector Lee Zheng from the main police station. I was on the phone with him earlier." Chen Ge gave them Lee Zheng's name. One of them thought that Chen Ge look familiar, and after studying him for a while, he managed to recognize Chen Ge.

"Follow me, Inspector Lee did mention you." The officer led Chen Ge to the first room on the left. "Jia Ming is in here. His psychological status is not that stable. Try not to say anything to provoke him."

"Understood." Chen Ge glanced at the room next door. "If Jia Ming stays here, then who is staying here?"

"His wife, Huang Ling. We went to Huang Ling's home first tonight, and we immediately noticed something wrong with her. It was like she had taken some hallucinatory pills, so we also moved her to the hospital."

"Okay." Chen Ge pushed the door lightly open. Lee Zheng and a female officer were seated one meter away from the bed, and they were conversing with the patient in bed. Hearing the door open, everyone in the room turned to look.

Since Lee Zheng and the female officer knew that Chen Ge was coming, so they reacted calmly, but just as Lee Zheng was about to greet Chen Ge, Jia Ming suddenly screamed in bed. His face was pale, and he jumped to the other end of the bed. His emotions were frazzled, and he pointed at Chen Ge with a shaking finger. "Ghost! Ghost! He's a ghost!"

The needle for the drip was forcibly yanked out, but Jia Ming did not appear to feel pain. His eyes were glued to Chen Ge with fear pouring out of them. The people in the room did not expect a change like that. Lee Zheng summoned the doctors, and they worked together to pin Jia Ming down on the bed.

"Should we try to use anesthetic?" the doctor asked Lee Zheng. Lee Zheng shook his head; he was curious why Jia Ming would react that way when he saw Chen Ge. After Jia Ming calmed down, Chen Ge sat on the chair. Strangely enough, after he entered the room, Jia Ming refused to move his eyes away from Chen Ge. Whenever Chen Ge made a move, Jia Ming would react like a frightened cat, trying to escape.

"Don't worry, he won't be able to harm you with us here. Furthermore, I can confidently tell you that he is a human being, not a ghost." Lee Zheng had Chen Ge sit down next to him.

"What is going on?" Chen Ge was equally confused. He used Yin Yang Vision to study Jia Ming. The man did not have a trace of Yin energy on him-he looked just like a normal human being. The ghost was not on his body. Did it leave, or was it hiding in his shadow?

Chen Ge had not left the park with his backpack, and he maintained a sharp alert around Jia Ming. Ever since Chen Ge entered the room, the atmosphere had changed. Lee Zheng massaged his thudding temples, and his bloodshot eyes looked at the two who were staring at each other. "Please, both of you, calm down."

Seeing as Jia Ming's emotions were slowly calming down, he told the doctor to go and nurse the wound on his hand while he stood up to remove all the fragile and sharp objects from the bed.

"Tell me, why are you calling him a ghost? Have you seen him before?" Lee Zheng had interrogated many criminals, and he knew that Jia Ming's reaction earlier was not an act.

Jia Ming did not dare to speak, and his eyes kept darting around. Finally, after multiple questions from Lee Zheng, he sighed. "I saw his murder with my own eyes!"

"I was murdered?" Not only Lee Zheng, even Chen Ge was shocked. In the morning, he had stayed obediently at the Haunted House, and occasionally, he would wander out at night, but he was sure that he had not been killed in any shape or form.

"But he's here in his physical body. Are you sure you did not just imagine this? When a person is under high stress situation or possesses a highly unstable mental faculty, hallucinations can happen quite often. After all, most of the time, our brain will only allow us to see what we wish to see." Lee Zheng tried to analyze this from a professional angle.

"He's not a living man; you have to trust me! He's very dangerous! He's really a ghost, a ghost back to claim lives!" The mention of Chen Ge caused Jia Ming's emotions to unravel. "He will kill me. Those who get too close to him will die-I will die, no! Everyone in this room will die!"

Jia Ming yelled loudly, so loud in fact, the patients in the other rooms could hear him clearly. Both Lee Zheng and the doctor in the room frowned.

"It's not beneficial for the patient's health to allow him to keep yelling like this. I still suggest we should administer some anesthetic," the doctor suggested again but was still denied by Lee Zheng.

This experienced officer was observing Jia Ming's tone and expression. He even paid attention to the way the man's pupils moved when he was speaking. He was surprised by his conclusion; Jia Ming did not appear to be lying.

Hearing Jia Ming's accusation, Chen Ge did not deny it instantly but instead started to stare back at Jia Ming with some interest in his eyes. This reaction made Lee Zheng rather speechless.

Normally, if the living human next to him was accused by the suspect to be dead, Lee Zheng would laugh and then drag the suspect to see a psychiatrist. However, this happened to Chen Ge, and Lee Zheng started to have doubts. The man next to him had a case file dedicated to him at the main station's filing room. He had helped the police solved many murder cases, and it was not wrong to say the man walked the same path as death. However, this did not mean that he suspected that Chen Ge was dead-he merely suspected that this case would dig up even scarier things.

"You said that I will kill you? Then what is my motive?"

When a person was suddenly scared, their body would react in involuntary ways. In the study of this field, Chen Ge was an expert. When he entered the door, his eyes had fallen directly on Jia Ming. The man reacted in extreme fear-whether it was his expression or tone, they were extremely authentic, but for Chen Ge, they were also a bit much.

Jia Ming's reaction was slightly different from the reaction of the visitors at his Haunted House when they were scared. If not for the fact that he scared people for a living, he would not have been able to tell the difference.

With a theory in his heart, the way that Chen Ge looked at Jia Ming changed from kindness to suspicion.

"You said that I will kill you, then you have to at least give me a reason to kill you, right?"