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584 Ill Be Waiting for You!

 "A door?" Chen Ge, who had merely trailed the water ghost, did not expect to run into a door inside the building. Before the red door and the blood vessels that were expanding, everything felt so familiar to Chen Ge.

"It's not yet midnight. Even if this is a door that has been pushed open before, it shouldn't have appeared now. Is this a trap? Is it something set up by the culprit at Eastern Jiujiang?"

Chen Ge was no longer the innocent toy designer. Ever since he obtained the black phone, he had become more sensitive to these problems.

With a lack of insurance, Chen Ge did not dare get too close to the door. Wen Wen's sister was just a monster from a two-star scenario-she was incomparable to the culprit at Eastern Jiujiang. Chen Ge summoned Xu Yin and Bai Qiulin, which gave him a sense of security.

Just as he hesitated over what to do, the door started to shake. The blood vessels on the door bulged forward like something was trying to crawl out from it. "There's something behind the door? It wants to force its way out?"

This was the first time that Chen Ge had come across something like this; he also did not know what to do. The bulge on the door grew bigger, and the blood vessels started to move. It curled on the wooden board to form lines of thin chains. If one looked closer, one could see human faces with pained expressions on the chains. Each of the blood vessels represented someone's extremely despairing memory.

"How come these look so familiar?" Chen Ge was reminded of his final battle with Doctor Gao at the underground morgue. The blood vessels wielded by the chairperson of the society had been similar to the ones before him at that moment. They were not merely red blood-they were carved with human faces. If he leaned closer, he could even hear the faces screaming for mercy.

It was not yet midnight. There was a force in reality that suppressed the blood vessels on the door. It was not easy to break through the door at the time like that. The blood vessels kept snapping, but the monster behind the door appeared like it had gone mad. It would stop at nothing to get out. As the blood vessels disappeared, more came out to take their place. They entwined together to form a chain that slithered down the other side of the corridor like they were trying to force the door open from the outside.

"The monster inside the door could have waited until midnight to come out. Did it sense something that made it so desperate?" A burnt smell lingered in the air, but there was nothing special about it. "This is different from my previous experience. After I entered the building, I stopped at the door. Is this because the monster can sense my presence, or is it due to my title of Specter's Favored?"

Chen Ge narrowed his eyes. He felt like this was not the culprit's doing. The water ghost could not have known that he would appear that night. This was completely random.

"A burnt building, blood door, this building fits the introduction of the mission on the black phone, Ghost Fire, perfectly. Also, from what Doctor Chen said, my parents came here before they disappeared. Could it be that they have left too deep a scar on the monsters behind the door, and now that they sensed the similarity in my blood and legacy, they have gone berserk? But that can't explain the similarity of the blood vessels on the door and the ones used by the ghost stories society..."

Many questions appeared in Chen Ge's mind. His grip on the hammer tightened. He was courageous enough to slowly approach the door. When he got close, the monster behind the door completely lost it. Multiple chains pierced through the blood door, and they forced an opening in the closed blood door.


Chen Ge heard a desperate roar, and the thick stench of blood almost caused his sense of smell to go haywire. He forced his eyes open and looked through the opening. His eyes narrowed, and his heart skipped a beat. "Is that him‽"

A face was squeezed against the door. Chen Ge could see the face clearly, but that pair of eyes that were different from normal gave Chen Ge a very familiar feeling. Fingers poked through the opening-the man could also see Chen Ge. The person before him gave him a deep sense of excitement and craving. He released a beast-like growl, like he wanted to tear Chen Ge into pieces and swallow him.

Ten fingers reached through the door. The opening in the door grew bigger, and the resistance from reality also grew stronger. Once the blood vessels appeared on the door, they would snap and disappear, but the monster inside the door did not care. All he could see now was Chen Ge.

Forcing his way through, the monster inside the door was under great pressure, but he did not care. All he wanted was to consume Chen Ge.

His hands pushed through the door. His fingers were tapered and beautiful. If just focusing on this pair of hands, one might think that he was a pianist, but in reality, every single finger was covered in blood. Who knew how much flesh and blood that pair of hands had already torn apart?

He's at least a Top Red Specter, like Zhang Ya! Chen Ge quickly determined the opponent's power level, and he made the best decision to retreat while he still could. However, as he prepared to turn, he felt a piercing chill around his waist. Then his legs turned numb like his body was locked inside a fridge. He slowly lost control of his limbs.

What is happening? Xu Yin is just next to me, who can attack me from this distance?

He turned his head around and saw a strand of black hair landing on his shoulder. Someone was standing behind him, leaning on his back.

Different from the fiery red inside the door, the corridor felt like it was frozen. It was so cold that Chen Ge's heart felt like it was encased in ice. The black hair silently reached out from Chen Ge's shadow. It evaded Chen Ge and pulled out all the chains that surrounded the blood door.

Losing the chains, the monster inside the door was unable to fight against the invisible power in real life anymore. The blood vessels on the door disappeared at a drastic speed, but he did not give up. What he desired was just inches away, so he used all of his power to push his fingers outward.

The black hair seemed to be waiting for this chance. After clearing away the chains, it started to gather power. When the monster behind the door was unable to keep the sliver of the door open, all the black hair rushed at the door.

The door slammed shut instantly, cutting off four fingers from the monster's hand. When they fell to the ground, they morphed into globules of blood that were so red, they were practically glowing.

Endless growls issued from behind the door. Black hair spread out from Chen Ge and swept all the blood globules away.

The door slowly lost its color, and the sound behind the door became unclear. At this time, Chen Ge did something that no one expected. He rushed to the door and punched heavily on it. Then, he yelled loudly, "I will be waiting for you in Eastern Jiujiang, Li Wan City!"

When the monster heard his voice, he seemed to be reminded of something and replied by saying someone's name. Alas, the connection between the worlds was so weak that Chen Ge was unable to hear him clearly.

That gaze is too similar to Doctor Gao's, but the monster behind the door is so different from my impression of Doctor Gao.

The temperature in the corridor returned to normal like everything earlier had just been his imagination.