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582 That Familiar Smell, I Want to Eat Him!

 "So hungry, I want to eat him, eat everyone. To make them become the thing in my stomach, to make them into my nutrients." The man looked up at the sky, looking at the blood red eyes that were hiding behind the shadow. "You're also looking at me, aren't you? Stop hiding, I've already seen you. You are just around him, observing my body. You want to eat me. You all want to eat me, so why aren't you doing that? What are you afraid of? Come, come and eat me! Come!"

His voice grew, and the man's scream filled the street. He was not afraid of anything, like he did not possess the emotion 'fear'. On the red street, the red blood dripped on the red ground.

In the alley that was growing with decaying flesh and moss, hiding in the underwater pipes that were glowing with red eyes, inside the shadow that could not be touched by the light, many strange objects with scary faces walked out. They could no longer be described by the simple terms 'scary' or 'horrifying'. They were not gory either. They had gone beyond murder or massacre-they were more than that. They were not humans and could not have been humans. They should be the creature native to the world behind the door.

They were the residents of this nightmare. They consumed negative energy, and they survived on the negative emotions from living humans. They did not have a fixed shaped and different from man, their limbs could be twisted to impossible angles. If one really had to describe it, they were like bodies that were caught in a car accident and were dragged for miles by the tires. They could not be called humans, or rather, they had obtained the human shape because they had consumed too many negative emotions from living humans. They had gained a human consciousness and an appetite for the delicious object that was called human.

"You have been waiting me. You have prepared this for a long time. You're going to serve me on the dining table tonight and make me your main dish. I saw the utensils that you have prepared, and I saw the greed in your eyes. I saw how you swallowed your saliva, and I saw how excited your Adam Apple was quivering," the man screamed loudly and madly. He did not evade or run and stood there to allow these things to surround him.

"Do you think I will be afraid?" The man hugged the head of his lover, and for a moment, his expression softened.

"I like this feeling; I love death, and I admire madness. A life gone wretched from screaming, yelling, and crying. When a person is alive, they are never brave enough to voice their true opinion, but here I can do anything that I want. There is no need to hide anymore. There is no need to hide anymore. I can play with the limbs of living humans. I can peel open my skull to look into my soul. I can gift my former self to myself.

"Many people think I have gone mad, but what is the difference between their madness and my madness exactly? I was once a doctor, but a doctor that can't even save himself, so what was the point of being a doctor?"

The head in his palm slowly lowered. The man's eyes were filled with blood. He looked at the monsters that approached him, and the smile on his face could not be hidden anymore. His lips peeled open, and the flesh on the edges of his lips parted to reveal an extremely scary smile.

"I am now a connoisseur of food. My greatest hobby is eating, eating everything within my sight and sending every delicious meal into my stomach." The laugh that would make one's hair stand on end escaped from the man's throat. He was surrounded by all the monsters, but he did not panic, like he was not the one being surrounded.

"It is my favorite time again; it is time for feeding. Yes, with my current situation, is it more appropriate to call it eating time or feeding time? Never mind, it is all the same. In the end, they will become a part of my body." The man's words were dripping with madness, but he had the right to say these things because his power had reached an incredibly scary level. When he rambled to himself, the blood kept leaking out of his blood red coat.

Many giant, thick chains that were made from many blood vessels slithered out from his back, like he was a monster with multiple tails. The blood froze, and he looked suspiciously similar to the monster that was carved on the toilet of Chen Ge's Haunted House.

"There is an opposite to everything in the world, but humans are the only exception. I have been trying to figure out what the opposite of man is. Once, I thought the answer was ghosts, but after becoming a ghost myself, I realize, the opposite of man is not ghost but God! God that rules everything!"

The large chains swept the length of the street. Once the monsters were touched by the chains, they exploded on the spot. The chains were like snakes that had their own thoughts, drilling into the bodies of their victims and slipping into their hearts to suck out the nutrients. Screams echoed up and down the street. The monsters' bodies were deflating at an incredible speed.

The man laughed upon hearing the screams. He laughed and laughed, and his lips were torn open until they reached his ears. He laughed and laughed until he cried.

But the man did not seem to notice it. He continued to laugh like all the pain, all the regret, could be released from the echoes of his maddened laughter.

"Not enough, it'll never be enough! I'm still not satisfied! I'm so hungry, I need to consume everything. I need to eat everyone that wants to eat me!" The laugh continued to echo out from his throat as blood trailed down his lips.

No one knew what had happened to the man. No one knew what had led him to this state. However, there was one thing that was certain-he was still alive, and he was keeping himself alive with this highly maddening and highly disruptive method.

Blood dyed his teeth red, and he dragged the innumerable monsters behind him. The chains pierced through the monsters' bodies. He dragged the monsters and ran down the street. At the corner of the street, there was a burnt building.

The building was about ten stories high. Looking through the broken window, there was a door in one of the rooms that was not blood red. Half of it was red, and the other half was a normal brown. In this blood red city, other than black that represented decay, red that represented violence, and gray that represented despair, there were no other colors.

"Just behind that door, I can smell a very familiar smell. It's so tasty! I need to eat him! I shall bite on his skull little by little, suck on his bone marrow, and chew on his bones. Yes, it shall be my best meal!"

The man dragged the monsters behind him and stopped at the burnt building. He looked up, and on the top floor of the building stood a man who was wrapped in red clothes. The man literally looked down at him and was also studying the man in the doctor's coat.