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576 I Need an Underwater Ghost 2 in 1

 Since obtaining the black phone, Chen Ge had also developed many new skills that technically had nothing to do with operating a Haunted House, skills like tailing someone and surveillance.

He held the fishing rod and followed the fisher from a distance. The fisher had been too shocked at the dam and jogged all the way home, not noticing Chen Ge that was following him.

There were a few houses that were not far from the dam, and they looked rather old and decrepit. The fisher stopped at one of the houses. He looked around and took out a key. He acted extremely suspiciously before slipping through the door.

He sure runs fast. Chen Ge waited until the man got into the house before walking over. He leaned against the door and looked into the place through the gap. The house was much bigger than he had expected, and it came with its own courtyard.

Should I knock on the door to say I'm here to return his fishing rod, or should I just jump over the fence?

When Chen Ge was still hesitating, there was a sound that came from inside the house. Chen Ge's pupils narrowed, and he continued to look through the gap. The fisher was kneeling before his own fridge. His hands were placed on the ground, and he kept mumbling something under his breath. It sounded like he was begging for forgiveness from someone.

Did he suffer some kind of trauma at the dam? Why is he crying before the fridge? Is the victim stored inside the fridge?

What happened next indirectly confirmed Chen Ge's speculation. The fisher confessed his guilt to the fridge. He bowed and knocked his forehead against the ground. The dust and tears dirtied his face. This continued for another ten minutes before the man calmed down. He used the sleeves to wipe at his face and then got a shovel from inside the house.

What is he planning to do?

Chen Ge could see clearly even though he was outside the house. The fisher did not stop to take a break and started to dig a large hole in the courtyard.

Digging a hole? To hide the body?

Once more, Chen Ge guessed correctly; the fisher opened the fridge and pulled out several large black bags from it. His arms were shaking, and then he knelt several times at the black plastic bags before tossing them into the hole.

"I will not fish anymore in my life. From now on, every year, I will burn paper money for all of you. No matter how much you need, I will burn it." The man mumbled strange words. He picked up the shovel and planned to cover up the hole that he had dug.

Chen Ge knew that he could not wait any longer, or else he would later need to use his own hands to open up this hole that the man would have covered.

"Is someone there?" Chen Ge knocked on the door. This sudden announcement spooked the fisher so much that he trembled and fell into the hole that he had dug. Cold sweat appeared on his face instantly.

"I'm the guy who was standing next to you at the dam earlier. You forgot to take your fishing rod, and the worker there asked me to bring it back to you." Chen Ge stared at the man through the gap in the door. "Brother, are you okay? You look exhausted. Do you need me to call the emergency number for you?"

Once he heard that Chen Ge was about to call the emergency number, the man started to panic. He struggled to climb out from the hole. "There's no need. You can just leave the fishing rod at the door. I'll get it later, okay?"

"Brother, from your voice, you don't sound so well! Are you sure that everything is okay in there?"

"I'm fine! I'm really fine! Just put down the fishing rod and leave!" The man was so agitated that his face was covered with sweat. He screamed, and at the same time, he pushed the mound of dirt into the hole madly.

"I cannot leave-you don't sound well. Why don't you open the door for me to take a look? If you are really fine, then I will go." Chen Ge refused to budge from the door, and the fisher felt like cursing him out already.

Why am I so unlucky to run into someone like this?

He hurriedly used the dirt to cover up the black plastic bags and then he opened the door a sliver while he was still catching his breath. "I'm fine. Now give me the fishing rod."

"But you don't look so well."

"Give me the fishing rod! Give it to me!" The man was almost forced into a corner. He roared, and probably due to that violent action, when his body shook, the bobber in his pocket fell out. The custom-made luminous bobber toppled to the ground. When Chen Ge worked with it earlier, he did not twist it tight, so the small piece of finger tumbled out.

The fisher acted much faster than Chen Ge. He used his body to block Chen Ge's sight.

"What was that?"

"You saw my secret. It is just ham-that's my secret ingredient." The fisher fixed the bobber. He suddenly became incredibly calm. His earlier agitation disappeared completely, and he even turned to smile at Chen Ge. However, this was a forced smile, and combined with that pair of eyes that obviously was plotting something, it made Chen Ge feel slightly uncomfortable.

"My fishing rod is actually also custom-made, very expensive. Thank you for bringing it back to me. How about you come in and take a seat?" The man was adjusting his breath, and his tone sounded quite weird.

"Okay." Chen Ge appeared honest and gullible. He looked like he would not harm anymore. Chen Ge silently pressed a button on the recorder inside his bag and walked into the house. The big hole in the courtyard had not been completely filled, and there was dirt everywhere.

"I plan to plant some vegetables here, so I was tilling the ground earlier." The man suddenly became so friendly. "Why don't you come into the house and have a seat? I caught several river fish earlier in the day. Since you're here, you should stay to try my cooking."

Chen Ge walked into the room without showing any guardedness. When he walked through the door, the man who followed behind him silently locked the door and then raised the shovel in his hands. The smile on his face disappeared completely, and his eyes were filled with hatred and resentment. He focused on the back of Chen Ge's head. He looked for the perfect opportunity to ambush Chen Ge from behind.

However, before he found that chance, the man before him suddenly removed his backpack. Then, without warning and without reason, he used the backpack to swing at his face. This was too sudden, and his plan was completely interrupted.

The backpack hit him right on the bridge of his nose. The man's sight was blocked. Before he had time to recover, there was an intense pain coming from his stomach. It felt like he had been kicked roughly. His body knocked into the door, and the shovel fell from his hands. Before he realized what was happening, pain started to radiate from all parts of his body.

Someone was assaulting him-the truth flashed across his mind. He was confused, and for a moment, he even felt wronged.

"Stop! Stop kicking me! What the f*ck!" He used his hands to shield his head. The shovel had been kicked away, and the man writhed on the ground. However, his attacker did not seem like he was going to stop any time soon. He was beaten up for several minutes. It was not until the man felt tired that the pain on his body disappeared.

His body was covered in bruises. The fisher collapsed in the corner of the living room, and he looked at Chen Ge with fear and caution. "What's wrong with you? Why did you assault me?"

"Because you wanted to kill me." Chen Ge picked up the shovel from the ground and sat on the sofa.

"Which one of your eyes saw that I want to kill you‽"

"I can see that intention from your eyes." Chen Ge did not waste time to argue with the man. "I will ask you a few questions, and you'd better answer them honestly."

"You followed me here just to ask me a few questions?"

"First, what did you see at the dam?" Chen Ge asked directly, he did not want to waste time.

"There is no King Fish in the water," the man answered after a moment's hesitation. "I saw a person."

"A person?"

"Yes, with four limbs and hair." The terror was overflowing out of the man's eyes. "There was more than one. When I dropped the bait into the water, there were many similar things underwater that were rushing to the surface."

"Many of them." Chen Ge nodded. "Second question, I already know what kind of bait you're using. Tell me, why would you use that as your bait, and how did you know that they like this kind of bait?"

"I don't know what you are talking about." The fisher was still trying to deny it.

"It's fine if you do not want to answer that question. The police will ask for more details than I do. Third question, have you been to Li Wan City before, and did you take the last bus on Route 104?"

Bury seed was related to the ghost fetus, and the water ghost at Eastern Jiujiang Dam was related to Bury seed, so Chen Ge wanted to see whether the fisher had gone fishing for a water ghost. Was it just a hobby, or did he have another motive?

"Li Wan City?" The man looked confused. It seemed genuine, so he was probably not related to the culprit at Lin Wan City. After asking a few more questions, Chen Ge directly called the police. "As for the rest of the story, I'll leave you to inform the police."

Twenty minutes later, the officers from Eastern Jiujiang Police Station who received the call rushed to the scene. "You should come back to the station with us."

"There's no need for that trouble. I suggest that you learn a bit from the Western Jiujiang station, and everything should be as simple as it can be. In the future, we will have a lot more opportunities to see each other." After providing a simple written statement, Chen Ge also found out the fisher's criminal process from the police.

The body that was in his courtyard had come from Ming Yang Residence. This man's personality was a bit twisted. A few weeks ago, he had gotten into an altercation with a homeless person on his way home. He had accidentally injured the man, and the homeless person swore to take revenge to make his life as miserable as possible.

After a few more conflicts, the fisher confirmed the homeless man's address after following him home. Then, he went to the abandoned Ming Yang Residence to kill the man. When he tried to dump the body at night, the fisher noticed a shadow about one meter long surfacing in the water at the dam, and that was when he realized that there was a 'King Fish' in Eastern Jiujiang Dam.

Chen Ge had already gotten the information he wanted, so he left the fisher's home and called a taxi to get back to New Century Park.

The mission related to the girl on the black phone still has not been triggered, but at least I can confirm that it is related to the water ghost. Her sister is most likely one of the 'King Fishes' in the dam.

This two-star mission was harder than Chen Ge imagined. The water ghost was hiding inside the dam, if he was not careful, he might be dragged down into the depth and this was completely different from a fight on the ground.

I wonder if Xu Yin's power will be affected when he is submerged under water.

Chen Ge carried the backpack and stopped at the water attraction at the park before activating the recorder. A light smell of blood suffused the night breeze. In his red shirt, Xu Yin materialized next to Chen Ge.

"Still haven't found your heart?" Chen Ge could always see a flash of sadness on Xu Yin's face. Until now, he had not figured what Xu Yin was looking for-all he could do was hope that Xu Yin would even find his happiness. He ordered Xu Yin to get into the pool, and after the water flowed over his body, Chen Ge realized that his connection to Xu Yin drastically weakened. Xu Yin's power was also affected to a certain degree.

Since something like this happens in a normal pool, if we really jump into the dam, the problem will be much bigger. I have to keep Xu Yin around, so now I desperately need a ghost who can submerge into the water.

Entering the Haunted House, Chen Ge took out his comic to consider the ghosts that were available to him. Yan Danian, the boy with the stench, Bai Qiulin... After going through the list of ghosts, Chen Ge suddenly realized that he had a ghost that had very little presence.

He grabbed his bag and rushed into the Coffin Village scenario and pushed open the door to an old house. There were two parasol trees growing slanted in the courtyard. Next to one of the trees was a large water vat.

"I already have a ghost living in water in my Haunted House!" Chen Ge walked up to the water vat, and he could see something ball-like floating in the water. When Chen Ge got closer, the ball slowly submerged into the water, and a trail of bubbles remained on the surface.

This was a ghost that Chen Ge had brought out from Coffin Village. It seemed to be called Vat Ghost, and it had been hiding inside the vat. Normally, it would bring plenty of screams to the visitors as well.

"The Haunted House has been really kind to you, and today, it is time for you to repay your benefactor." Chen Ge and Xu Yin stood on opposite sides of the vat. They looked at the ghost who was hiding at the bottom of the vat. The ghost was hugging his knees and blowing out bubbles, shaking his head.

"You're going to face an extremely terrifying water ghost-you can't be so cowardly." Chen Ge had Xu Yin haul the ghost out from the water and summoned other ghosts to give the Vat Ghost intensive training.

"I don't ask that you need to be able to kill everyone, but you have to be able to escape quickly at least. After finishing the investigation, come and bring me the news."