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571 Eastern Jiujiang Dam

 The old lady walked out from the room, holding a black bag. "These are the talismans that I have no use for. If you're going to find that ghost, then of course, you need as much help as you can get..."

The old lady shoved him the bag. "I'll give them all to you."

Looking at the bag of talisman, Chen Ge's lips twitched. "Granny, how much have you spent to buy so many talismans?"

"The price is not important; the important thing is that they're effective."

Chen Ge had a good impression of the old lady, and he did not want to see her getting scammed anymore. Thus, he planned to help her. "Granny, can you introduce me to the man who sold you these talismans?"

"Of course, I'll bring you to see him when you come back. He is a powerful sensei even though he might not look like it. Actually, those who are really gifted are often hated by the world."

The more Chen Ge heard the old lady's story, the more he confirmed that she had been scammed. After getting the person's address, Chen Ge left with the bag.

After leaving the residential area, Chen Ge took a look at the picture that he had snapped with his phone. The words on the pages were hard to read. Instead of saying that they were Chinese characters, they looked more like symbols.

Who might be able to understand this?

Chen Ge closed the album and called the theme park. It was already afternoon when he sent Wen Wen home, and he was held off by some other incidents. Since he was not at the Haunted House, Xu Wan followed his orders and closed when the sun fell.

Ol Zhou and Duan Yue performed perfectly. There were no accidents, and Chen Ge sighed in relief.

I have to reward Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue somehow. They say that they have no requests for anything, but I can see that Ol' Zhou likes Duan Yue. Maybe I can help him pursue her. And about Duan Yue... all girls should have a dream of stardom. I can promise to make her the main character when I want to shoot the movie to fulfill the author's dream.

After ending the call, Chen Ge put the old lady's stuff into his backpack and called a taxi to get to Eastern Jiujiang Dam.

The mission for the special visitor, Wen Wen, was not triggered. Where was the problem? Is it because I didn't let Wen Wen get close to any water-related attractions?

The girl's aunt had warned Chen Ge about letting the girl go near water. Chen Ge would not have harmed the girl just for a mission, and that might be why the mission had not been triggered.

When Chen Ge arrived at the dam, the sun was already falling. Opening the window, he could clearly see that this place was much colder than the city.

The driver looked at Chen Ge and demanded, "25 RMB please."

"25? So expensive? Do you think I haven't been here before?" Chen Ge had been looking around when the driver asked for such an expensive fare.

"Based on the timer, it doesn't really cost that much, but no one is willing to come to Eastern Jiujiang Dam these days. There have been a series of accidents over the past month, so everyone raises the price whenever a passenger wants to come to Eastern Jiujiang at night. Furthermore, I brought you here alone, and I definitely won't get any passengers on my way back to the city."

The driver was young, and he leaned on the wheel impatiently. "Hurry up. Night will fall soon, and the roads will be even harder to navigate. This place is not that safe at night."

"You even know that?" Chen Ge studied the driver. "Looks like your company's safety lesson to its employees is still lacking. You don't seem to recognize me."

The driver looked at Chen Ge with a frown. "Who are you?"

"If you don't want any accident to happen, then you'll charge me a fair price. You've found the wrong person to scam today." Chen Ge leaned back on the chair. "After all, I'm not in a hurry; I can waste my time here with you all day. However, you have to be careful-Eastern Jiujiang is really messy at night. Anything can happen."

The driver was familiar with the city more than normal people-cabbies travelled through the city daily and knew many things not common to others. Once Chen Ge said that, the driver's face dropped. He had run into a thug who was more shameless than he was, and to make matters worse, he knew that Chen Ge was right. Why would a man carrying a backpack go to a countryside dam at night?

The more he studied Chen Ge, the more unsettled he was, but he did not back down. "Everyone is raising their price... but fine, I'll just take twenty from you."

"I'll only give you the amount on the timer. This is for your own good, because when you spend the money earned illegally, you'll run into ghosts." The two continued to argue for some time. The sky darkened. Chen Ge did not get out of the car. Instead, he pulled out a large amount of paper talismans from his bag and started to study them. He ignored the driver, who tried to reason with him.

In the driver's eyes, Chen Ge had transformed from a bad person to a mad person. Which normal person would carry so many talismans in his bag?

"Fine, consider me unlucky today." The driver relented.

"You're still young. Fix your attitude a bit. You might run into me again if you continue to drive the night shift."

After paying the fare, Chen Ge got out of the car. Chen Ge's last sentence echoed in the driver's mind, and a chill crawled up the driver's spine; he felt like he had just been cursed. He cursed under his breath like he was afraid of being overheard by Chen Ge and then drove away.

"Still young and rusty, probably not yet worn down by society. Luckily, he ran into someone like me, who has a soft temperament. This is a good thing for him." Chen Ge grabbed his backpack and walked to the dam.

Eastern Jiujiang dam was a small dam and was close to Eastern Jiujiang, so people had been visiting this place to go swimming and fishing. However, starting from a certain period, the people had stopped visiting.

Standing by the dam, Chen Ge took out his phone for the light. He realized that there was a flash of light not far from him. Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision to realize that there were two people fishing by the bank. One was sitting, and the other stood behind him. The one standing probably thought it was boring, so he slithered away.

I just said that this place is deserted, but there're two fishers around.

Chen Ge wanted to find out more about the dam, so these fishers should be a good opening. He jogged toward the fisher. The fisher was fully focused and did not even turn his head. He stared at the luminous fishing bobber on the water. The night slowly swallowed up the sky, and the small pin of light was conspicuous on the surface of the water.

Minutes later, the luminous bobber submerged, and the immobile man revealed a smile. "Finally, the fish has taken the bait."