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545 New Trial Missions!

 Having seen the passengers disappear one after another, the anxiety in her heart grew.

"I was only responsible for sending the children to Li Wan City; I don't know about anything else!"

"You don't know about anything? Then I have no reason to keep you around." Chen Ge had Xu Yin and the other employees surround her. The woman screamed, and her ugly face started to shift. The clothes that looked so old-fashioned started to leak out with blood. They formed into small children's handprints.

"Let me off the bus!" The voice was hoarse, and the woman's body creaked and cracked as she expanded in size. Seeing the changes, Chen Ge and the surrounding passengers were calm. They were like visitors watching the beast roar from outside the cage.

"If you want to get off the bus, then you just need to tell me where all the children have been taken." Chen Ge had promised the woman in the red raincoat to find her child within one week, and three days had already passed.

The woman did not appear to hear Chen Ge's voice, and she continued to lash out at her surroundings. Interestingly enough, Chen Ge did not seem to be able to witness the changes on the woman. He kept his voice calm and even. "It was you who kidnapped all these children, wasn't it?"

He pointed at the boy who was still unconscious with an innocent-looking face. The woman seemed to realize that Chen Ge was the center of all the ghosts. Chen Ge had just placed the hammer inside his backpack, and he was empty-handed. She did not hesitate. Her venomous eyes focused on Chen Ge, and she charged forward!

Chen Ge looked at the woman who charged at him, but he did not even pretend to evade. "A half Red Specter, looks like you're the strongest presence on this two-star mission."

The woman stopped in the middle of her charge. Her body was frozen due to fear. There was someone else that appeared between her and Chen Ge. The red on the clothes fell like rain. Without an order from Chen Ge, Xu Yin already appeared before him

"The last bus on Route 104 is a two-star scenario, and the strongest enemy here is a half Red Specter. Now that I think about it, there should be a similarly strong presence at Mu Yang High School." Chen Ge was still hung up on the old headmaster. Considering that he might be a half Red Specter, Chen Ge's interest heightened. After having Xu Yin detain the woman, Chen Ge did not kill her directly; he planned to hand this woman over to the woman in the red raincoat. "Karma always catches up to you."

The woman had no idea what Chen Ge was thinking, but seeing the smile on Chen Ge's face, terror gripped her heart. After putting the other employees away, Chen Ge picked up the unconscious boy and got off the bus. When both his feet touched the ground, the black phone vibrated.

"The mission has been completed?" Chen Ge turned back to look at the bus. The whole bus was empty. At the end of the mission, he had been the last passenger to descend.

"With my current capability, I should be able to challenge a more difficult mission." Chen Ge was familiar with the changes to his ability. A few months ago, a two-star mission would have been a struggle to even survive, but now, things had completely changed.

"Looks like all my effort so far has paid off." Chen Ge took out the phone and clicked the new message to read.

"Congratulations, Specter's Favored! You've successfully completed the two-star Trial Mission-The Hearse!

"Mission completion rate is one hundred percent! Congratulations for obtaining the hidden item-The last bus on Route 104!

"Last bus on Route 104 (A hearse signifying misfortune and tragedy, it's involved in many accidents. It can only go on the road on the morning after a rainy night).

"Warning! Now you have two choices!

"1: Unlock the scenario 'The Hearse' inside the Maze of Horror. After unlocking this scenario, the hearse will be unable to leave the Maze of Horror!

"2: Keep the hearse, the vehicle that can only go on the road on the morning after a rainy night. When you pass a bus stop, there's a chance to attract special passengers."

After reading the message, Chen Ge chose the second one without hesitation. There would be plenty more scary scenarios but only one hearse, and the special power matched Chen Ge's desire perfectly. A specific chance to attract special passengers. Once such passengers got on Chen Ge's bus, there was no chance that they were going to leave the bus after that.

After making his choice, the black phone vibrated again.

"Two-star scenario 'The Hearse' has been completed. The Castle of Nightmares will now unlock new Trial Missions!

"New unlockable scenarios increased!

"Twin Water Ghosts (Big sister tied the rock to my feet, and as my body sunk, I saw a lot of dark water grass dancing in the dam. Scream Factor: 2 stars).

"Ghost Fire (There are constantly weird noises coming from the neighbor's home, but the place is supposed to be vacant. Scream Factor: 3 stars).

"End of the Tunnel (What is at the end of the tunnel? Scream Factor: 3 stars).

"Ghost Town, Li Wan City (Mummy, I'm Xiao Bu... Scream Factor: 3.5 stars).

"Ghost Fetus (One day, I will become you! Scream Factor: 4 stars).

"The Game of Curse at Xin Hai's Central Hospital (There's a game of curse and death going on at this abandoned hospital. Scream Factor: 4 stars. It will only be unlocked after you complete the preceding missions)."

The black phone updated with six new Trial Missions, and the easiest one had a two-star difficulty. The thing that made Chen Ge frown was that the only two-star mission seemed to be underwater.

He knew how to swim, but it was still inconvenient. The mission is called Twin Water Ghosts, so there should be more than one enemy. Also, the mission description is weird-is the water grass that 'I' saw actual grass or the hair of dead people?

The difficulty of the missions had increased drastically, and of the two newly unlocked three-star scenarios, he had just heard about the Ghost Fire for the first time while the End of the Tunnel should be related to his previous Nightmare Mission.

Chen Ge had met the Red Specter at the tunnel once, and he felt like this should be the easiest mission. If there's a chance, I should go and complete this tunnel mission first. Perhaps my Haunted House will be able to welcome a new Red Specter.

It was worth noting that the mission that Chen Ge was currently doing, The Ghost Town, Li Wan City was 3.5 stars. Chen Ge predicted that this was due to the door that had gotten out of control.

After the door went out of control, the difficulty increased to 3.5 stars. Then again, this also means that the situation at Li Wan City was not as scary as a four-star mission!

The last two missions were both four-stars-Chen Ge did not expect that. Eastern Jiujiang was much more dangerous than he had thought.

Now, there are three four-star mission on the list. There's no need to rush; I need to prepare first.

Chen Ge was calculating the opening date for the new futuristic park. He wanted to do a four-star mission and come out with a big announcement right before the new park opened.