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538 The Living Humans on the Bus

 Reading the message on the phone, the way Chen Ge looked at the couple next to him changed. Ming Yang Residence was built for ghosts, and all three investors died; there had to be a bigger secret behind it. Chen Ge even suspected that the three investors were possessed by the scary shadow. That was the only explanation for them focusing on an abandoned site at the fringe of Li Wan City.

The deaths of the three investors probably have something to do with the shadow. The shadow will stop at nothing to reach its goal, and he killed off all the people once they outlived their use; this shadow sure is cruel.

After discovering the couple's identity, Chen Ge saw them in a new light.

The man insisted on getting on the bus and prepared to head to Li Wan City probably because he had overheard some news, but the woman refused to get on the bus. She probably had her own reasons as well. They had different thoughts, but their bodies were joined together when they committed suicide, so the conflict caused them to stay at the bus stop. If not for Chen Ge, they probably would not have gotten on the bus.

This couple will help me understand Li Wan City and Ming Yang Residence better. Looks like I'll need to treat them more than just simple employees.

For the time being, Chen Ge was more interested in the other passengers.

Tonight, I'm destined to get away with plenty of reward.

Chen Ge liked to challenge this type of low difficulty mission. They could just sit around the table and solve the problem, how nice. The couple argued among themselves, and Chen Ge carried his bag to leave the last row. He sat down next to the man with uneven coordination.

"Brother, how are you doing?" Chen Ge hugged his backpack and looked at the man.

The head turned awkwardly, and the man paused for a long time before realizing that Chen Ge was talking to him. He raised his hand to gesture for a while. Seeing the confusion on Chen Ge's face, he pointed at his mouth and then waved his hands.

"A mute?" Chen Ge did not expect such a passenger, so he bowed slightly. "I'm sorry."

The man waved his hands again. The tip of his finger touched the back of Chen Ge's arm-it was warm.

The hand is harm? This is a living person?

Narrowing his eyes, Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision. He failed to capture anything off about this man. He should be someone who got on the bus accidentally like Xiao Gu and Huang Ling.

However, after thinking about it, Chen Ge realized that his assessment was not so accurate. The bus arrived at the station at 11:30 pm-who would wait for a bus at a time like that?

Chen Ge stared at the man for a long time and slowly noticed the problem. The man's IQ seemed to be stunted. His throat could make noises, but he did not know how to speak. A mentally-challenged person taking a hearse to go to Li Wan City at night, was he really dumb or faking it?

Taking out his phone, Chen Ge opened his contact page. "It's very dangerous for you to be alone outside at night like this. Where are you heading? Why don't I go with you? This is my phone number."

The man did not quite to get what he was saying; he only knew how to shake his hands. Chen Ge looked at the man's attire. His clothes looked unwashed, and his trousers were ragged. This image really did not fit a murderous culprit.

Unable to communicate, Chen Ge tried several times before giving up. He planned to finish the Hearse's mission and followed the man to Li Wan City to see what he was up to. If he was problematic, then Chen Ge would detain him immediately. If he was just a normal person, Chen Ge would follow him as well to prevent him from being ambushed by ghosts.

At night, Li Wan City would be hiding many things. Under the influence of the door, the town had become the place where the two worlds overlapped.

Standing up, Chen Ge walked down the aisle. The passengers looked at him, but none said anything. The driver did not breathe a word, only focusing on driving to the last stop. Stopping next to the man in many layers, Chen Ge studied the man. "Aren't you hot from wearing so much?"

The man raised his head to look at Chen Ge. Then he lowered the rim of his cap and said coldly, "I'm fine."

He was covered up by thick clothes. With the cap, gloves, and mask, only his eyes were revealed.

"Are you sick?" Chen Ge used Yin Yang Vision, and he realized that this man looked like a living person as well.

How come the humans act more strangely than ghosts?

Chen Ge sat down next to the man. He could sense coldness coming from the man, a coldness that radiated from his body. Chen Ge had seen this situation before. In Coffin Village, the body temperature of the old lady who had been the well ghost's friend for several decades had dropped over the years, and in the end, it was only with the ghost's help that she managed to maintain her body temperature.

Did this mean the man had constant interactions with ghosts?

Chen Ge could not get a good look of the man's face. He was unable to tell anything from just the eyes and voice.

When they got on the bus, the driver did not stop them. This means that the driver did not sense any threat from them. Even if they have a trump card, it's not stronger than Zhang Ya.

Realizing that, Chen Ge relaxed and leaned against the chair. He kept glancing to his side, and he noticed some useful information from certain clues.

The scarf around the man's neck was knitted from wool. The edge of the hem was messy. The end was coming loose. Normally, just like knitting a braid, the edges should have been brought back into the hem. Chen Ge had done something similar when he made the clothes for his mannequins at the Haunted House. They looked flawless.

But the scarf was obviously less than perfect. The person who had knitted the scarf was probably an amateur. From the design of the scarf, this was probably from at least ten years back. Furthermore, even on the bus, the man did not take the scarf off. This thing was very important to him-this normal-looking scarf was something special to him.

Lastly, the man's voice when he spoke. Chen Ge believed that the man to be around forty. He likely had a wife who loved him a lot, and his wife had probably died, perhaps in a car accident. The man's body was cold. Like Chen Ge, he had probably stayed with a ghost for a long time.

Combining all the clues, Chen Ge believed that the man had a ghost who accompanied him always, and that ghost was his wife.

Chen Ge was only speculating since he did not have actual proof, but compared to the man's identity, he was more curious about why the man was going to Li Wan City at night.

Most of the ghosts I've met in Western Jiujiang were trying to consume each other. The ghosts in Eastern Jiujiang seem to be different.