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531 Get All the Red Spectres

 After hearing to Doctor Pei, Chen Ge went into silent contemplation. Jiang Long's whole family was something else; anyone would think they were crazy, but after some close studying, Chen Ge realized that perhaps none of them were crazy.

They just had different perspective due to their difference stance. Thanks to Fan Chong's game, Chen Ge had plenty of inside information.

Of the family of four, the brother, Jiang Xiaohu, was probably the most innocent. He was just a boy whose worldview had not matured, and everything that he had done was on someone else's order. The person urging him to do those things could be Zhang Chuyu or Jiang Bai.

The sister, Jiang Bai, was probably not suffering from paranoia at first. The giant doll that she had found in her father's house in Eastern Jiujiang was probably Xiao Bu's mother. She was not lying, but her mother, Zhang Chuyu, had said that she had trouble with her mind.

As a mother, Zhang Chuyu's action was really unreasonable. She had personally sent two of her children to the mental hospital and insisted that they suffered from mental illnesses. Chen Ge thought about it and felt like the reason Zhang Chuyu did that was because she wanted to hide something. After Jiang Bai told Zhang Chuyu about the doll, she had laughed happily. This was not the reaction of a normal person. Perhaps she had been doubting her husband, but after hearing that, she had understood that her husband did not betray her and was merely plotting something.

"Why would someone trap an adult inside a doll?" This should be the source of all the tragedy. Jiang Long died, and Zhang Chuyu and Jiang Bai went missing. Of all the victims and culprits, only Jiang Xiaohu was alive. Chen Ge sat on the chair and looked at the clean bedspread.

Ming Yang Residence's curse started eight years ago, but Bu Yi disappeared three years ago-that is a contradiction.

If she's the door-pusher, then the door that she pushed appeared three years ago, but the weird things in Eastern Jiujiang happened way before that. In other words, other than this door that has gone out of control, there are other things hiding in Eastern Jiujiang.

When Chen Ge was small, his parents had told him many times to stay away from Eastern Jiujiang.

The door in Li Wan City had already gone under Doctor Gao's control, but for some reason, it went out of control. Could this be the doing of those things in Eastern Jiujiang?

Chen Ge was familiar with Doctor Gao. To make a psychologist who was powerful enough to own several Red Specters take a step back, the threat in Eastern Jiujiang had to be very powerful!

He sure left a big problem for me.

The door in Eastern Jiujiang had already gone berserk. If he let it be, no one would know what will happen.

Before Doctor Gao committed suicide, he gave me a look at a picture. It was taken in Li Wan City, and it captured my parents standing with a girl in a red dress. That girl was most likely Xiao Bu. In the picture, my parents didn't go after the girl; they weren't in a hostile relationship.

Chen Ge's mind started to turn. He was not one with preconceptions.

Be it Men Nan or the well ghost in Coffin Village, all the door-pushers saw the door as their property. It should be the same for Bu Yi as well. Now that door in Li Wan City has gone out of control and the ghost behind the door have run all over the place, Bu Yi probably does not want to see that.

The world behind the door was formed from the door-pusher's memory. It reflected the door-pusher's most authentic heart and was a nightmare that would not dissipate.

No one would want their inner world splayed open like that for the whole world to see, so the door-pusher probably doesn't want the door to go out of control.

Chen Ge felt like the reason for the rampage in Eastern Jiujiang was due to the interference from other ghosts. After confirming that, Chen Ge had a thought.

Perhaps I can work together with Xiao Bu to vanquish the ghosts in Eastern Jiujiang and close the door in Li Wan City!

A normal person would not think of cooperating with a Red Specter. Even if they did, they would not know how to do that. However, Chen Ge was different. He had plenty of experience interacting with Red Specters from various age groups. He had confidence that he could convince Xiao Bu.

There have to be more secrets to the death of Xiao Bu and her mother. After the truth comes out, I'll seek justice for her.

The more that he thought about it, the higher the confidence Chen Ge had in the plan.

The hardest part of this plan is not to convince Xiao Bu but to find her.

Narrowing his eyes, he looked so scary that the doctor and workers did not dare speak openly.

Other people might not know where Xiao Bu is, but I have an advantage. If I continue to clear that weird game with Fan Chong, I'll definitely get a clue to Xiao Bu's location.

The character that he and Fan Chong controlled was not simple data but a young soul who had experienced the bottomless despair again and again.

Men Nan also said that to fully close a door, the simplest way is to find the door-pusher.

Chen Ge had a draft in mind. He was to work together with Xiao Bu and all the Red Specters to clean up Eastern Jiujiang.

There's a Red Specter at White Dragon Tunnel, a Red Specter at the bus stop for Route 104, and a Red Specter in Coffin Village. Perhaps they can lend me their strength.

Chen Ge had already interacted with the Red Specter at the tunnel. He had even almost carried the woman home. His touching words had managed to break down her defense.

The Red Specter in Coffin Village had a good relationship with Fan Yu. Chen Ge could prepare a time to bring Fan Yu into the mountain to go search for her. With Zhang Ya awakened as well as Xu Yin and Bai Qiulin, there was no telling who might survive Coffin Village.

"The female ghosts at the village and tunnel can be persuaded, but the key is the woman in the red raincoat. I'm not familiar with her, but I've promised to find her child within a week. Three days have already passed, but I still have no idea what her child looks like." Chen Ge really did want to help her, but he did not know where to start.

Chen Ge mulled over the choices and eventually chose to try his luck at the bus stop at night.

Temporarily, that's the only thing that I can do.

With the plan in mind, Chen Ge turned his gaze back to Jiang Xiaohu.

Weirdly enough, when other people looked at him, Jiang Xiaohu had no reaction, but when Chen Ge's eyes fell on the boy, his expression changed. His body leaned backward until the ropes that tied his limbs became taut.

How come it feels like the child is afraid of me?

Chen Ge walked forward and sat down on the bed. "I know you can understand me, and I know you're harboring many secrets in your heart. Why don't you talk to me? Perhaps I can help you."