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528 She Is Xiao Bu?

 This was not the first time that the students of Western Jiujiang Medical University had dealt with Chen Ge. They knew for a fact that those who did not follow Chen Ge's advice would end up in a horrible state.

"Don't worry, we're planning to challenge the Coffin Village scenario this time, and we have done plenty of preparation before we arrived." After He San said that, he retreated into the crowd and several of his seniors came forward.

"It should be fine as long as you stay away from the underground morgue, but be careful when you're in there. If you see anyone coming toward you wearing a medical uniform, wave at the camera for help immediately, and I will help you," Chen Ge reminded them and led them personally into the underground scenario. The students were all returning customers, and their president was so kind. So, this time, Chen Ge did not make things difficult for them. He used normal background music and did not send out the trio to go in with them.

"Have a good time down there."

About forty minutes later, there was chaos at the resting hall; the place was boiling with excitement. On the screen that showed the score, the scores of the students from Western Jiujiang Medical University soared as they became the first batch of visitors to clear Coffin Village.

When Yang Chen walked out from the village with the wedding dress, he had the urge to cry. Only God knew what he had experienced in the past forty minutes. All nine of his seniors had 'sacrificed' themselves, and they had placed their hope in him to escape the village with the wedding dress that carried the lingering spirit of the female bride.

"We did it!" Coffin Village was a three-star scenario, and clearing this scenario was different from clearing Mu Yang High School. This meant that the visitors had the capability of clearing three-star scenarios. Even though this was the first time, it was also a beginning. With more guides and inside scenes leaking on the internet, more and more people would clear it. Seeing the joy on the visitors' faces, Chen Ge was full of smiles as well. He enjoyed this feeling a lot. It was his goal to provide the best service to his visitors.

The completion rate of Coffin Village was only seven percent-the ghost in the well is still alive, and the scenario is lacking. In terms of scariness, it's only just slightly scarier than Mu Yang High School.

At Chen Ge's Haunted House, the two scariest scenarios were the Third Sick Hall and the underground morgue, and they had completely different styles.

I have the patient's list for Third Sick Hall. If I can control these patients to help me scare the visitors, the scare level will definitely increase a lot.

Chen Ge had never underestimated his visitors. It had been a month since he had obtained the black phone, and the visitors had already managed to clear a three-star scenario.

I need to update the Haunted House often to keep up the mystery so that the visitors will be interested.

After taking out the black phone, Chen Ge looked at the four-star Trial Mission-School of the Afterlife.

I should wait. Zhang Ya is injured, Xu Yin is missing his heart, and Bai Qiulin has not completely digested Xiong Qing's soul; it's still too early to challenge a four-star scenario.

Chen Ge decided to collect more power first.

I only need to unlock the School of the Afterlife before the futuristic theme park opens for business. With this four-star scenario as my trump card, no matter what the futuristic theme park does in the future, it will not affect me. Now, I should focus on dealing with Eastern Jiujiang. At the very least, I have to obtain that last bus before moving onto something else.

Seeing someone clear Coffin Village, the other visitors were excited. Those who did not dare challenge the three-star scenarios before started to have the urge. The day soon passed. When the Haunted House closed at 6:30 pm, there were still plenty of visitors outside. In the end, it was the park workers who advised them to leave.

"The peak season is coming; I can consider opening the Haunted House at night. Then again, few people will dare to challenge that." Chen Ge and his two employees cleaned up the place, and Chen Ge allowed them to go home.

Returning to the staff breakroom, Chen Ge called for a take-out. He leaned on his bed. "I should call Captain Yan to ask about the update for the case at Ming Yang Residence. Not to mention the progress Fan Chong has made with the game as well as keeping an eye on Huang Ling's husband, Jia Ming..."

After dinner, Chen Ge called Lee Zheng.

"Inspector Lee, did you manage to find the remaining parts of the female body at Ming Yang Residence?"

"Not yet, according to our analysis, the girl's body should be hidden among the four buildings, but even after a long day with the police hounds, we found nothing." Lee Zheng's voice was hoarse like he was not feeling well. "However, we discovered something else. The forensic doctor compared the body with our internal data, and the girl's identity has been confirmed. Her name is Bu Yi. Five years ago, she had an operation at the People's Hospital due to a car accident."

"Bu Yi? Her surname is Bu?" This was the first time that Chen Ge had heard of someone with the surname Bu.

"Yes, the child disappeared from Eastern Jiujiang three years ago. Who would have thought someone would do such a cruel thing to a mere girl?" Chen Ge could hear the anger bubbling under Lee Zheng's voice.

"Ming Yang Residence was built eight years ago. Jiang Long's family was painted on the ceiling of Room 104, and Bu Yi's left arm was hidden inside Room 104." Chen Ge tried to line up all the clues. "Inspector Lee, do you know when the date of Jiang Long's car accident was?"

"There are three investors for Ming Yang Residence. The first investor got into an accident six years ago. The second investor, Jiang Long, met his end three years ago, and the third investor committed suicide at the building site two years ago." Lee Zheng had memorized all the data.

"The year that Jiang Long got into the car accident, Bu Yi disappeared." Chen Ge held the phone, and a question was stuck in her mind-could this Bu Yi be Xiao Bu?

Chen Ge remembered the scene in the game where he controlled Xiao Bu to go to her friend's home to open the dungeon. When she was on the second floor, she noticed the certificate on the wall. The recipient was Jiang Xiaohu, who was Jiang Long's son. This meant that in the game, Xiao Bu and Jiang Xiaohu were friends and classmates.

"Other than that, Jiang Long has another layer of relationship with Bu Yi." Lee Zheng's team had done a thorough investigation. "Bu Yi's father died when she was very young. Later, Bu Yi's mother became Jiang Long's mistress to support her family."

Hearing that, the image of Xiao Bu wearing her mother's pajamas to find the dungeon flashed across Chen Ge's mind.

"Then where is Bu Yi's mother now?"

"Before Bu Yi disappeared, her mother disappeared. If not for Bu Yi's school reporting the girl's disappearance to the police, we would not have known that about her mother." Lee Zheng was flipping through the old case file, and the content was harrowing.

"Bu Yi's mother disappeared, and Bu Yi disappeared after she went searching for her mother." That matched the game that Chen Ge had played perfectly. His hands tightened, and the image of Jiang Ling's family of four biting the girl's four limbs appeared in Chen Ge's mind.