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524 Clearing the Game with One Life!

 "The birth of a murderer has plenty to do with his living environment. The hotel owner and the old man have such a cavalier attitude toward human lives-there has to be a reason, and that reason should have plenty to do with the old man's wife." Chen Ge's eyes darkened. "Pay attention to the notebook's content. On the first of March, the wife was captured. She said that her husband had gone insane and would only give her three slices of bread and one glass of water each day. For a normal person, that's enough food to live; the old man was probably purposely trying to limit her food intake.

"Then, you pay attention to the later content. The wife's diary circulates around the topic of food. The way the old man tortures her is not by breaking her limbs but by pulling out her teeth. This proves that he hates that she was consuming food.

"In a normal family, why would the husband hate his wife eating? Did the wife have an eating disorder? On the first of march, when the wife was captured, the husband stopped the wife from approaching other guests-why would he do that?

"On the sixth of June, the husband pulled out all of his wife's teeth. What could she have done to deserve such a punishment? What did she eat to make her husband commit to such a crazy act?"

What Chen Ge said made Fan Chong and Fan Dade fearful. "Could the wife be a cannibal? Did she consume a guest on the first of March?"

"That's possible." Chen Ge pointed at the last entry on the notebook. "On the sixth of June, all of the wife's teeth were removed, and the wife took down her last entry on the first of November. She said that she could not have meat anymore, and she could not survive a day without meat since the first of November, so she committed suicide."


"Yes, the wife's death is the start of the change in the hotel." Chen Ge did not say everything. He predicted that the wife had turned into a Specter after her death, and the old man and the owner were made twisted to fulfil the ghost wife's wish.

"But what does that have to do with you choosing to bring the teeth?" Fan Chong was still clueless about that.

"You'll see." Chen Ge had great experience dealing with ghosts. He knew that most ghosts had something that they would attach their spirit to. The wife had loved eating meat when she was alive, and even if she did not possess the teeth after her death, they would mean a lot to her.

"There has to be a reason that these teeth are hidden inside the old man's drawer." Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to run toward the kitchen. "The fact that the hotel dares to operate at midnight means that they're not afraid of normal ghosts. That confidence probably comes from the wife."

When Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to head into the kitchen, the bloodied man was crawling his way to Room 1. The other guests and the chef had been consumed by the Red Specter. Right now, she was chasing after the hotel owner.

"Sure is scary." Chen Ge did not waste any more time. He headed into the kitchen and stood before the refrigerator. "Inside the notebook, it said that the old man initially locked his wife inside the hidden room behind the fridge."

"Based on what you said, the old man's wife has already turned into a ghost. After you sure you want to attract her attention while you already have a female ghost on your back?" Fan Chong held the coke in his hand, and he found it difficult to calm down.

"Don't be afraid. She's the key to us solving this problem tonight!" Chen Ge used the cursor to click on the fridge. The door opened, and the back of the fridge was carved out. It was hiding a monster with thin limbs but a large stomach.

The monster had its mouth that was toothless fully opened. Its eyes were closed, waiting for people to feed her. Seeing the monster, both Fan Chong and Fan Dade nudged backward, feeling very uncomfortable, but Chen Ge acted differently. He moved the mouse to adjust Xiao Bu's position to make the girl look right at the monster. After noting the red outfit that the monster was wearing, a satisfied smile appeared on his face, and he mumbled something weird, like only a Red Specter could deal with a Red Specter.

"She should be able to wake up after replacing her teeth." Chen Ge clicked the backpack but did not put the teeth back immediately. He controlled Xiao Bu to run to the kitchen door and silently watched the female ghost chase after the hotel owner. After all the murderers in the hotel were taken care of by the ghost, Xiao Bu returned to the fridge.

When the teeth fell into the monster's gaping maw, the monster's eyes flew open and zeroed in on Xiao Bu. At the same time, the female ghost holding her head also spotted Xiao Bu.

The atmosphere was weird. Be it the two female Red Specters in the game or Fan Chong and Fan Dade in real life, every person and ghost remained still.

"She probably did not expect to run into her." Chen Ge moved his fingers. Before the two Specters came to, Xiao Bu ran away. The girl's movement cause the two ghosts to make their move.

The ghost holding her head had just killed the fridge ghost's husband and son; their fresh bodies were still on the ground. The fridge ghost's eyes were red as she charged at the enemy. The two Red Specters fought among themselves. Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to run away. He sneaked to the owner's dead body and clicked on it madly. "Where's the gun?"

There was no message on the screen. Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to run to the dining table and pick up the knife used to cut the cake. "This should work."

Under Chen Ge's control, the cute and innocent Xiao Bu was like the darkest boss. She held the knife in her hand and stood at the entrance, watching the fight between the two Red Specters.

Probably because she had consumed more souls, the fridge ghost was more powerful than the ghost holding her head. Soon, the latter was overwhelmed, and the former swallowed the ghost holding her head.

"It's time to leave." Chen Ge was satisfied with this result. "After the ghost holding her head is taken care of, the residential area should be safe. There's a place that I can spend the night."

Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to leave the hotel and even kindly closed the door for them. Then she charged back home. When Xiao Bu returned to her room, the dark sky in the game slowly turned gray. Dawn was breaking.

"That was fun. The game was not as difficult as I thought." Chen Ge stretched lazily and realized Fan Chong and Fan Dade had moved far away from him. "What's wrong with the both of you?"

"Nothing, nothing. Don't mind us." Fan Chong looked at Chen Ge, and his face twitched. This man before him could no longer be described in terms of strong or weak. He had first had a murderer kill the other murderer and then had the murderer provoke the neighbor ghost before using the female neighbor ghost to kill the murderer and lure the ghost to clean up a whole hotel of murderers. Finally, he had used the ghost at the hotel to murder the neighbor ghost.

Not only had he survived a whole night, he had created a safe space and even managed to obtain a knife in a pure puzzle game!