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518 Scary Control

 "When I entered the building, I memorized all the routes. There are only two ways to move up and down the floors-the elevator or the stairs." Chen Ge looked at the screen and was very calm. "In a bit, we'll see what happens, and we'll pick the route that is further from the killers. Of course, the best result is they both kill each other."

Then, Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu into the kitchen.

"What are you looking for?" Fan Chong's heart was at his throat. The game had entered a phase that he had not experienced before. This made him excited and worried.

"I'm looking for weapons like a cleaver or fruit knife. After the tussle between of the two murderers, the survivor will probably be injured as well. If we have a weapon with us, there's a greater chance of survival."

Fan Chong did not know how to reply to Chen Ge's explanation; this man felt like he was playing a survival game rather than a horror game. Looking around the kitchen, Chen Ge did not find any sharp objects; there was only thread and cloth in the room. "Looks like the game prevents resistance from the player; the player can only hide and try their best to survive."

The graphics of the game were so-so, but the attention to detail was impressive, allowing the player to enter the role of Xiao Bu seamlessly like they were the poor, defensive girl in the game. When Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to return to the balcony, the man in the factory outfit had already disappeared.

Several minutes later, there was a chat box-'The sound of fighting comes from the door. The knife cut through skin, and it sounds like it punctured through a bag filled with water. Someone is running, and someone is chasing.'

"The two murderers are fighting among themselves!" Fan Chong was more excited than Chen Ge when he saw the chat box. "The two killers are too busy fighting among themselves; this is our chance!"

The killer that blocked the door had left. Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to open the living room door-the corridor was dyed red by blood.

"The blood trailed toward the stairs, so they went toward it. We'll leave with the elevator!" Fan Chong's heart jumped to his throat. This was not the time to dawdle-the killer could return at any moment.

"There's no need to hurry. The sky is already dark outside. Even if we leave this place, where can we go? Didn't you say that you'll die mysteriously from walking through the street at night?" Chen Ge's brain was turning. "Furthermore, if we take the elevator, the murderer will definitely come after us if he realizes that; it's too dangerous."

"Then what do you suggest we do?" From Fan Chong's perspective, the ending was definitely death. The most that they were doing was delaying the time of death.

"The killers running to the stairs is within my expectations because taking the elevator requires waiting; he had to take the stairs if he wants to escape." Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to walk out from the room. Under the shocked gaze from Fan Chong and Fan Dade, they saw Xiao Bu stop at the door of her neighbor.

"What are you planning to do?" The brothers fixed their eyes on the screen.

"I plan to deal with the other killer as well." Chen Ge clicked on the backpack and dropped the remaining thread and cloth by the door of the ghost neighbor. This shocked Fan Chong and Fan Dade. After a long time, Fan Chong asked, "Do you plan to create the impression that Xiao Bu has gone hidden inside the neighbor's home, tricking the killer to go into the ghost neighbor's place?"

"That's the ideal situation." After dropping the stuff, Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to head to the stairs. The two killers ran down the stairs, and Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to stand at the corner of the landing. In other words, if the killers turned back, they would have a hard time seeing her.

"You sure are courageous." Fan Chong sighed sincerely.

"There's no other choice. You'll be discovered if you stay at home, and the killer will chase after you if you take the stairs, so I have to take matters into my own hand." Chen Ge looked at the screen. Ten seconds later, the man in the factory outfit ran up the stairs.

"Looks like the man in the raincoat lost." Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to lean against the wall. From this angle, he had a good view of the killer. What happened next surprised Chen Ge. The man was cleverer than Chen Ge expected, unlike a designed NPC. In fact, he felt like an real, cold-blooded maniac.

He did not enter Xiao Bu's home immediately. He rushed to the elevator and kept his head on Xiao Bu's home's door. After some minutes, he returned from the elevator. No one had used the elevator, so he was certain that Xiao Bu was on that floor.

Holding a sharp knife, the man entered Xiao Bu's home. He opened the door and saw the dead body. Interestingly enough, the chat box appeared at a time like this; it seemed to be the killer's mumbling-'F*ck! I have to deal with four bodies tonight even though I only wanted to kill one!'

The man entered the room. He could not find Xiao Bu, and the chat box reappeared-'Where did the little girl wander off to? She saw me dismember the body, so she should still be in this building.'

The murderer searched the place but was unable to find Xiao Bu. He walked out from the room and discovered the broken cloth on the ground-'The girl has left the room? There is blood on this cloth. Did she try to bandage the dead person's wound? The trail of cloth stops here...'

The killer stopped for a long time before the neighbor's door, then he knocked on it-'This is the police. I received a report from the tenants that there has been a murder. Please open the door to assist with the investigation.'

The door did fall open. The murderer had a wicked smirk and entered the room, holding the sharp knife.

"It's time for us to make our move." Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to exit the stairwell. He clicked on the neighbor's door, and Xiao Bu closed the door.

The chat box bounced up-'You can hear screams for mercy from inside the room, but you are unaffected.'

Ten minutes later, a new tapping sound came from the door. On the screen, Xiao Bu stood at her neighbor's door. The girl in her mother's pajamas looked so innocent and cute, a complete contrast to the world around her. However, from Fan Chong and Fan Dade's perspective, this little girl was the scariest presence.

"You even closed the door?" Fan Chong drank the coke, needing to calm down. Fan Dade thought that Chen Ge was someone not normal, and he did not dare to breathe anymore watching him play the game.

"Don't worry, I'm just helping society clear away the rubbish." Chen Ge did not waste any time since night was falling. He controlled Xiao Bu to enter the stairwell and find the dead body of the man in the raincoat. He kept clicking on the body.

"What are you doing now?" Fan Chong had given up guessing Chen Ge's thought.

"To find the key or something useful. There's a ghost living next to Xiao Bu's home, so going back is impossible. If we can find the key on this man's body, then we'll go spend a night at the killer's home."