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511 Room 104

 "Blame me?" Chen Ge felt like it should be because Jia Ming felt threatened by him, and that was why he used these dirty tactics on him.

"Just be careful. We'll handle the bigger picture, and more than that, the trust I have in you is not something that can be shaken with a few words." Captain Yan's words were a huge comfort to Chen Ge. "Please don't intervene in the things in Eastern Jiujiang. Leave it to us."

Probably he was still worried, Captain Yan added, "I've already arranged special people to take over. Just wait for the good news."

Chen Ge nodded, but he was already planning the action tonight. Huang Ling was innocent. Letting her stay with the devil worried Chen Ge. The man might do something even worse to her. The police car drove out the residential area. They drove for about a hundred meters when Tian Lei's voice came through the walkie-talkie.

"Captain Yan, I just communicated with the officers at the station, and we found something weird."


"Nine years ago, Jia Ming was working at Qin Tai Insurance. The client that he had the altercation with was one of the three investors for Ming Yang Residence-Jiang Long." Tian Lei sounded weird on the phone. It was different from before. "Several years ago, Jiang Long's car got into an accident with the last bus on Route 104. Jiang Long died on the spot, and I've informed you earlier, the second investor that died in an accident was him."

"But how is that related to Jia Ming?"

"Let me continue. The coincidence is that, several years later, Jia Ming got into an accident as well, and the accident was again with the last bus on Route 104. We saw the video from back then and realized that it was Jia Ming who voluntarily walked forward to be hit by the bus. And the location that he was hit was exactly the same as where Jiang Long was hit!" Tian Lei's voice slowly grew like he had made some great discovery.

"In other words, this Jia Ming is the actual mental patient?" Lee Zheng did not quite get what Tian Lei was saying.

"That I can't tell. What I know is that Xiao Jing just looked through the registration for the tenant, and the address for the second investor, Jiang Ling, has been changed to Ming Yang Residence Room 104. The actual owner of this place was Jia Ming."

"Someone changed Jiang Long's registration?"

"Who would be so bored to change a dead person's registration? Plus, the man is dead-why would someone care about his address?" Neither Tian Lei nor Lee Zheng understood it. Of everyone there, only Chen Ge who looked out the window had a flash of understanding cross his eyes.

The address on Jiang Long's registration changed to match Jia Ming's; this could represent that the ghost that escaped from bus 104, the ghost that took over Jia Ming's body, was none other than Jiang Long. He became the new owner for Room 104.

Jiang Long got into an accident with the bus on Route 104; that should just be a coincidence. After the accident, Jiang Long's soul was trapped on the bus, and he wanted to use Jia Ming as his replacement. That would be how a normal person think, but having completed many missions on the black phone, Chen Ge had a more rounded thinking compared to most; he would not give up any small details.

All three investors of Ming Yang Residence met bad endings. If these were all accidents, then it would be too much of a coincidence. This means that all that killings are probably premeditated. Chen Ge was more and more curious. Why would Jiang Ling target Jia Ming? Is there something special about Jia Ming, or was he just unlucky to have bought Room 104?

Jiang Long and Jia Ming were like Heaven and Earth in terms of background and wealth, so Chen Ge could not understand why Jiang Long would choose Jia Ming.

"Room 104? Someone has entered the registration server? Stop the car!" Captain Yan had been silent, and he rarely made his thoughts known, but once he did, there was no need for discussion. "Tian Lei, help me drive Chen Ge back to New Century Park. Lee Zheng and I will go to Room 104 to check the place out."

"Captain Yan, it's too dangerous to go to that place now. I feel like we should make a decision after daybreak." Chen Ge's fingers fidgeted. Without the hammer, he just felt like something was missing.

Captain Yan shook his head. "Never underestimate your opponent. If Jia Ming is really problematic, then when we showed up earlier, we will have already tipped our hands. He might do something tonight to destroy the evidence."

"But we're not familiar with Eastern Jiujiang, and there were so many weird things happening at Ming Yang Residence. Isn't it a bit reckless to go there with just the few of us?" Chen Ge asked.

"You know the meaning of the word, reckless?" Captain Yan turned to look at Chen Ge before turning away. "This should be you goading me into action, right?"

Chen Ge really did not expect Captain Yan to view him in such a manner; he was feeling quite helpless.

"Enough, you go and take Ol' Tian's car, leave the rest of us." Captain Yan had Lee Zheng open the door, but Chen Ge refused to leave. They were all adults, and they were quite helpless seeing Chen Ge act like this.

"The damn young man doesn't look so muscular, but why is he so powerful?" Tian Lei tried to yank Chen Ge out of the car, but he was unable to move the man.

"Captain Yan, please let me go with you. I really am afraid that you might run into danger."

"No matter the case, we always put the citizens' safety first. In other words, your safety is more important than the case, understood?"

"Quick, get out from the car. This is the first time I have seen someone refusing to leave the police car."

After two more minutes of back and forth, and under Chen Ge's insistence, Captain Yan finally relented. The two police cars turned to head to a more isolated part of Eastern Jiujiang. Ten minutes later, they arrived at Ming Yang Residence. This place was close to Li Wan City.

"This sure is in the middle of nowhere." Once he got out from the car, Chen Ge sighed. The area was covered with grass the old buildings stood in the dark. The front two buildings were almost ready, and the two buildings at the back were mostly just starting the construction.

"This is such a waste." Tian Lei pulled out the police-use flashlight. "I've been here before, so I'll lead the way."

They had just moved in with Chen Ge felt something wrong. "Isn't Ming Yang Residence completely abandoned? Why would there be light?"

With his Yin Yang Vision, even over such a distance, Chen Ge could see the lights coming from the building at the forefront.

"This place has no water and electricity. Who would live here?" Tian Lei was equally confused.

"Stop guessing, we'll know once we get there." Captain Yan and Tian Lei walked into the residential area. Chen Ge looked at the weak light and fell into deep thought.