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482 Two Trolleys

 On the phone, Hu Ya had said that she had already left the Haunted House, so who was the person standing at the door?

The lights went off, and darkness arrived. Tails curled up in the closet and shook endlessly. The employee would not have the heart to come after her. Her eyes were filled with tears, and her lips were bitten. She hugged her arms together and did not make too much noise with her breathing. Hu Ya's phone call ended, and the phone returned to normal. The house returned to silence.

Several seconds later, the footsteps showed that someone had entered the room. With the sound of shoes brushing against the sandy surface, Tails heard every step clearly.

The first freezer that was nearest to the door was forced open, and the smell of disinfectant drifted out.

"Not here." Hu Ya's voice sounded different from normal. She sounded stressed. Then again, who could blame her after all that she had been through?

The second freezer was also pulled open. They were forceful and violent. Some of the doors were already rusted, and they yanked them open with force. The sound moved closer to Tails. She was hiding behind the last freezer. If they walked to the side, they would see her.

"Come on, let's go. This might be another trap. If she heard our voice, there is no reason for her not to answer unless she has already fainted." Ah Nan and Hu Ya had already opened four freezers, and they did not spot Tails, so they chose to give up.

"Where could she have gone?" Hu Ya looked deeper into the room. Between the last freezer and the wall was a gap that was just large enough for a small figure to hide. She walked toward it, and just as she was about to get close, her phone vibrated. A message came in. "It's from Tails?"

According to the message, Tails said that she was trapped inside a secret tunnel that was overgrown with red moss, and the tunnel was inside the room with the cadaver pool.

"Don't be afraid, we'll be there now." Hu Ya did have an impression of such a room in the middle section. She stopped and called Tails' number. She turned and left the room with Ah Nan. The footsteps disappeared, but Tails still did not dare leave. She was undecided and called Hu Ya again.

However, this time, the call was not connected. The phone operator told her that the number was busy; Hu Ya was on the phone with someone else.

Just now, the person that looked like Sister Hu Ya was calling someone. Now that I'm calling her, she is also on the phone. What is going on?

Tails held her phone and slowly walked out from the room. She followed the two editors who left the room urgently from a distance.


Both hands held the heavy steel door, and Chen Ge entered the underground in full dress up. He found a trolley from the nearby storeroom and slowly wandered into the underground morgue.

One cart should be enough. With the doctors from Western Jiujiang Medical University holding the fort, this time, there shouldn't be that many fainted people. Chen Ge continued forward with a smile. The biggest reward from completing the underground morgue's trial mission should be the group of doctors. With them around, the safety of the visitors will be guaranteed.

At the end of the corridor, a ball-like object bounced up and down like it was waiting for Chen Ge. Seeing that, Chen Ge was not afraid. Please lead the way.

The ball-like object was the model head that Chen Ge had brought back from the underground morgue. The model had stayed in the underground morgue for decades. Every day, it was in company of those negative energy, so it had slowly been influenced. However, the model was really not that evil. It was only too lonely and wanted to find a friend.

Those were the things that Yan Danian had told Chen Ge. During the mission, Chen Ge had pushed the head into his backpack with the comic, recorder, and white cat. They had quite a good time in there, so Chen Ge decided to adopt this homeless model head.

With the head leading the way, Chen Ge first found Fan Dade and Fan Chong lying in the middle of the road. The brothers felt like they were neither conscious nor unconscious, like they could not decide whether they should wake up or not.

It's already a great achievement that they did not faint directly. No wonder they're visitors that have survived the two-star scenarios.

Chen Ge hauled the brothers onto the trolley. The wheels rolled, and Chen Ge arrived at the middle section. Yang Chen and Lee Xue were placed side by side, leaning against the wall. Probably afraid that the ground was too hardy, someone had been kind enough to push some pillows underneath them. The service was top notch.

"Not bad, this is the way to treat customers. While scaring them, we have to show some care toward them."

Gaining Chen Ge's approval, three shadows came out from the corridor and ran into the comic.

These two should be Ol' Zhou's group's handiwork. Chen Ge placed Lee Xue onto the trolley and looked at the fainted Yang Chen. He shook his head. Ultimately, you got the experience you wanted. This time, you really did run into an actual worker.

With four passengers, the trolley was full. Chen Ge found another trolley inside the scenario and walked to the secret tunnel at the middle section with the model head leading the way.

Someone really came here? What were they thinking?

Boss Chen entered the tunnel, and the first person he saw was Tails. The girl was collapsed on the ground. Probably afraid that she might injure herself from the fall, one of the mannequins was holding her.

The three editors were together, so there should be more.

The more Chen Ge headed into the tunnel, the weirder he felt. This group of visitors were like crazy, one by one falling into the trap that he had set up.

Are the visitors these days so wild?

After dragging out all five people, Chen Ge looked at the two full trolleys, and he felt quite embarrassed.

This shouldn't be! Before the visitors came in, I told the doctors to rescue any fainted visitors if they came across them.

Chen Ge wheeled the two trolleys out and looking at the visitors, he suddenly took in a cold breath.

This is bad, I forgot to tell the doctors to send them to the exit after saving them. The doctors have probably saved them multiple times already.

It was too late to say all that. Chen Ge quickly pushed the visitors to the room where the doctors stayed. After confirming that everyone was fine, he pushed the two trolleys out of the underground morgue.


When the Haunted House's curtains were pushed open, the noise outside dwindled. The visitors acted like their ability of speech had been stripped as they all turned to the entrance. The wheels rolled, and Chen Ge walked into the sunlight with the two trolleys of visitors.

The sun fell on his body, and his smile was as bright as ever. His muscular arms pushed the trolleys, and the visitors inside the cart looked so peaceful.

"Uncle Xu, I'll leave the rest to you. They are not in any danger; I've already asked people to check them. They'll wake up on their own after some time, don't worry."

Handing over the trolleys to Uncle Xu, Chen Ge waved at the visitors. "There are many Haunted Houses on the market that boast about their scares to attract visitors, but my Haunted House is different. The thing that we value the most here is the visitors' safety, so please come visit us. We have the best service. To facilitate a good experience, we even have professional doctors and many items to transport the visitors. Don't worry. We are not like other faithless places; we do not charge extra for these services."