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477 Bro, Wake Up!

 "Bro, wake up!" Fan Chong shook Fan Dade's shoulders. After a while, Fan Dade finally woke up.

"Where are we?" His eyes focused. The large, well-built Fan Dade was lying on his side on the ground, and he looked so weak. Seeing his brother in this state, Fan Chong's lips moved, and he had no heart to answer his brother's question.

"Have we been moved out of the Haunted House by the workers?"

Fan Chong did not say anything for a long time, and he looked like he was possessed. Fan Dade realized that something was wrong, and he struggled upward to look around. The steel door, freezer, and the sound of wheels that crawled into his ears. The déjà vu feeling stunned Fan Dade. "This scenario... Haven't we been through this already?"

The sound of nails scratching became clearer as well as the breathing sound coming from the freezer. Without the answer from Fan Chong, Fan Dade already knew what was happening. The trolley whipped past with the wind and stopped at the door. The freezer doors were pushed open, and blood spilled out. A greater number of monsters compared to before crawled out. His legs weakened, and Fan Dade's hands starting to shake as he leaned against the morgue's door.

The door behind him kept being slammed into, and his body shook alongside the door. Fan Dade felt like his skeleton was about to break.

"Stop! This is too much! I just woke up! I just f*cking woke up!" Fan Dade felt like crying, but in comparison, Fan Chong was much calmer. For someone smart, he knew not to make the same mistake twice. Wiping away the cold sweat, Fan Chong collapsed to the ground like his legs were cramping. He fell down next to Fan Dade.

"Bro, if you wake up first from the shock later, remember not to wake me up and let me sleep a little longer." With that, Fan Chong closed his eyes and 'fainted'. Before Fan Dade realized what was happening, the lights in the room went out.

"Bro, Xiao Chong? Fan Chong‽"

The door to the morgue was blasted open, and Fan Dade was surrounded by several shadows. The whole underground scenario was filled with Fan Dade's screams.


Half a minute later, the light came back on, and the corridor returned to normal. The shadows had dissipated, and Fan Dade's eyes were gyrating wildly next to the wall; the man could no longer produce anymore white foam.

Facing the ground, Fan Chong, who lay next to Fan Dade, slowly opened his eyes. While he was scared, there was also a trace of excitement in his heart.

"The monsters will not attack us if we play dead? No, probably because my brother has attracted all the aggression." Thinking back to what happened earlier, Fan Chong's scalp was dull. "I have to leave this place as soon as possible; any place is better than here."

He forced himself to stand up and went to shake Fan Dade's shoulders. "Bro, wake up! Hey!"

Fan Dade did not respond, and Fan Chong was getting nervous. He dragged Fan Dade's shoulders using both of his hands, wanting to carry him on his back. He just pulled Fan Dade up when he heard a sigh coming from the end of the corridor.

"Fainting spell due to fear is categorized as sudden fainting. The first thing you need to do is to lay him flat on the ground to ensure a constant flow of air and then conduct cardiac resuscitation. Moving his body like what you're doing now is not good for him."

This was an unfamiliar voice that did not belong to the other visitors. Fan Chong could not clearly hear what the person said. When the person said the first sentence, he released his grip and collapsed to the ground. Fan Dade's body also fell, and the two brothers lay dead in the middle of the corridor.

The person did not expect that his kind reminder would cause the man to faint. Several seconds later, the lights dimmed, and a cold draft picked up in the corridor. Four doctors wearing white coats, masks, and gloves walked over. They were covered so tightly that their faces could not be seen.

"Why did he faint? Wasn't he perfectly fine earlier? Perhaps his mental state was too tense."

"This larger man is physically not bad; the skin is not bruised after so many falls. The last time we had a patient like this, it was in Autopsy Room 7. It was a building site worker; it was quite a breeze when we had to remove the body fat."

"Stop wasting time, we need to rescue them first. Leaving them lying in the middle of the road like this is too dangerous."

One of the kind doctors went to help Fan Dade while the others surrounded Fan Chong. The wind that touched his skin was cold, but Fan Chong could not stop himself from sweating.

I seem to be surrounded, what should I do? What would a normal person do in a situation like this?

There was a cold touch on his neck, and one of the doctors gasped. "But he's fine. Why has he fainted?"

"His heart is moving so fast; he should be acting."

"Then, doesn't it mean that he has seen us? How about we..." When the doctors were discussing, Fan Chong on the ground silently opened his eyes slightly, and he happened to look into the sharp gazes of the few doctors.

"So, he is acting." The leading doctor looked to be the youngest, but he was also the scariest. "I hate people who rely on tricks the most."

Fan Chong's face jiggled as he smiled an embarrassed smile. His fatty hand pressed against the floor as he tried to sit up. "I'm surprise that this Haunted House has its own group of doctors. This is so rare even internationally. No wonder this is the best Haunted House in Jiujiang."

He glanced at the doctor who was saving his brother. No matter how he looked at it, there was something weird about the whole thing, but he could not tell what. His body temperature dropped as he was surrounded by the group of doctors. Fan Chong forced himself to reveal a happy laugh. "In that case, I won't disturb you anymore. Please continue."

He pushed his hand into his pocket, and his finger glided on the phone display. He leaned backward. He did not even want his brother anymore. At a time like this, he needed to save himself.

"Wait a minute." The group of doctors spoke at the same time, and their eyes focused on Fan Chong's hand that was inside the pocket. Fan Chong knew that things were getting worse, and he moved faster. After he turned a corner, he realized that it was a dead-end, and the only exit was blocked by the doctors.

"You're overly obese, and your heart rate is irregular after multiple scares. We have professional equipment, so I hope you'll cooperate with us to conduct an examination." After he finished, the doctor turned to ask with uncertainty, "We do have the equipment, right?"

"You want to help me treat my illness?" Fan Chong grabbed his phone and slowly got close to the doctor. When he was one or two meters away, he suddenly picked up speed. "Thank you for your kindness, but I'm fine-there's no need for you to worry about me!"

Fan Chong's large body rammed into the group of doctors. He knew that he could not stay. He needed to fight his way out. His arms flailed about and brushed against the doctors' coat. Fan Chong felt like his fingers had hit something.