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468 First Split in the Road

 Wang Dan and Yang Chen shared a look. As forensic students, they knew this smell too well.

"Isn't this too realistic? It's just a Haunted House, but it has applied actual formalin. Does Boss Chen not even care about cost?" Wang Dan stood at the entrance and did not enter.

"Underground morgue, formalin, corridor that is painted white..." Yang Chen glanced down the corridor, and he also stopped. "How come it feels like I've returned to school."

"Have you two entered your university's underground morgue?" Ah Nan walked over. He frowned slightly when the smell of formalin hit him. "I hear that when you students attend autopsy classes, the teacher will personally lead you to collect the cadaver, so you students should be more familiar with this underground morgue, right?"

"Who told you medical students have to be familiar with the underground morgue?" Wang Dan recovered and took several steps back. "In any case, I have not been to the underground morgue before. How about you ask the two of them?"

Lee Xue shook her head, but Yang Chen's reaction was weird. He walked into the corridor alone and sniffed at the wall. "The stench of formalin leaks directly out from the wall; this means that it has been soaked fully into the wall. This is not achievable by just splashing the wall with formalin. I now suspect that Boss Chen has broken down the morgue from some university and moved it here."

"This smell is not directly harmful to the human body, right?" Xiao Lee looked down the corridor but refused to take the first step.

"We smell it daily, and we're just fine, right? Furthermore, this smell is really not that strong." Yang Chen touched the wall and used his finger to lightly scrape the white paint. "I once heard from a senior who said that the underground morgue at our school is also painted white. According to legend, those corridors that are painted white are specifically for cadavers, while the unpainted corridors are for students and staff."

"There's such a story?"

"I thought that was a unique situation at our school, but based on what we're seeing, I guess it is the same for all morgues." Yang Chen called after Wang Dan and Lee Xue. "The three of us will walk ahead; no matter what, the rest of you'd better stick close to us. Don't split up no matter what happens! Only by sticking together will we be able to clear this scenario."

"I agree with your suggestion, but how do you suggest we split the pictures? The boss has said that there are only five pictures available." Bai Qiulin's face was drawn like the whole world owed him money. "I've visited this place before. The boss often says the opposite. He said the pictures are not that useful, so this proves that the pictures are the key to clearing this scenario!"

"Five pictures, but since the three of us move together, we only need one." Yang Chen made a huge concession. "The aim is to clear the scenario. Boss Chen said those things probably to drive a wedge between us. Based on our understanding of the man, before we enter the central hub, nothing too scary will happen. However, that will change once we get our hands on the picture."

"I also think so. Perhaps the picture is nothing but a red herring." Ah Nan agreed with Yang Chen. "The three of us editors are just here for the experience. We also only need one picture."

"Five pictures, and the six of us have already taken two. I came in alone, so it's not too much to ask for me to have one, right?" Bai Qiulin looked at others, and before he finished, the chef Fan Dade spoke.

"My little brother just has a break-up. I'm going to fight to get one for him."

"Big brothers, I've challenged two one-star scenarios and one two-star scenario already. The aim is to clear a three-star scenario. I'm begging you to give me one picture." Xiao Lee was quite helpless. He had the futuristic theme park to answer to. He had come here to look for something useful. From the sound, the picture it was cursed, but it seemed to be important as well. To complete the mission given to him by Mr. Mu, he had to get one picture somehow.

The pictures had all been assigned, and only Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue did not get one. The rest of the visitors turned to the two of them. With a smile, Ol' Zhou grabbed Duan Yue's hand and said, "It's alright. The two of us will follow the rest of you. As long as we don't get separated, everything should be fine."

Ol' Zhou did not create an issue due to the picture, and this improved the other visitors' impression of him.

"We still have not reached the central hub yet, so what's the point discussing all this?" Wang Dan felt that their group would contribute the most, but they only got one picture. That felt wrong, but he did not point it out even though his tone was rather rough.

"Then, everyone, please follow closely." Yang Chen walked at the forefront. The deeper they went, the darker it got. Without the aid of lighting, they needed to be within six meters of each other to see each other's faces.

"Bro, should we just give up?" Fan Chong stopped at the entrance. The fat on his body jiggled like he was shivering from fear.

"That would be so much of a waste since we're already here." Fan Dade looked at his brother and placed his arm over his shoulder. "You always coop yourself up at home. You have to come out to experience some new things. Don't just keep yourself locked up at home. I know you're not feeling the mood, but a break-up is not the end of the world, right? Life moves on."

"I'm really not staying at home because of the break-up." Fan Chong sighed. He seemed to have his own secret, but since he could bring himself to say it, he had no choice but to allow himself to be dragged down to the morgue.

The chef and the brother walked at the back, and before them were Duan Yue and Ol' Zhou. The single visitors, Xiao Lee and Bai Qiulin, walked side by side, and ahead of them were the editors and Yang Chen's group.

The party soon reached the first split; one was unpainted, and the other was painted white. On the corridor that was painted white, blood red letters read-No Living Humans Allowed.

The unpainted corridor, in comparison to the white corridor, looked rather dark and creepy.

"The white corridor is used for cadaver transportation, so we should use the unpainted corridor." Yang Chen did not hesitate and walked forward. However, he stopped once he took several steps.

"Ol' Yang, what's wrong with you?" Wang Dan ran into Yang Chen. He followed Yang Chen's gaze, and he also stopped. The few visitors all surrounded him. In the unpainted corridor, they could clearly see a ball-like object bouncing up and down.

"Is that a human head?"

"Too dark to tell." Yang Chen did not expect to come across something so weird at the start of their visit. "Don't worry, there are many of us. Let's go take a look."