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466 Come Together!

 The sudden announcement from Chen Ge spooked Uncle Xu. From Chen Ge's tone, he could hear the excitement in this Haunted House boss who did not know the meaning of the phrase 'bottom line'.

"The new scenario is very scary and is only open to visitors who have challenged a two-star scenario. Are there any courageous visitors who are willing to give it a try? We're having a half-price promotion, and we already have six participants!"

Using the loudspeaker, Chen Ge repeated the promotion. With his Yin Yang Vision, he could see the interest on some of the visitors' faces.

"I'll go!" When most were hesitating, a young man in jeans walked out. His face was rather pale, and when he left the crowd, he turned back to share a look with a middle-aged man in the crowd.

"How shall I refer to you?" Chen Ge looked at the young man and nodded. With someone leading the way, the rest of the visitors were swayed.

"My surname is Lee." The young man had just come out from the one-star and two-star scenarios. He really could not connect the experience that he had just been through with this smiling boss before him.

"Okay, Mr. Lee, please hold on for a moment." Chen Ge picked up the loudspeaker and shouted again, "We already have seven participants! We need three more, and the underground morgue will be officially open! This is an extremely meaningful day! All of the participants' stories will be written into the app's introductory page!"

Finally, another group of visitors came forward. "Boss, count the three of us in."

Two girls and one guy walked forward. These three were quite unique. The man was pale and very thin. He looked very polite and shy. There was a large bag on his arm, filled with food and drinks. The girl on his left wore sports sneakers, and she looked very outgoing. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, and there was a certain air about her. The girl on his right was the complete opposite of the other girl. She was only 1.6 meters tall, and she had a cute face. She looked so young like the friendly girl next door.

The three did not look like siblings or partners. They walked to Chen Ge and started their self-introduction. "We are editors from a supernatural magazine and your Haunted House's loyal fans. We've already visited all of your scenarios."

Chen Ge had no recollection of these people, but he pretended like he just remembered them. "Now that you mention it, I think I can remember."

"Your Haunted House's design is very good. How did you come up with these ideas? If you have time, we have to sit down and talk." The man wanted to exchange numbers with Chen Ge, and although Chen Ge initially rejected it, after seeing that the introduction of their company that was situated at Eastern Jiujiang, Chen Ge changed his mind. Perhaps he might run into them again in the future.

"Alright, ten people, this is perfect. What are your names?" Chen Ge was very polite to his customers, with a sincere smile on his face always.

"My name is Ah Nan, and this big sister is our main editor, Hu Ya. The girl on the other side is called Tails. Don't be fooled by her appearance; all the innocence is just a front." The man held two large bags, and ignoring the eye-rolling from his colleagues, he continued the introduction.

"Hu Wa? Tails? Those sound like pen names." Chen Ge glanced at the big sister. The woman was wearing sportswear, and her presence was something that radiated from within. Perhaps from her job scope of managing writers, she gave the impression that she was not to be messed with, but she looked pretty when she smiled.

"Hu Ya does have canine teeth, but why is Tails called Tails?" Chen Ge glanced at the girl and thought the girl was quite cute. "The four of you, please come with me."

Just as they were turning to go, someone in the crowd screamed, "Wait a minute! Boss, you allowed more than ten people to enter Mu Yang High School, and this is a three-star scenario; can't you allow more people to go as a group?"

The one who spoke was a man who was about 1.9 meters tall. His sleeves were rolled up, and even though the day was not that hot, he was sweating profusely.

"You also want to visit the new scenario? Sure!" Chen Ge preferred this type of visitor-straight forward and open with his demands.

"We're partners." The tall man walked toward the Haunted house and dragged a fatty with a drawn face behind him. "Do you mind adding two more people?"

"Even adding three more is fine! Let me tell you, there's no need to worry so much. The most important thing from visiting a Haunted House is to have fun!"

"Boss Chen is awesome!" The man gave Chen Ge a thumbs up, thinking that Chen Ge was a forthright man.

"Other visitors have said that, but I just try my best." Chen Ge waved at them. "Follow me!"

Other visitors had just completed their tour and were running out. Chen Ge had the six visitors wait outside while he went in to sign the disclaimers. Entering the Haunted House, he ran to the ghost's changing room to grabbed a few outfits. At the corner of the corridor, he summoned Ol' Zhou, Duan Yue, and Bai Qiulin.

"Wear these clothes. Make sure not to expose your heart that is dyed." Chen Ge thought about it closely. After the employees put the outfits on, he ran to Yang Chen's place to grab several disclaimers. Chen Ge had Bai Qiulin's group sign the disclaimers and then went to the door to give the disclaimers to the rest. After they signed them, Chen Ge collected the disclaimers and put them away.

"Alright, let's go meet up with the other visitors." Chen Ge led the six visitors deeper into the Haunted House, where the temperature was much lower than it was outside.

"Give me your disclaimers as well." Chen Ge collected the paper from Yang Chen's group. After making sure that everything was in place, he led the twelve visitors to the scenario entrance. "This is the first time that the underground morgue has been open to the public; there are many things that might not be completed yet. If you see anything weird or aren't sure if they are props, you'd better turn and run."

"But wait... Boss, what do you mean by that? Is there stuff here that is not part of your Haunted House's props?" Yang Chen knew how scary Chen Ge's Haunted House was and paid attention to every single word that Chen Ge said.

"Of course. Other than props in the new scenario, there are many surprises waiting for you." Chen Ge sped up. "The underground morgue's clearing requirement is different from the others. I have pasted five pictures of the victims on the wall in the central hub. You don't need to go look for them-I've already told you their location-but remember, there are only five pictures, and only those with a picture will clear the scenario."Hu Wa means Canine Teeth.