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465 More People Could Be Safer

 A new scenario was open, but no one was willing to come visit. From the interaction of the visitors on the app, they were curious about the new scenarios, but only experienced visitors who had survived a two-star scenario could withstand the terror of a three-star scenario. Every one of them was more cautious than the last; they waited for others to scout the road ahead for them and bring back firsthand information. Some who were familiar with Chen Ge's Haunted House had even found seats at the resting hall to wait for the show to begin.

This batch of visitors sure is lacking; they are too cowardly. None of them are willing to come forward. Chen Ge took his phone and walked back to the Haunted House. After he left, the situation became excited. The visitors whispered to one another, talking about the new scenario.

Every scenario in Chen Ge's Haunted House felt very realistic; they were the boss' labor of love. Three three-star scenarios, each offering a different experience. This made the visitors' hearts all conflicted. They were curious and wanted to try them out, but they were afraid of the possible scares.

"Mr. Mu, it was this Haunted House that sent Brother Wong to the hospital. Even now, he's still recovering." There was a young man in jeans in the crowd, whispering to the middle-aged man standing next to him. "He opened a new scenario in just a few days. I believe they have already prepared everything beforehand and are just waiting for the holidays to unveil everything to fight with us. This latest scenario is quite possibly not the last scenario that he has prepared."

"Of course, people will keep the best for last. However, it is still too difficult for New Century Park to fight with us with just a Haunted House. They're walking on the edge of the knife; it is very problematic for them to position their theme park thusly. The focus is too singular," the middle-aged man explained.

"Then, should we just ignore them? Let them die out on their own?" The young man thought that the middle-aged man had a point.

"We cannot do that either." The middle-aged man looked at the excited visitors around them and lowered his voice. "One theme park is more than enough in Jiujiang. We only need to incorporate New Century Park's uniqueness into our own. Then, this place will have no reason to exist."

"Incorporate their uniqueness into our own?" The young man nodded like he understood somewhat. "Meaning we should open a Haunted House of our own? I seem to remember Brother Wong saying something like that when he came last time."

"Our technical ability is at least five years ahead of New Century Park's. We have stuff that they don't, and we can easily copy what they have. Therefore, they have technically zero chance of winning." The middle-aged man had already come up with a plan. "However, before that, we have to solve a problem, which is to figure out why this place is so popular. Based on my understanding, New Century Park's House of Horrors managed to create unprecedented popularity on the internet. The good reviews are so high that it is something that has not been achieved by other Haunted Houses before."

"Understood, shall we visit the scenario that Brother Wong experienced before?" The young man glanced at the screen in the hall. "But it feels like his new scenario is quite interesting as well."

The middle-aged man considered it seriously. "Xiao Lee, you are the most courageous person our team has. Today's mission will be very important. I will cooperate with you from the outside. Remember to send me all the important details."

"You're not coming with us?" The young man was startled.

"There has to be someone who stays outside. I heard that Brother Wong recorded important footage last time, but unfortunately, it was deleted. We cannot allow that to happen again. After you finish the recording, send it to me immediately, and I will upload it to the company's server."

Mr. Mu's words were very convincing, but Xiao Lee was not feeling comfortable. Only when a person fainted could others delete the stuff on their phone without being discovered. Listening to Mr. Mu's plan, the company sounded like they were prepared to sacrifice him. "Then, let me start with a one-star scenario."

Many visitors were curious with the arrival of a new scenario, but they were lacking a leader. Chen Ge stood inside the Haunted House, observing the situation outside. He wished that he could summon some ghost to take the lead for them. It was not until 11 am that someone in the lines finally lost their patience.

"We have already visited the Third Sick Hall and Coffin Village-the requirement to pass is to find a specific item. To find something in such a large area is too difficult. Wait for me while I go ask the boss. If the clearing requirement for the new scenario is not a treasure hunt, I think perhaps we still have some hope of clearing it." The person who spoke was Yang Chen from Western Jiujiang Medical University. He had seen the introduction to the Haunted House's new scenario that morning. He had skipped school and come with two of his friends to come visit.

"Are you sure you want to try that new scenario? Boss, did forget how the three of us were sent out of the Haunted House before?" The one speaking was Wang Dan. He was still running that mouth of his.

"We should think this through." The last to speak was Lee Xue, the girl who looked so studious. The three of them had visited the place before. When they visited, they happened to be with the same group as the members of the ghost stories society. After Chen Ge dealt with the members, he had given the three free tickets for their next visit.

"We came because this is a new scenario. If you surrender now, what's the point of us skipping class?" Yang Chen looked at the line that was approaching the Haunted House. "How about this? We'll buy the ticket first but not go in yet. When there are more than enough visitors to go with us, we can go in together. The bigger the group, the harder it'll be for us to get scared."

The two friends agreed. Under Uncle Xu's pity-filled gaze, they bought the ticket to the new scenario and moved into the Haunted House.

"Sign the disclaimer first. The pen and paper are on the table." Chen Ge lifted his head, and when he saw it was his old customers, he immediately turned friendly.

"Boss, we're here to try out the new scenario."

Hearing the words 'new scenario', the smile exploded on Chen Ge's face. "The new scenario has a half-price promotion today; you came at the right time."

Seeing the smile on Chen Ge's face, Yang Chen's hair stood on end. He quickly explained, "We want to wait for more people before we go in."

"No problem. Go and rest over there for now. I'll go get some drinks for you."

"There's no need, boss. We're not that thirsty..." Yang Chen still wanted to say something but was interrupted by Chen Ge.

"There's no need to be so polite around me. We're family, right? I feel so close to you students from the university." Chen Ge passed water to the three. "Wait here, I'll go look around outside."

Chen Ge walked out and yelled at the visitors, "Does anyone else want to experience the new scenario? Now, we already have six visitors registered for this session. Since this is the first time, to give everyone a chance to get used to things, I will allow ten people to go in together!"