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459 Big Business!

 The underground morgue's mission was a turning point for Chen Ge. After upgrading to Maze of Terror, the Haunted House would gain a new feature. This meant that he was closer to finding his missing parents.

Maze of Terror, that does sound scary. Although it doesn't say what kind of new feature will be added, hopefully, it won't be a disappointment.

Counting the underground morgue, Chen Ge's Haunted House had already unlocked ten scenarios. There were three aboveground-The Night of the Living Dead, Minghun, and Murder by Midnight-and seven underground: Mu Yang High School, Western Jiujiang's Private Academy, A Room of Three, Third Sick Hall, The Wife's Room, Coffin Village, and Underground Morgue.

Currently, the scenario with the highest difficulty was the Third Sick Hall because this scenario's completion rate was more than ninety percent, so all of the scare points had been unlocked.

The hidden quest at the Third Sick Hall was for me to vanquish the society, and the reward I have been given is this chairperson's letter of appointment. What is its usage? Perhaps it can be used to order the lingering spirit of the dead members?

When the completion rate for the Third Sick Hall's trial mission went over ninety percent, Chen Ge had been rewarded a patient's list. It was possessed with the souls of all the patients. These patients were all maddened individuals, and only Doctor Gao could control them. Chen Ge was afraid that they might harm the visitors if he released them, so he had not been using the patient's list.

Based on his former experience, these two rewards should be related. Therefore, the first thing that came into Chen Ge's mind was to use the letter of appointment to control the patients' lingering spirit.

Those few are pure madness, but with this, it will be perfect for them to handle Third Sick Hall.

Chen Ge felt happy thinking about the 'joy' that he would be able to give to his customers. He stretched his body and placed Doctor Chen, who was also unconscious, into the trolley. The four of them moved together.

Doctor Chen is currently on the police's wanted list because he is suspected in 'children kidnapping'. Before the misunderstanding is cleared, I should let him temporarily stay with me. It just so happens that I have plenty of question to ask him.

Doctor Gao had Specters with him because he had opened the door, but Chen Ge could not understand why Doctor Chen could control spirits. He planned to uncover the man's secret.

The trolley moved outward, and the corridor slowly opened. The bodies and the pictures had been demolished by Doctor Gao. Before the match was concluded, he had already come up with all the solutions.

The underground morgue is separated into three sections. While the size of the place is smaller than Coffin Village, the scarier part is that it is much harder to escape from the underground morgue. Chen Ge had already started to consider how to set up the scenario. As the experience he faced that night crossed his mind, insanity flashed across his eyes. How about we go for a big one this time?

Chen Ge pushed the trolley round and round before he managed to leave the middle section. When he passed Morgue No. 7, he stopped to glance into it. He did not see Morgue No. 8 from last night like it had not existed in the first place.

They should have been guarding this place from the dark.

Western Jiujiang Medical University had been spreading the legend about Morgue No. 8, but none of the students had gotten into an accident in the morgue. This probably had plenty to do with the people inside Morgue No. 8. They were no match for Doctor Gao and could not stop him. All they could do was their best to protect their students.

If the two crematorium workers did not show disrespect to the cadavers, those unfortunate events wouldn't have happened to them.

Chen Ge turned to where he imagined Morgue No. 8 had been and bowed. Then, he continued to move forward.

When the workers came in to deal with the cadavers, security should have been waiting outside. The workers didn't leave for the whole night, so they should have called the police. Why is the underground morgue so quiet?

Chen Ge reached for one of the workers' cell phones to look at the time. It was 5:30 am; the sun was just climbing up.

I should wait for the upcoming interrogation. Chen Ge realized that he had gotten way too good at this. He shoved the cell phone back into the man's pocket. He eventually reached the entrance.

The cold morning wind touched his face, and he felt more refreshed. The crematorium's van was parked at the front door. The section where the cadavers should have been had two unconscious men in security uniforms.

Is this Doctor Gao's doing as well? Chen Ge looked into the car. The two men were fine; their condition was similar to Gao Ru Xue. Since the trial mission had been completed, Chen Ge did not want to create more problems for himself. He placed the two workers in the trunk and then pushed Gao Ru Xue and Doctor Chen away from the campus, avoiding the camera.

Chen Ge sighed in relief after he got into the taxi. He first dropped Gao Ru Xue home before taking Doctor Chen to New Century Park. This was the first time that Chen Ge had welcomed a guest into his Haunted House, so he wanted to make sure Doctor Chen feel welcomed. He placed Doctor Chen inside the room that was deepest in the Third Sick Hall and prepared snacks and water for the man. Before he left, he even dropped his phone number.

I'm still worried. Chen Ge thought about it and took out a pen to leave a note for Doctor Chen. He wrote that he was Fan Yu's family, and he had no bad intentions. He just wanted to talk to him.

After exiting the room, Chen Ge placed a sign on the door that read-'No Entry. Hungry ghost inside.' He activated the recorder, placed it by the door, and left.

He felt drowsy when he reached the staff breakroom. However, Chen Ge did not go to sleep immediately because he had many things he needed to do.

He took out his phone and called the mannequin workshop. It rang about ten times before it was picked up.

"Boss Qian? Were you asleep? I have big business I want to discuss with you."

"Big business?" The boss, Qian Guigen, heard that, and he woke up immediately. "How big are we talking?"

"I wish to make one hundred human-sized mannequins."

"Wait, how many‽"

"One hundred. I will go and make them myself; you only need to provide me with the materials and facilities." Chen Ge looked at the rising sun, and his eyes reflected the light. "This might just be the beginning. If possible, I plan to enter a long-term cooperation with you because my Haunted House will need more mannequins in the future."