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458 Maze of Terror!

 Chen Ge used Yan Danian's comic to collect the four doctors. It seemed that dawn had not arrived-he had not received the message from the black phone saying that the mission had been completed.

Now that the Haunted House has a medic unit, the safety of the visitors will be guaranteed. Uncle Xu won't have to worry about me scaring the visitors anymore. Chen Ge was satisfied. Perhaps I can try to come up with more exciting features in the future. After all, I doubt there are any Haunted Houses on the market that will have the best medic unit like I do.

A Haunted House had to be unique and lasting to be able to stand the test of time. It had to have something that could not be replicated by the competition to stand out. Chen Ge felt like his Haunted House had managed to do that. In all of Jiujiang, even the whole country, Chen Ge did not think any other Haunted House could rival his own.

This is the competition of business.

Chen Ge had gotten a lot of rewards from that night's trial mission. Bai Qiulin would become a Red Specter after he consumed enough Specters. The addition of the four doctors solved a problem that Chen Ge was facing. The threat of the ghost stories society had been resolved as well. He could focus on building up his Haunted House to face the futuristic park that was opening.

As long as I can stop the futuristic park from stealing my customers, and the visitor number doesn't drop exponentially, it can be considered a victory.

The opponent was strong. This was a tussle between a physical theme park and futuristic theme park. From all the information so far, the only advantage that New Century Park had over the futuristic theme park was Chen Ge's Haunted House. Director Luo had already noticed that, which was why he had decided to fully support Chen Ge.

There are less than three weeks left.

It was crunch time, but Chen Ge was not worried. The Haunted House was improving, and after the four-star scenario appeared, it might change again. Chen Ge found a trolley that was used to transport cadavers and placed the two crematorium workers in it. When he picked up Gao Ru Xue to move her into the trolley, he felt a bone-chilling presence coming from behind him.

Looks like there is one Specter that has not yet returned.

Black hair reached out from Chen Ge's back, and it felt something was curling tightly around his spine. With his life dependent on it, Chen Ge dropped Gao Ru Xue on the trolley and stood where he was honestly.

The chill did not disappear. The girl behind him seemed to have walked into his body and moved into his heart. His heart froze, and it slowed down. Chen Ge felt his body become frigid. If this continued, he might not be able to live to see the sun.

"Zhang Ya." Chen Ge turned around, and she was standing behind him. Zhang Ya had her head lowered, and her black hair covered half of her pale face. No one could tell what was on her mind.

"This should be our second date, right?" Chen Ge very naturally raised his hand to caress Zhang Ya's hair. "It has only been a few days, but it feels like we have not seen each other for a long time."

He sat next to the trolley and stretched lazily. Zhang Ya stood where she was for a long time before slowly moving to the trolley. Blood dripped, and after some hesitation, she sat down beside Chen Ge. "Our first date was at the abandoned school, and the second date is at the underground morgue. I believe that I will remember them for a long time."

Chen Ge nudged toward Zhang Ya as he leaned against her. He could feel that chill reaching for his heart, and he lowered his head to look at Zhang Ya's face. Neither of them spoke. In the dark, creepy morgue filled with the smell of formalin, the man and the ghost sat side by side, enjoying the rare 'peace and quiet'.

Chen Ge leaned against Zhang Ya's shoulder and asked softly, "Did you get yourself injured?"

Zhang Ya shook her head. When she was alive, she had never had a friend, much less lover. Now, Chen Ge was being too close to her, and she did not know how to act.

"Give me your hand." Chen Ge's voice drifted into her ear. Zhang Ya could feel the warmth from Chen Ge's body, and her hands that gripped the red shirt slowly loosened. Her fingers moved toward Chen Ge, and when she was about to touch Chen Ge's hand, she suddenly pulled back and crawled back into Chen Ge's shadow without warning.

The morgue seemed to have turned brighter and the atmosphere not as stuffy. Chen Ge, who was covered in cold sweat, leaned against the two workers. He had chosen to sit next to the trolley earlier because he had realized that his legs were numb and his body was frozen. He was already having trouble standing.

"I, Chen Ge, have never been afraid of anyone. I'm acting thusly before Zhang Ya because I feel her affection toward me, and I don't want to disappoint her." Chen Ge sounded like he was trying to convince himself. He tried multiple times but failed to stand up. Half of his body was numb from the cold. If this is allowed to continue, something bad is bound to happen. Zhang Ya's affection level seems to have increased again. It probably won't take long to break through the current level of 'Gripped by Passion'.

Collapsed on the ground, Chen Ge tried to think. Just what is it about me that deserves the affection of so many 'people'?

After a long rest, when the black phone received the message, Chen Ge finally stood up from the ground. He opened the unread message.

"Successfully reached the central hub of the underground morgue before midnight and survive until dawn.

"Congratulations, Specters' Favored, for completing the three-star trial mission-The Underground Morgue!

"Mission completion rate is sixty percent, not enough to unlock the mission's hidden item.

"Congratulations for demolishing the entire ghost stories society, completing the only hidden mission at the Third Sick Hall-Ghost Stories Society!

"Obtained the reward-The Chairperson's Letter of Appointment!"

Reading the message on the phone, Chen Ge was surprised. The completion rate for the underground morgue is only sixty percent? That is probably because the culprit, Doctor Gao, is still alive, but the hidden mission from the Third Sick Hall states that I have already demolished the entire ghost stories society. The black phone couldn't have made this mistake, or is it because Doctor Gao is not considered a human anymore?

Not living but still alive.

Chen Ge turned to look at the door. The world behind it had already collapsed, and the door could not be used anymore. The black phone kept vibrating; more messages were coming in.

"The interior space is lacking! The third expansion will occur tonight!

"After completing the third expansion, three-star scenario Underground Morgue will be fully unlocked!

"Warning! After the third expansion, the Haunted House will officially upgrade to become a Maze of Terror!

"Warning! After the upgrade, you'll get a chance to win a random unique construct, and the Haunted House will unlock new features!"