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457 Medic Uni

 "The memories they have of tonight have been buried deep in their mind. After you entered, I had the cadavers move the dead bodies in real life into the door. I've demolished all the evidence. I hope you can also forget everything that has happened tonight." Doctor Gao's body shook. The black threads were almost crawling out of his eyes. "Take them and go."

Doctor Gao really had considered everything. No matter the choice Chen Ge made, he would not lose. Kill him, he would become an entity stronger than a Red Specter, and everyone would die; not killing him meant agreeing to the trade and expanding the benefits to their maximum.

"Looks like I have no choice." Under Zhang Ya's gaze, Chen Ge had Bai Qiulin carry Gao Ru Xue. Trusting that the Doctor Gao would not harm his own daughter, the fact that he had handed Chen Ge his daughter was a sign of his sincerity.

He has been doing so much investigation-is it possible that he was also looking for a suitable candidate to look after his daughter?

The society had been living in the shadows for so long and had made plenty of enemies. After Doctor Gao's departure, it would be dangerous for Gao Ru Xue.

The ceiling cracked, and blood red mist drifted into the surgery room. Whenever Chen Ge entered the world behind the door, he would be limited inside a building-this was the first time that he had seen the view outside a building. That was the real world behind the door. The space that was constructed by the door-pusher's heart was like a medium between the two.

The red light fell on Doctor Gao, and the black threads grew at an exponential rate. At the same time, the white cat in Chen Ge's backpack crawled out, and one of its eyes had turned completely red. The thing attracting it was just outside the crack!

The white cat wanted to jump out, but this time, Chen Ge was prepared. The morgue was collapsing; they needed to leave as soon as possible. He hugged the cat and shoved it back into the bag before zipping it up. Ignoring the resistance, Chen Ge slowly retreated. His purpose there was to complete the mission on the phone-surviving until dawn was more important.

The walls were cracking. The ground fell, and a loud boom echoed from the ceiling. A large piece of flesh fell and knocked heavily into the ground. Looking through the crack, there was a heavy fog outside the morgue. The fog seemed to be covering a blood red city!

"The city's structure looks no different from Jiujiang, but the whole style gives a unique sensation." The underground morgue was exposed, and Chen Ge saw something approaching in the mist.

"Go now. If the door is destroyed, you'll be stuck here forever." Doctor Gao hugged his wife, and his eyes were now completely dark. "We might meet again in the future. I've already marked one of the doors."

"Marked one of the doors?" Doctor Gao's tone was getting weird like there was more than one person speaking. His eyes that looked at Zhang Ya and Chen Ge were turning as well.

"Zhang Ya is already injured. Getting into a conflict with Doctor Gao now will only benefit the creature in the mist. We should leave now." Chen Ge retreated, and during that process, he asked Zhang Ya to surround Xiong Qing. The man had just unleashed his potential, but he was cruelly slaughtered. His body was shattered into pieces, and his head was stolen by Xu Yin.

"Don't worry, it's too dangerous here. I'll bring you with me." Chen Ge smiled at Xiong Qing as he dragged the two workers and started to run.

Xiong Qing shuddered from Chen Ge's smile. He screamed for help until Xu Yin covered his lips. The world was crumbling. Chen Ge turned to look at Doctor Gao. The man's skin was cracking, and his pair of dark eyes focused on his wife. Their bodies leaned close together like they were prepared to be buried side by side.

"Such a scary enemy." Before Chen Ge arrived, Doctor Gao had come up with many different scenarios. This was the worst scenario for Doctor Gao, but even so, he had not lost.

The corridors shook greatly. Chen Ge and Doctor Wei ran toward the central hub. When they passed one of the morgues, a few more doctors joined Chen Ge with Doctor Wei's persuasion. Chen Ge was surprised by the sudden addition. If not for the crumbling location, he would have looked around the area. Chen Ge managed to reach the central hub before the entire world collapsed. The door was half open. The blood was peeling off, and the door did not look as red.

"It's time to leave." Chen Ge led all of his employees and ran out the door. It sounded like there were cries for help coming from behind the door, but that had nothing to do with Chen Ge anymore.

The door closed, and the blood retreated. When it opened again, everything had returned to normal like everything earlier had been a nightmare and they had now awakened. There were stains on the ground. The pictures on the wall and the dead bodies had all disappeared. Doctor Gao had thoroughly prepared, so all the evidence had been destroyed.

"Since the world has collapsed, the door probably cannot be used anymore." Chen Ge opened the backpack to release the white cat. It seemed like it was about to growl at Chen Ge, but when it saw the Red Specters standing next to Chen Ge, it mellowed out and crawled back into the bag. It scratched at the zipper like it was trying to close the zipper on its own.

"Such a curious cat." Chen Ge took out the comic to calculate his earnings. He first looked at Xiong Qing. Being stared at by a group of Specters and the fiendish Haunted House operator, Xiong Qing experienced despair that he had not experienced in his life before.

"Don't be afraid, it won't be painful." Chen Ge signaled for Xu Yin to consume Xiong Qing, but Xu Yin's reaction was weird. He shook his head and pointed at his heart. No matter how hard Chen Ge persuaded, Xu Yin refused to consume Xiong Qing-he seemed more interested in finding his heart.

The man and ghost pushed back and forth; the only result was that it scared the hell out of Xiong Qing.

"It's nice that you have your own consciousness." Chen Ge called for Bai Qiulin. Of all his employees, only he had a blood stain on his shirt, so he had the potential to become a Red Specter.

"Ol' Bai, don't let me down." Chen Ge reached over to pat Bai Qiulin's shoulder, but he missed. He already treated his employees as actual people. Bai Qiulin had a bitter smile on his face. He was afraid just standing before Xiong Qing, much less consuming him. In the end, it was with Xu Yin's help that Bai Qiulin finished the consumption.

When he did, Bai Qiulin collapsed to the ground. He tore at his body like a fire was burning in his heart. His process was different from those of Zhang Ya and Xu Yin. He did not go into a slumber but had his fight at the line of being vanquished. This lasted for more than one hour before he returned to normal. His body no longer looked that fragile, and his heart was dyed red by blood. Bai Qiulin's situation was the complete opposite of Xu Yin's. He had already found his heart. By consuming more ghosts, he would one day become the Haunted House's new Red Specter.

This kind of Red Specter might be weaker than Xu Yin, but it is still a Red Specter.

With a new Red Specter in his employment, just that alone would make Chen Ge's adventure that night worth it.

He took out the comic to move his employees into it before turning to Doctor Wei and the three doctors standing next to him. The four were the best of their field, and the admirable thing was that they had all donated their bodies to the university.

"Nice to meet all of you. I admire you from the bottom of my heart. If possible, I hope you'll come stay with me as guests," Chen Ge said sincerely. He had left a good impression on Doctor Wei. Doctor Wei saw him as a young man who was not afraid of darkness and evil.

"You've saved my life. I cannot reject your request." Doctor Wei nodded and turned to look at the rest. "What about you?"

"I like this kid. He is a very studious person and is a student of Jiujiang Medical University. I have high hopes for him." The doctor who spoke walked to stand beside Chen Ge. This man was Liu Zhengyi. The two other doctors also agreed.

"Thank you very much." Chen Ge bowed. He was so happy. He had gained four top doctors at once. They had managed to save dead people from inside the door, so of course, they could handle small things like fainting.

He had already started a plan in his heart. If people came to annoy him again, he would scare them until they fainted. Then he would stand and watch as they got resuscitated. He would give them another surprise to make them faint again and then revive, then faint, repeating this process.

With the smile on his face, even though they were standing inside the dark underground morgue, they could sense the happiness Chen Ge was radiating.

"Is he so happy simply because we've agreed to join him as guests?" The few doctors saw this and felt that this man was not bad.