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453 Zhang Ya! Zhang Ya!

 Doctor Gao sank into the pool. His body dropped on top of the pile of cadavers, and various arms pulled him down into the abyss. Bubbles escaped from underneath the pile of dead bodies. Slowly, the dead bodies that covered the blood pool started to shake. All the bodies seemed to have come back alive and charged at the pile like starving individuals fighting over food.

The blood inside the pool started to decrease at a rate observable to the naked eye. The blood morphed into red threads and crawled into the pile of dead bodies, sewing them all together.

The flesh on the walls wilted, and the blood vessels on the ceiling that supported the entire world snapped and collapsed. The world was irreversibly damaged, and the emotions that created the world were sucked out. The doctor standing amid the endless bodies suffered all this despair alone.

A hand made from dead bodies reached out of the pool. The arm, legs, and the deformed body were all twisted together. Blood dripped, and the monstrosity was covered with blood threads. The hand slammed on the edge of the pool heavily, crushing it. The five fingers gripped the ground, and a bestial roar came from the deepest depths of the pool!

In the roaring blood sea, another hand that was constructed from cadavers reached out from the viscous liquid. The whole world was shaking, and a large monster climbed out from the pool. It was made completely of dead bodies, and the blood threads were exposed on the body's surface. It had no nose or eyes but a gaping maw.

The entire head consisted of human faces that were screaming. The monster raised its arm, and many cadavers fell, pulled by gravity, but it did not mind that as it tried to swipe at Zhang Ya!

Compared to the monster that was constructed from all the cadavers in the surgery room, Zhang Ya appeared so small-they were not on the same level. However, facing this monster, Zhang Ya showed no sign of dodging. The red dress stood where she was. She stared at the monster before her, and the madness was ignited in her eyes!

She showed a version of herself that Chen Ge had not seen before. Facing away from Chen Ge's pale face, dark veins pulsed on her face, and her eyes were filled with murder and venom!

She was a Red Specter, a real Red Specter!

The shrill scream echoed in the room, and the black hair rushed forward like waves. Perhaps because she had consumed the dark blood, Zhang Ya's hair seemed to have become darker, and from a far, the rush of hair looked like the coming of the endless night. Without evading, without waiting for the monster's hand to fall, Zhang Ya's hair rammed into the monster.

A large chunk of cadavers fell, and the monster's hand was blocked. It could not slam down but was slowly lifted upward. The monster's split mouth roared, and more cadavers fell from its lips. It could not believe this Red Specter could manage to stop it and had an even harder time believing that this Red Specter was even more unreasonable than it was.

It lifted its other hand, but before it could make a move, the black hair had already swallowed everything. Things shook even harder, and the surgery room felt like it was about to collapse.

Doctor Gao, who had gathered everything he had, was still on the losing end. Things had gone off track to such a state that all he could then was try his best to kill Zhang Ya. Another scream escaped from the monster's lips. The woman who was fighting with Men Nan paused, and the blood on the red wedding dress started to move.

She heard Doctor Gao's voice and traded wounds for wounds. Risking the danger of having her arm torn off, she poked her other arm into Men Nan's stomach to heavily injure the boy. Without stopping to consume Men Nan, the woman dragged her wedding dress and charged at Zhang Ya.

"Be careful!" Chen Ge gripped the hammer and wanted to help but was stopped by the black hair. Zhang Ya turned to give Chen Ge a view of her profile. The black veins were getting more obvious on her face, and Zhang Ya split out a part of her black hair to deal with Doctor Gao's wife. She did not seem like she understood the concept of defense, and no matter the enemy, she would choose offense over defense.

The assault of the black hair caused the woman in the wedding dress to increase in speed. It was not until then that Chen Ge and Men Nan realized that she had been reserving her strength. Just as the woman was about to get entangled by the black hair, her body exploded into numerous birds.

Each of the birds was small, and they had no legs. This meant that they could only fly forward to charge at Zhang Ya. Some of the birds were stopped by the black hair, but some of them reached Zhang Ya. They collided together and transformed back into the woman with the wedding dress.

The black hair was too far away from her to return. This was an opening. Zhang Ya had lost the protection of her hair. Her fingers that were sharp as knife reached for Zhang Ya's face. Zhang Ya had no defense, but there was no fear in her eyes, like such emotions had been shattered the moment she faced death. The woman was very fast, but just as she was about to poke through Zhang Ya's eyes, no one heard the voice of the man at the corner.

"Yan Danian!"

When the woman morphed into the birds, Chen Ge had already activated Yan Danian's power-Spirit Drawing. It had a chance to pull normal Specter into the comic and had the chance to freeze a Red Specter for half a second.

In that crucial half a second, the black hair had already returned. The black veins pulsed on Zhang Ya's face as they crawled forward. She raised her hand to grab the woman's arm. The woman also realized the problem. She immediately morphed into the flock of birds, but this time, most of her body had been consumed by the black hair, which stood at the ready.

The ambush failed, and the woman suffered grievous damage, causing her body to turn transparent.

Due to the damage suffered by the woman, the monster in the pool lost its rationality and started to attack Zhang Ya madly. The woman's arms were swallowed by the black hair. Black veins popped up on Zhang Ya's neck. She was not just manipulating the hair now. After she consumed the black blood, something seemed to have happened to her hair.

Facing away from Chen Ge, Zhang Ya did not let Chen Ge see her face. Her eyes were swirling with vengeance, and as she controlled her hair, she pulled both the woman in wedding dress and the corpse amalgamation into the fray.

"Has she lost her mind? Even if she's a Red Specter..."

The wound on Men Nan's stomach was recovering. His body slowly turned transparent, and he was preparing to sneak away when he saw how cruel Zhang Ya was. He started to have second thoughts.

"Men Nan! Come with me, deal with him first!" Chen Ge was calmer than anyone there. While Zhang Ya was dealing with the two, he called all of his employees to surround Xiong Qing!

"If Xu Yin can consume Xiong Qing, they will lose one Red Specter, and we will gain another!"