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452 Long Time No See

 The cold fingers peeled open Chen Ge's skin. Doctor Gao's hand that was covered by blood threads pierced through the doll. He was attempting to reach into Chen Ge's chest to pluck out his heart. The sound of his beating heart was amplified in Chen Ge's ears. However, Chen Ge could feel no pain, only a certain iciness.

The organ that was supposed to supply his body with warmth was now frozen. The bone-chilling tingle spread from his heart to the rest of his body. His brain froze, and he could not sense the passing of time. Chen Ge tried to gather all the strength in his heart, but all he could do was move his eyes. He watched as Doctor Gao's hand reached through the door. The black hair that bound the doll's limbs and joints started to collapse and snap under the pressure.

The black hair fell in the blood rain, and Chen Ge felt something important leaving his body. He was familiar with that feeling. Initially, it was fear, then concern, but starting from a moment later, many other things were mixed in as well. It was more than pity; it was a feeling that Chen Ge himself had a hard time explaining. The heart slowed down, and Doctor Gao's fingers were just right above his heart.

The blood threads that were formed from despair crawled away from Doctor Gao's fingers. They were climbing toward Chen Ge's heart to replace the blood vessels around it. They were preparing to surround his heart from all sides and perfectly remove it. "You are the person that I admire the most. I will help you preserve this heart."

The heart was the warmest place in Chen Ge's body. It also gave Doctor Gao a sense of warmth that he had not felt for a long time. His hands slowly closed. Just as he was about to grip the heart, the shadows behind Chen Ge rippled, and a woman's voice could be heard echoing through the entire blood world. "Let go."

All the ghosts and carcasses stopped moving. Even the owner of this world, Doctor Gao, subconsciously stopped what he was doing. The shadow that was as dark as night was like an abyss that opened up on the ground. Looking down, it was a wave of black hair that was expanding quickly!

Chen Ge was facing Doctor Gao, so he had no idea what was happening behind him. This was also the first time he had heard the woman's voice. She had only said two words, but it had managed to ignite the hope in his heart. His frozen train of thought started to run again. Chen Ge's heart that was close to be being plucked out started to beat, and a familiar name appeared in it. "Zhang Ya?"

The reply he got was a scream that seemed to shake the whole world down to its core!

The shadow behind him dissolved into a dark sea in an instant. Endless black hair flooded the place and slammed into everything with the cruelest method. She did not hold back and tore everything that was caught in the wave of hair into pieces!

The doll had already completed its mission, so it morphed into a black cloud. There was unwillingness in its departure. Doctor Gao was forced back. His expression was livid; his perfect plan had been poked through by a sudden intruder.

He had purposely exposed his weakness and even gone to the hospital to drop a huge hint for Chen Ge. He had used the scapegoat to send false information to the police to trick Chen Ge, all to lure the man into the underground morgue. Doctor Gao knew full well that there was a top Red Specter living in Chen Ge's shadow. However, since she had consumed too many Red Specters, so she had entered a slumber, and this was the perfect time to deal with Chen Ge!

He had controlled the blood door for many years already and had conducted many experiments on Red Specters. He was familiar with the fact that Red Specters needed to hibernate after consuming too many Specters. It was also because he was familiar with that fact that he had come up with this trap.

Alas, something that he could not have foreseen occurred. When the woman's voice appeared in this world, things had already gotten out from his control. Various negative emotions flashed across his eyes. Doctor Gao stared intensely at the black hair that rushed at him. The hair came at the Specters and cadavers like a tsunami, swallowing everything in its path.

"This is my world..."

Where Chen Ge stood was the center of the black hair. There was an open wound on his chest, and the blood kept leaking. His body temperature gradually dropped. Chen Ge's body teetered, and just as he was about to collapse, he felt a familiar sense of coldness on his back.

It was without malice; if anything, it felt like a hug. He reached his hand behind him, and Chen Ge touched something cold. The blood continued to drip down his palm. Several strands of hair curled up his arm to sew up the wound on his chest. The very last strand did not pluck itself off but sewed itself into Chen Ge's heart.

Chen Ge slowly turned his head around, and standing half a step behind him was a woman wearing a red dress. The dark red blood flowed on the dress, and the beautiful face slowly lifted. Chen Ge's shadow was reflected in her bloodshot eyes.

"Zhang Ya, long time no see." His hands slowly raised. Chen Ge used all the energy in his body to try to grab her shoulders. He seemed to try to pull her into his embrace, but he was so weak that he could not even do that anymore. His pale lips slowly opened, and Chen Ge uttered in a tone that he had a hard time deciphering, "The man tried to steal the home that I've prepared for you..."

Before he could say a second sentence, the black hair held Chen Ge up. The Red Specter behind him opened her arms and walked past him with a gentleness that was extremely rare.

When the Red Specter walked past Chen Ge, the gentleness on her face completely disappeared. In its place was endless resentment and the desire to kill. There were emotions akin to a bloody sea roiling in her eyes. The black hair poked into the surgery room that was made from flesh, and the whole world started to scream.

Pieces of flesh were peeled out from the wall, and similar injuries appeared on Doctor Gao's body. Blood was leaking from his body, but he did not react in any way. He had prepared for this worst scenario as well!

"Looks like after tonight, I will need to go look for a new 'door'." Doctor Gao opened his arms, and the organs in the room started to align their beating into the same tempo. "You cannot win."

He leaned backward to fall into the pool. Several seconds later, the blood world continued changing. The bubbles started to form inside the pool like a monster was breathing.

When Chen Ge entered the underground morgue for the first time, he had heard this sound; when he entered the place the second time with Liu Xianxian and Ma Yin, he had also heard this sound.

Something was coming out from the pool. The red dress stood beside the pool. Zhang Ya looking down into it.

Her expression did not change. She was not worried about the thing that might appear from the pool. To her, whether it was a ghost or a god, as long as it could be killed, it was all the same.