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449 How Many Spectres Does He Have?

 Half of Xiong Qing's body morphed into blood threads like a wing that was pulled out from his body. Resentment and vengeance filled his gaze. Whenever he saw Chen Ge, he would lose control, and the desire to tear this seemingly harmless man into pieces filled his mind. It was unimaginable that a living man would be a Specter's nightmare, but Chen Ge had somehow managed that. It was Chen Ge who had chased him around the hospital with the hammer that night. Running away like a rat, he had lost all of his pride.

His fury burning, the memory at Coffin Village also appeared in Xiong Qing's mind. He had been tricked again and again. Chen Ge, and Chen Ge alone, dominated his red eyes. There was only one thought in Xiong Qing's mind-Kill him! Kill him with the cruelest method possible!

The roar echoed in the surgery room, and Xiong Qing rushed at Chen Ge instantly. The blood red wing opened, and an arm that was filled with wounds reached out for Chen Ge's eyes. The Red Specter was just inches away from him, but there was no reaction in Chen Ge's eyes.

The fingers that were missing skin were surrounded by blood. They were so close that Chen Ge could see the missing flesh between the man's fingernail and finger, but he did not evade. When Xiong Qing's hand was ten centimeters away from his face, it stopped; the wounded hand was held in place by a pale hand. The blood spread, and Xu Yin stood before Chen Ge.

"Is it painful?" The five fingers tensed, and they poked into Xiong Qing's arm like knives. The red flowed like rain, and Xu Yin and Xiong Qing got into each other. Cruel, mad, and holding nothing back, the battle entered the highest part almost instantly!

The blood threads from the world kept crawling into Xiong Qing's body, while Xu Yin had not found his 'heart', so he was technically not a real Red Specter.

"Looks like your friend is not in a good state. He'll be eaten in about ten minutes." Doctor Gao was very familiar with Chen Ge's ability, and he had come up with the solution already.

"It is not going so well, yes, but ten minutes is more than enough." Chen Ge held the hammer, and when he spoke, he already walked to within five meters of Doctor Gao. "I actually don't like to rely on others. When you need to get something done, you need to do it yourself."

In terms of physique, he was much better than Doctor Gao. With the hammer, if they were involved in a physical fight, the prospects were not good for Doctor Gao. Seeing Chen Ge walking toward him with the hammer, Doctor Gao frowned. "Before you arrived, I envisioned twenty-four different scenarios and came up with twenty-four different solutions..."

Before Doctor Gao finished, Chen Ge charged at him with the hammer. He was not going to give the man any chance to speak-his thoughts had been completely read. Facing an opponent as scary as this, the best solution was to talk with the fist. If he was not going to win the battle of the wits, then there was no point coming up with a plan.

"9 minutes left!"

The hammer headed for Doctor Gao's skull. At this stage, Chen Ge had no reason to hold back.

The hammerhead knocked into Doctor Gao's shoulder before slamming on the edge of the pool. The blood splattered everywhere. Doctor Gao was still calm, but his face was paler. If he had not evaded it earlier, his head would have caved in already. "Earlier, you were still talking about humanity and justice, and now you viciously charge at me; is this the fairness you speak of?"

Chen Ge raised the hammer again. He had no idea why Doctor Gao was saying these things, but he knew that if he did not apprehend the man soon, he probably would not leave that place alive. Without stopping to think about what Doctor Gao had said, Chen Ge glared at the man. He raised the hammer and charged at him again.

"Evolving from beast to man, we have taken thousands of years, but regressing from man to beast often takes only several minutes. Chen Ge, you shouldn't have acted so rashly." Doctor Gao did not evade this time. He waved his hand lightly. The flesh above them started to move, and the tortured monsters fell down like rain. They were all victims of the ghost stories society. Their resentment was high, and they tried to attack Doctor Gao instinctively, but they could not control their bodies.

The blood threaded through their bodies, joining the flesh and blood. They were controlled to surround Chen Ge. Doctor Gao did not order them to attack but just had them stop Chen Ge. He understood that if he allowed the battle drag on, he would be the ultimate victor.

More monsters fell from the ceiling. This flesh factory had stored all of the dead bodies. After so many years, even Doctor Gao had no idea how many carcasses this place had.

"You are indeed prepared, but you're still one step behind compared to me." Chen Ge took out a plastic bottle from his backpack and let out the spider that had been dead for a long time. "You severely injured this girl at Coffin Village-it is now time for payback."

Many arms reached out from the blood mist and tore apart the carcasses to clear out an empty space. The girl's pretty face was a direct contrast to the twisted arms coming out of her body. She was also a half Red Specter. When her clear eyes landed on Doctor Gao, her expression started to twist like she had remembered something awful.

This new Specter was Jiang Ling's sister, Zhu Xinrou. When they were in Coffin Village, Doctor Gao had broken half of her arms. Specters were all vengeful entities. They would always take vengeance. Once targeted, they would never let go!

A screech echoed through the room. Zhu Xinrou placed her arms on the ground and crawled forward like a spider. The scene looked weird and scary.

"Stop her!" Doctor Gao's expression still had not changed much-it was so hard to read. While Doctor Gao gave his order, Chen Ge also called out all the ghosts to help Zhu Xinrou clear the way. Neither party stepped back while speculating how many trump cards the other party had.

The cadavers that fell from the ceiling were mostly the society's victims. Their resentment was directed at Doctor Gao. Furthermore, they were just normal ghosts, so they were powerless before Zhu Xinrou.

It did not take long for Zhu Xinrou to charge her way through. To make things worse for Doctor Gao, Chen Ge was hiding behind Zhu Xinrou with the hammer. This man who had spoken of fairness and justice earlier seemed to have forgotten his own speech. From the looks of things, he was looking for an opportunity to launch an ambush.

"Just how many specters do you have? This is the first time I've met such a troublesome person." Doctor Gao looked at Chen Ge, but the latter was not up for a conversation. As the battle continued and more trump cards were revealed, Doctor Gao had a harder and harder time reading Chen Ge.