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447 A Picturesque Contras

 Blood expanded on the hammer like spider web. Chen Ge's fingers grabbed the handle that looked like a human spine. He stood in the middle of the room, his feet on the flowing blood. "Is there anything else you two wish to say?"

The doctors retreated at the same time. In their eyes, Chen Ge was not a normal man. "If there's nothing else, we shall start the treatment. Don't worry, it won't be painful."

Chen Ge and Xu Yin rushed forward. The two doctors who had done bad things in their life received karma in their death. One minute later, Chen Ge opened the door and walked out with Xu Yin. "We can now move on."

The old man looked into the room. The two doctors had disappeared. He did not ask Chen Ge about the two doctors, and he moved forward like nothing had happened. The vessels above them pulsed harder. The white cat poked its head out from the backpack. It seemed to sniff the thing that had attracted it, and it kept meowing at Chen Ge from inside the backpack. Whenever they rounded a corner, it would create a small chaos inside the bag.

"This cat sure is cunning." The white cat could probably sense the negative impact of the blood, so it hid inside the backpack. Chen Ge looked at its watery eyes and sighed. After asking for the old man's opinion, they tried their best to follow the route demanded by the cat. The corridor shook, and heavy breathing came from the end of the corridor.

"Finally, couldn't resist it anymore?" Chen Ge had the old man stand behind him, and he walked ahead with Xu Yin. One of the vessels burst, and the blood slid down the cracks. Between the organs, various teetering shadows appeared at the end of the corridors.

Sewn from various cadavers, the blood vessels twisted and turned within the faceless skull to transform into an ever-changing façade. The arms were combined together from various body parts. The fingers were missing, and the fingernails were blackened flesh. The heaving came from the open stomach, and it sounded like there was a different monster living inside them.

"No wonder we didn't run into them after the earlier ones-they have been gathered here. Is this the order of the blood world?"

The appearance of all the security guards meant that the surgery room was the last oasis of the blood world. It also went to show the importance of the location. It was probably hiding something important.

"This is more than I expected." The old man did not retreat. Instead, he stood beside Chen Ge. "You'd better deal with them as soon as possible. This is a flesh factory, and these monsters were made from various 'abandoned meat', a material that is bountiful in this underground morgue."

Chen Ge nodded. After the earlier altercation, he understood the make-up of these monsters. They were constructed out of different cadavers and joined together by threads. The core was the soul of one or several death-row inmates, filled with resentment and hatred. "From outside to inside, it is an amalgamation of trash, completely worthless."

The two drew closer, and the brawl was about to break out. Only Chen Ge would be able to analyze the situation at a time like this. The underground morgue was a top three-star scary scenario, so Chen Ge had endless anticipation for this world behind the door. However, when he was really inside, he realized that most of the monsters could not be brought out with him. They were different from the ghosts of Coffin Village. These monsters made from dead bodies were too aggressive. They could not be communicated with anymore.

"Such a shame they'll never experience the warmth of the human world."

To leave a good impression before the old man, he did not charge ahead but pulled out the comic to push his employees forward.

"Seeing how troubled you are, how about I give you an early release?"

With a Red Specter leading the charge, the other employees became courageous and brave. However, most of them just huddled around Xu Yin. After Xu Yin dealt with the monsters, they did the follow-up.

The corridor was thin, and Xu Yin stood in the middle of it. As long as he was not taken down, no matter how many monsters there were, they would only be torn apart. The red on his shirt brightened, but the wound around his heart was not affected. He was mad in the massacre but could not find his heart.

The chaos ran down the corridor. The walls started to crack. Xu Yin morphed into a blood red shadow; wherever he looked, blood would flow. He was so fast, and his fingers were like the sharpest knife-this was his grand feast. Facing the endless security guards, Chen Ge's group was slowly moving forward.

The blood world's consciousness realized the problem, and heavy breathing came from the deepest part of the corridor. This sound was different from the sound made by the security guards' stomachs; it was much more powerful. In fact, the whole corridor shook as it breathed.

Xu Yin, who was covered in blood, finally ended his massacre. He flung the blood on his fingers away and stood in the middle of the flesh corridor alone. His lowered head slowly looked up, and his pale face was calm and collected as his bloodshot eyes looked down the end of the corridor.

He had heard this breathing before. When Chen Ge entered the education block for the first time, tricked by the phone spirit, he had heard this sound once at the third underground floor. At the time, there had been other sounds like slithering fish accompanying this voice.

"Looks like the monster is huge. I wonder if it's a Red Specter."

The cooperation of Xu Yin and the other employees cleared the security. After consuming so many souls and spirits, the employees gave Chen Ge a surprise. Bai Qiulin, who had the missing hand, had a blood stain that could not be removed on the sleeves where his hand was supposed to be. This faded blood stain proved that he had the potential to be a Red Specter!

The gambler?

Thinking about Bai Qiulin's past, the man was quite a character in all honesty. To clear the debt, he had chopped off his hand before his debt collector. He was a ruffian and a thug, but it was also undeniable that there was a shining redeeming quality-that was his guilt toward his mother.

I should focus on cultivating him next. He'll be my third Red Specter.

Chen Ge planned to pour all the resource on Bai Qiulin to speed up his growth.

It is such joy to be my employees. There's no need to worry about anything but eating and having fun.

The surgery room was at the end of the corridor. After the security was cleared away, the path was clear. "This is it."

The old man pointed at the door at the end of the corridor. To Chen Ge's surprise, the door to the surgery room was not made from flesh but looked similar to the one in the real world. Chen Ge was unnerved by such normalcy in this blood world. He walked to the door, and the door was closed. The door itself was painted with different colors.

This should be Doctor Gao's room. Fruits and half-read books were placed on the coffee table, and an advertisement played on the television. The remote was placed on top of the couch, and the clock beside it showed the time as 3:15 pm. The painting was detailed and beautiful like the image was etched in the painter's mind. A serene afternoon and warm scenario, this was a fresh contrast to the world of flesh and blood around it.

"Surprised? I had the same expression as you when I saw it for the first time." The old man sighed. "This painting shows the headmaster's former home. He hopes for this to be the first thing his wife sees when she wakes up."

"Looks like he knows home is warmer than flesh and blood." His hand on the handle, Chen Ge pushed the door open. The surgery room was very large, about triple the size of the lab. This was the source of all the blood vessels, so it was the equivalent of the heart.

Many blood vessels congregated here at the center of the surgery room. There was a pool that was much bigger than a normal cadaver pool, and right there was a middle-aged man in white robe standing at its edge.

He was tall and strong, mature and rational. His eyes were holding a world. Hearing the door, the man lifted his head like he had anticipated everything.

Chen Ge stopped, and when he saw everything, he realized that he could not stop his heart from racing.

"Doctor Gao, we meet again."