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445 Doctor Chen With a Surname That Is Not Chen

 Chen Ge had felt restricted with the blood membrane covering his body. When the blood membrane burst open, he could finally move his muscles. Just in case the membrane returned, Chen Ge called out all the ghosts in the comic. It was a wave of blackness. There were people from various ages and size, and even the old man was shocked by this.

"They're all nice people." After Chen Ge told the old man that, he whispered to his employees, "That is your future coworker, so make sure you leave a good first impression."

The old man heard that as well, but he did not understand what he meant. However, the workers understood what Chen Ge meant, and their eyes that looked at the old man became different. The sudden appearance of so many people gave the security guards pause. They started to feel unnerved.

"Want to run now? It's too late! Weren't you having so much fun chasing me around earlier?" Once Chen Ge finished, the smell of blood around him thickened. Xu Yin moved his arms, and the red shirt cracked to form wounds as he pounced like a leopard.

"Go and help him." Chen Ge stood at the door to study the battle. The security guards were more powerful than the thin monster at Third Sick Hall but not by much. However, they were much harder to kill than the thin monster.

"Don't let any of them run away!" The underground morgue was a three-star scenario, and Chen Ge's own Haunted House could be counted as a three-star scenario as well, so Chen Ge had confidence. With all of the employees hungering after them, none of the three security guards managed to escape. Their ugly souls became the food for the employees. Temporarily, no one could tell the change, but if this was allowed to continue, perhaps the Haunted House might have a new Red Specter. Chen Ge knew that the chance was low, but there was no loss in trying.

After dealing with the three security guards, the blood world started to change again. The flesh on the sides started to wilt, the vessels above them burst, and the blood slid down the wall.

"Should we go now?" The old man's body shook along with the corridor.

"No need to rush, we still need to rescue a friend." Chen Ge called Xu Yin into the room and stopped before the container made from flesh. The vessels in Morgue No. 8 had been destroyed, so the surface of the container looked drabber. Chen Ge had Xu Yin open the container, and a horrible stench drifted out. Chen Ge suspected that the man might already be dead.

Blood mist rushed into the container, and the middle-aged man, who had a tense expression, suddenly peeled his eyes open. The eyes were red, and he roared like a beast. That lasted for some time before he stopped. When the man calmed down, Chen Ge pulled the blood vessels around him off and then yanked him out of the container.

Doctor Gao and Doctor Chen were childhood friends and fell in love with the same girl. They're also both psychologists, but their lives are so different.

Rescued from the container, Doctor Chen's eyes slowly returned to normal, and Chen Ge's shadow reflected in his gaze. After he got a clear view of Chen Ge's face, he shivered slightly but slowly returned to normal.

Chen Ge caught all of those details. He squatted down next to Doctor Chen and asked, "Doctor Chen, are you that surprised to see me?"

After some time, Doctor Chen croaked out the reply. "I thought this looked familiar, and they keep calling me Doctor Chen, but my surname is not Chen."

"Then, why do you call yourself Doctor Chen?" Chen Ge thought this man was rather amusing. Doctor Chen did not reply. He held the broken container and slowly stood up. Throughout the whole process, he kept his eyes on Chen Ge's face, and this made Chen Ge feel rather uncomfortable.

Chen Ge did not dare lower his guard around this Doctor Chen. Doctor Gao should be the door-pusher for the underground morgue and had probably controlled the door for more than six years. He had many ghosts and bodies. Under such circumstances, Doctor Chen had managed to fight Doctor Gao to a draw-this man was not to be underestimated either.

"The reason I call myself Doctor Chen is to complete someone's favor. They want me to use this surname to do something in Western Jiujiang." Doctor Chen's body was weak. He had trouble even standing. After a pause, he added, "That man has the surname Chen too."

Hearing this, Chen Ge knew something was up. However, no matter how hard he pushed, Doctor Chen had nothing else to say. Chen Ge did not force Doctor Chen; he did not like to force people. "It's fine if you don't want to share, but I will escort you out safely."

There was still an arrest warrant out on Doctor Chen due to 'kidnapping' children. He definitely would not have been to escape in his state, so Chen Ge planned to drop him at the Haunted House after they left this world. After Doctor Chen recovered, he could leave then. Having Ol' Zhou support Doctor Chen, Chen Ge collected the ghosts that had no combat ability back into the comic, and a space immediately opened up.

"Sir, you know the way to the headmaster's office, yes? Let's go there now." Chen Ge raised the hammer and looked different from before.

The old man did not get it. "Why are we still going there when the door is already open? We don't need the key anymore."

"It hasn't been easy for us to get here, so how can we return empty-handed?" Chen Ge's face had a smile that the old man did not quite understand. "You just need to tell me what kind of monsters we might face and what to be cautious of."

"Don't be rash. I've remembered many things. This place is more dangerous than you think." The old man was worried about Chen Ge's safety.

"I know it's dangerous here, but this is something I have to do." Chen Ge put away his smile and looked down the wandering path. "The blood world has entrapped more than you, Doctor Wei. I can't just leave them here."

He tried to brush up the old man's good impression of him. After hearing that, the old man nodded. "Okay, I'll lead the way."

"Thank you, sir."

"You have to be prepared. The deeper we go, the more dangerous it gets. There are things scarier than that security monster." The old man thought about it. "This place is similar to the underground morgue. The bodies here can be separated into two types-one is like me, who volunteered their body, and the other type consists of criminals on death row that were purchased from alternative channels. The second type are harmful and dangerous."

"Can you tell me in more detail?"

"The faceless monsters you saw earlier are the death row inmates. After the gunfire, the bullets shattered the skull and exploded inside the brain. They were already carrying resentment, but normally, they are put into their place by people like us. However, in this world where negative emotions fester, they become even crazier and more uncontrollable."