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441 Am I Dead?

 In the fleshy corridor, the organs pulsed inside the wall, various vessels crossed the ceiling, and occasionally, blood would seep through. Compared to when Chen Ge first entered the place, the world behind the door started to change like a sleeping person slowly waking up. Walking down the hall, Chen Ge heard the conversation between two people coming out of Morgue No. 7.

"I hear the experiment failed again."

"Yes, they're all dead. No one survived to leave that room. It's so scary. I hope it's never my turn."

"You wish, I predict we'll be part of the next batch. Did you realize there have been a lack of newcomers lately?"

"I did. Perhaps that's the reason the experiments are getting more frequent-something has happened outside."

"Actually, I pity that body. Loved by a madman and has to endure the torture even after death, never to acquire actual peace."

"Shush, that is not something we can discuss. Focus on the work."

Chen Ge glanced into the room-it was two monsters chatting. They had the shape of a human and face of a human, but their bodies were glued together like putty. If not for the red threads, they would have crumbled already. When Chen Ge saw the two monsters' faces, he was quite shocked.

Even though the bodies were probably an amalgamation, the faces were theirs. Chen Ge had seen them inside the room filled with pictures. Both of them were the society's victims. One of them was Patient 41's father, the middle-aged man who had tortured his child.

Chen Ge did not rush into Morgue No. 7. His brain turned-what he had seen confirmed his speculation. These two should be the general staff mentioned by Liu Zhengyi-they were formed from the lingering spirit of the society's victims and served the 'headmaster'.

From how Chen Ge viewed it, the ghost stories society was an organization with no bottom line. Even after death, they captured the victim's lingering spirit to force them into labor.

Wait a while longer. I will save all of you. Chen Ge gripped the hammer and squatted down on the corridor. He focused on Morgue No. 7 with his Yin Yang Vision. The two monsters pulled up the blood cloth covering the ground. Underneath it were plenty of cadavers. They looked like they had been transported here from outside. They placed the cadavers on the trolley, facing the door of the freezer.

"Ready, open the freezer." One of the monsters stood next to the freezer nervously. It took a deep breath, extended its arm that had plenty of sewing marks, and pulled open the lock on the freezer.

When the lock slid off, the thick door of the freezer was shoved open, and countless thick blood vessels sprung out like giant cobras. The other monster, who was experienced, immediately pushed the trolley forward. The vessels covered the cadavers like octopus tentacles and dragged the cadavers into the darkness.

"Quick close the door!"

The two monsters cooperated to close the door, but an accident happened then. One of the blood vessels slithered out from the gap and curled around one of the monsters' arm. The vessel had something like looked like a teethed orifice on its tip, and it munched the monster's arm right off.

There was the sound of slamming on the door like there was a beast trapped inside the freezer. The monster did not scream even though its arm was pulled out. In fact, it treated this like it happened daily. When the blood vessels retreated, it quickly locked the door. About ten seconds later, the morgue became quiet again, and the monsters prepared to open the second freezer. When all the cadavers were sent into the freezers, the two sighed in relief. By then, they were already fully wounded, with scars all over their bodies.

"Finally done." The two monsters left Morgue No. 7, pushing the trolley. Chen Ge followed them silently.

They sent the cadavers in real life inside the freezers, allowing the blood vessels to absorb them. Is it a way to feed the blood world? Chen Ge looked at the thick vessels above him and the blood threads that flowed through them and he got even more confused by this world.

The society discovered the 'door' five years earlier than me, and they seemed to have mastered the way of transforming the 'door'. Chen Ge glanced into the room when he passed Morgue No. 7. This place was looking less and less like a blood school and more like a blood factory. Doctor Gao is scarier than the monsters here. The man has lost his mind; there's no telling what he's thinking.

He walked forward, and there were two doctors wearing white coats arguing at the door to Morgue No. 6. Many professional terms were tossed around, and Chen Ge could not understand any of them. Doctors seemed to possess great ranking in this world-the two general staff did not dare get close to them like close proximity could be treated as an offense.

After the argument finished and the doctors left, the two monsters only dared to whisper softly to voice their disgruntlement.

"Looks like the experiment has failed again. That room has already consumed more than one hundred people."

"Actually, it's not really a failure. Didn't the body move some time ago?"

"What do you know? The body is alive, but the soul has already disappeared. The madman wants to find his wife's soul-only by combining the soul and the body can the thing be counted as a person."

"I don't know anything since it has nothing to do with me, but let's get moving. We're close to that crazy old man's place, and if we run into him, something bad is bound to happen."

"You're right. I almost forgot about that."

The two monsters shut up. When they passed Morgue No. 4, they slowed down, afraid of making any noise. However, to their surprise, an old man was just standing behind the door. When he saw someone pass, he yanked the door open.

"You two, stop right there!" The old man's voice was strict and stern. It could strike fear into people.

"Doctor Wei, are you looking for us?" The two monsters squeezed together and did not dare get too close.

"Answer my question." The old man had a pair of eagle eyes.

The monsters did not dare to say no, so they nodded unwillingly. "What do you wish to ask?"

The old man asked with confusion, "Am I dead?"

When the answer was revealed, the blood in the vessels sped up, and the organs inside the walls pulsed harder.

"You're alive of course!" The two monsters forced a smile.

"But I remember dying very clearly." The old man's brows creased, and he started to think.

One of the monsters pulled on the other, and they slowly retreated down the corridor and ran away.